A unique project The Oslo and Utøya Memorial

Every country has its dark spots in history that should be remembered forever. One of the saddening events in Norway is the terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utøya on July 22nd, leaving behind innocent victims. Memorials are being completed in honor of the nation's dead Norway's July 22 memorial site competition.

Director KORO/Public Art Norway Svein Bjørkås Has decided that the Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg The concept was to create unique designs that would be worthy of commemoration of the fallen and would open on a significant date.

The Sørbråten Peninsula in Sweden

The idea will come true on a small peninsula Sørbråten, Partially bordered by a small plot of land near the capital. The concept was to create a rupture in the hillside showing the emptiness evoking feelings of sudden loss. According to the author of the project, in this way visitors will be able to feel all the grief and pain of loss, which will be felt both physically and mentally.

On the flat vertical surface, the names of the dead will be inscribed, which will remind us of the tragedy for centuries. Tunnels are being built to the memorial itself, leading to a rupture in the landscape. The monument will be dismantled during the earthworks and transported to Oslo, where it will be part of a second memorial.

The memorial to the victims of terrorist attacks in Sweden and Norway by Jonas Dahlberg
The memorial to the victims of terrorist attacks in Sweden and Norway by Jonas Dahlberg

A stunning project in the concept of which the artist invested maximum sense, grief and bitterness of loss, laying out his emotions in an original structure, which will remind of tragic events and innocent victims for centuries.

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