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Numerous weight loss programs help you figure out how to lose 1 kg per week, while calories are burned forever. Such a pace for the body is considered acceptable, weight is not lost dramatically, but gradually – 1200 calories per day. Only such an approach will help to avoid the onset of the plateau effect, because of which many girls go from the race in the race for a beautiful body.

How to make a weight loss program

The main stimulant that stimulates action is the desire to lose weight, motivation. The weight loss plan for the week includes a set of physical exercises and a schedule for their implementation. Particular attention should be paid to proper diet, it is important to draw up a daily menu for the period of planned weight loss. It is better if the portions are small, and the regularity of eating food in the afternoon will increase to six times. As an addition to the general complex for weight loss, there will be breathing exercises – in combination with a healthy diet and training, they will give the desired result.

Weight Loss Workout Plan

In order to become the owner of a slender body, you need to regularly load the body with different types of physical activity. This can be dancing, Pilates, fitness or yoga. Such exercises for losing weight per 1 kg are possible:

  • daily morning or evening runs for 20 minutes;
  • regular brisk walking over long distances; walks lasting 40 minutes can be carried out;
  • swimming in a river or pool for about half an hour;
  • tennis game for at least 40 minutes;
  • with the help of rollers or skates with regular skating for an hour, you can lose up to 500 kcal.

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How to keep a food diary for weight loss

To purposefully reduce weight, you need to calculate the menu so that 1 kg of weight accounts for 20 kcal. You can not go on any type of diet without prior preparation. To do this, you should have a special notebook in which you can add everything that was consumed per day. Such a weekly diet diary includes the following columns:

  • name of food or dishes;
  • the amount of g;
  • name of drinks;
  • calories
  • meal time;
  • weight at the beginning of the week and at the end.

How to lose weight by 1 kg per week

In order to lose weight per week by 1 kg, it is not necessary to take special pills. You can not choose a rigid diet that includes only 1 product, for example, milk. The probability that a person can’t stand it is very high. Do not take any food a few hours before bedtime. Instead of tea or coffee with any method of losing weight, it is better to drink plenty of purified water, at least 2 liters per day.

You can replace fatty pork, beef with low-fat fish. You need to eat a lot of fruits: apples, pineapples, plums, pears, peaches. Alternatively, make juices or nectar from them. It is important to avoid drinks containing a lot of sugar, not to eat pastries. It is worth looking for a replacement for buns, for example, eating a dryer, crackers. To get a good result, you can combine workout and diet for weight loss..

Calculation of daily calories for weight loss

How to lose weight by 1 kg per week? You need to use a simple formula to determine the norm of calories per day: 655.1 + 9.563 x weight (kg) + 1.85 x height (cm) – 4.678 x age (years). To get a complete calculation of calorie intake per day, you need to multiply the calculation result by the activity coefficient:

  • 1,2 – a sedentary lifestyle;
  • 1,375 – three workouts per week, for example, by fitness;
  • 1.4625 – intensive fitness classes, at least 5 times a week;
  • 1,550 – any physical activity at least 5 times a week;
  • 1.6375 – regular fitness training for 7 days;
  • 1,725 ​​- training in the morning and evening;
  • 1.9 – daily workouts, plus physical work.

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Food and Drinking

The greater the intensity of training, the better the organization of the drinking regimen should be. It is recommended to drink at least two liters of fluid during regular cardio workouts. Especially when physical activity is combined with a diet. Drinking regimen helps to establish the work of internal organs, normalize blood pressure. Drinking water should not be too cold, a suitable option is 25 ° C, it should be drunk no more than 250 ml every hour.

It is important to remember that excessive consumption of water carries an additional burden on the kidneys. Therefore, when the question is how to lose weight by 1 kg per week, you need to think about the correct drinking regimen, including unsweetened drinks without gas, it is better that there was ordinary bottled water. Alternatively, tap filtered water may be used..

Diet for losing weight at 1 kg per week

In order to look healthy, you need to eat right, especially when a person is on a diet. On average, for a day, the body for healthy functioning may receive less than 500 kcal. Even nutritionists do not recommend exceeding this line. PP for weight loss per 1 kg is recommended to include low-calorie foods. It is also important that the dishes should be consumed fresh, and do not keep them in the refrigerator for several days. You need to eat at a certain time, avoiding small snacks.

Weekly Weight Loss Exercises

You can go in for sports at any age – this will help to tighten the stomach and other parts of the body. Such people will succeed in losing weight. It is important to remember that it is never too late to start training. For those who have no time to spend time in the gym, you can use passive sport. It involves the purchase of modern massagers, designed specifically for weight loss. They come in different types (manual with removable nozzles, universal, ultrasonic). With their help, after 10 days you can smoothly lose weight..

Compliance with sleep and rest

It is known that during the period of weight loss you need to introduce certain restrictions in your daily regimen. Alternatively, develop the correct sleep and rest regimen. For a healthy stay, you must forbid yourself to go to bed after 23:00, ideally fall asleep at 22:00. To restore the energy spent per day, you need to sleep 6 hours a day. It’s important not to overeat before bedtime..

For weight loss, you must adhere to these rules. The biological clock, like a stopwatch, counts a certain amount of time for active wakefulness and sleep. It is important to develop a clear daily routine in which extra pounds will be lost and overall health will improve. When waking up, do not abruptly get out of bed: you need to let the body wake up for 5 minutes.

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Quitting alcohol

To improve liver function, restore sleep, lose weight, you must completely eliminate alcohol from your life. Ignoring strong drinks, you can significantly reduce cholesterol, restore the functioning of all internal organs and their systems. Refusal of alcohol during weight loss helps to improve brain function, strengthen immunity, improve skin condition, normalize sleep. Wellness can be seen in a week.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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