Architectural element: rotated squares and diagonals in the design

The exterior of the house by Winn Wittman

Decor by Winn Wittman

Here's another cube that dramatically changes the look of the building. Specialists used it to form a corner window that offers a gorgeous panoramic view of the natural surroundings.

Backyard design by RDM Architecture

Classic Courtyard by RDM Architecture

Wooden stairs The apartment has a special place in the. They allow the hosts to pass from the public space of the first floor to the private and confidential realm of the bedroom.

This aisle with its unusual geometry and abundant natural light gives the structure dynamism, expression and creativity.

Kitchen interior by Frederick + Frederick Architects

Frederick + Frederick Architects kitchen

The flat roofs are stacked and twisted one above the other, giving the exterior of the residence an enigmatic, bright and eccentric feel.

Private home facade by Nick Mehl Architecture

Project by Nick Mehl Architecture


Private home facade by Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Project by Smith& Vansant Architects PC

Now consider the use of the diagonal in the design of the decoration. In this example, the specialists created a unique stepped wall construction with paintings in niches. It provides a wonderful place for the eyes to rest.

Interior of a guest room

The classic guest lounge

Another great example is the triangular art window in the bathroom. It visually expands Small bathroom interior and gives brightness and expressiveness to the room.

Interior Dining Room by Feldman Architecture

Dining Room by Feldman Architecture, Inc.

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