Retrospective reconstruction of Pierre Koenig’s architectural masterpiece in Rancho Palos Verdes

Pathway to the house
The plot of land next to the house

Rancho Palos Verdes is one of Los Angeles' most prestigious suburbs, known for its mind-blowing scenery. Henbest has been its jewel for 55 years, so its massive renovation is actually a rejuvenation of an American architectural classic.

As the structure of the residence reflects the original modernist style of Pierre König, every significant decision concerning alterations was carefully weighed and checked by experts.

Terrace by the house
Pool design

Originally, the access to the house was by following a path around the courtyard. On either side of the sidewalk, walls were about 3 meters high, visually and physically separating it from the outdoors.

The new design has eliminated those unreasonable boundaries, allowing man-made and natural spaces to contact each other.

Pond by the house
Panoramic windows
Fireplace design
Sliding glass doors
Openwork fixtures in the interior
Cooking area
View from the bedroom onto the patio
A bedroom in white
Sunset view from the patio
Building exterior

New guest wing connected the detached garage to the main structure. All window designs have been modernized to meet the latest standards for comfortable living and energy saving.

The moment all the sliding doors are open, the house is transformed into an open-air pavilion, interacting with the environment at every point in its space. Today, Henbest can still be seen as an example of the authentic style called "California Modern".

Photo: Chang Kyun Kim.

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