Huge green dragon living in England – it took more than 10 years to create the bush monster

Green dragon fence by John Brooker

Growing the outlandish beast to its full form, with all the elements such as paws, eyes, spines on its back and teeth, took 10 years. Throughout this time, from spring to late fall, the self-taught designer regularly corrected his creation, directing the growth of greenery.

The Green Dragon Fence by John Brooker

The spawn of animal figures made of shrubs and small-leaved trees has long been used in the design of parks and lawns. Dragons are most popular in Eastern countries, especially China and Japan. But the first green sculptures were created in ancient Egypt. Mostly these were animals that lived next to people, and bushes made in the form of beautiful amphorae.

Green fence in the shape of a dragon by John Brooker

The difficulty with the hedge work is that you can't glue the cut back on, and the lines are hard to see at close range. Therefore, after making a few cuts, it is necessary to examine the result, moving ten steps away from the workplace to determine where to cut next.

Original hedge takes time and helps keep you fit. Calculate if for every meter of dragon you have to climb the stepladder at least five times, step away twice more and come back up again to continue working. And all this in the fresh air and in good spirits.

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