11 stunning private home projects with parking – a skilful combination of original architecture and sober pragmatism

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The hallmark of the International Style in architecture, besides the ubiquitous white box, is the pylon that lifts the building and pulls it off the ground. These pile-like columns were invented by famous Le Corbusier in 1920th and are still used today by architects.

Of course, one of the reasons for raising the house above ground was originally to give shelter to the car. Automobiles became heavily marketed in the early 1900s and had a significant impact on the way people lived. It could also be argued that the ways in which buildings are built have changed.

The two big problems with the car and the design of the house were to create a transition from the car to the house and attach the car when it just stands idle. One of the solutions was to lift the house and put a car underneath.

The space below the building was used as a parking lot. This is very convenient: the car is always close to the entrance of the house and does not need a special passage to its parking place. Today we will acquaint you with the most successful variants of such constructions.

Private House Design with Parking

Another possibility: In order to find a parking space for the vehicle, the corner of the white box of the building was removed. True, without a car the unity and visual balance of the whole site is disturbed.

A project of a detached house with parking

The shape of the house serves as a large gate that is always open before a car arrives. How you like it?

Design of a private house with parking

Now that the structure is finished and the car fits freely underneath, why not turn it into a sculpture? It's not unreasonable when you consider how much it means in our lives. All the more so because its beautifully streamlined forms, which provide high mobility, are well matched by the house's rigid, static geometry.

A private home with parking

The house is designed so that the car can't roll away from the parking lot on an inclined plane. For some designs, you may need a spiral to provide an upward motion.

Project of a private house with parking

Can not lift the entire structure? Then raise the roof over the car and put it on thin supports. Such a design does not require a separate entrance or exit. But without the car it looks incomplete, incomplete.

Private home project with parking

Not only is this house raised for parking equipment, it becomes a car itself. Or an airplane, a sea vessel, another vehicle. It's up to the owner's imagination.

Courtesy of Bud Dietrich

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