Korean architecture today: a new concept for building small homes

Korean architecture

But it's safe to say that people are willing to compromise if they're happy with the location and the cost. In this case, too, design is the factor that determines whether the micro-apartment is perceived as a cramped box or a full-fledged dwelling.

Korean architecture: the façade of a small dwelling
Korean architecture: a staircase as a mini hall

The project won an AIANY award last year, and its authors readily explain why the house has such a quirky shape:

"Due to the difference between the floor area and the maximum dimensions of the zones extended by balconies and the small thickness of the walls, a special type of dwelling is formed.

The space that we have given the name Tapioca deserves special attention. It is an intermediate area at the junction of public and private areas, the interior and the exterior.

Korean architecture: a unit designed for one person
Korean architecture: a blueprint for compact residences

The aforementioned area, called Tapioca, contains peculiar transitions by which the connection between the blocks is provided.

Korean architecture: the area connecting the blocks

Of course, in developing such projects we have to take into account the cultural and social context, but the ideas offered by Korean designers are worthy of close attention and can be adapted to the conditions of a particular area.

The cost of housing and living in general is constantly rising, so maybe in order to solve the square footage shortage, we need to learn to share space with our neighbors? Especially since there are so many ways to do it without sacrificing privacy and comfort.

Would you be happy with this solution to the notorious apartment question??

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