30 of the world’s tallest skyscrapers – unique photos of the pinnacles of architectural genius

Today the visitors of the portal about modern houses will have a chance to look at the appearance of the most famous architectural giants in an unusual perspective.

1. Burj Khalifa – you can enjoy the view of this building in the morning fog, just an incredible futuristic picture opens up your eyes, its height is 828 meters. Such a creation could be made only in Dubai

2. Shanghai tower under construction

The Clock Tower of Abraj Al-Beit

4. The shopping center in New York, a skyscraper at 541 meters

The Taipei 101 Skyscraper

6. In Shanghai, you can see such a giant at 492 meters

Skyscraper in China

8. There is such a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, 452 meters high

A hotel in Nanjing

10. This hotel is located in Chicago, 442 meters high

The Kingkey 100 skyscraper in China

12. A financial center, also in China, in Guangzhou, almost as tall as its fellow 440 meters

Trump International Hotel

14. Once again, a 421-meter-high skyscraper has been found in China. It's as if this country is dotted with skyscrapers reaching for the clouds. Not surprising with their number of population.

The Princess Tower in Dubai

16. A hotel in Kuwait, 413 meters high

Hong Kong's financial center

18. Marina. What an unusual name for a skyscraper in Dubai. And yet, here it is.

The CITIC skyscraper in China

20. Shenzhen, China, of course This 384 meter tall skyscraper

Building a Marketplace

22. Of course! New York's most famous skyscraper! It's a shame not to recognize it and impossible not to mention it

The towers of Emirates Park

24. This building is in Taiwan and is 378 meters tall

Central Plaza in Hong Kong

26. The marvelous structure bears the proud title of China Bank Tower

Bank of America in New York

28. Once again Dubai

The Pinnacle skyscraper in Guangzhou

30. And finally, the little Chinese, a height of only 356 meters, he still looks down on the world

China's SEG Plaza skyscraper
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