10 best ways to stop chin hair growth

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The reason for the growth of mustaches and beards in women is stress, obesity, menopause. The phenomenon is called hirsutism, due to the increased content of androgen hormones. There are several ways to remove facial hair at home, which will not allow them to grow too actively..

Tea with mint

Tea with mint

The level of androgen production in the body is significantly reduced when drinking twice a day. You need to pour some mint branches with boiling water, and after a few minutes strain and drink.

Lemon juice with sugar

Lemon and sugar

This tool will help to quickly get rid of facial hair. Melted sugar sticks only to the hairs, lemon juice destroys their structure. The mixture does not cause discomfort on the skin. Heated lemon juice mixed with sugar should dry completely, after which it is carefully rolled up. The procedure is performed three times a week..

Lemon Orange or Honey Apricot Scrubs

Scrub Ingredients

Both funds gently pull the hairs together with the bulbs, leaving the skin intact:

  1. Lemon orange scrub. Grind dried citrus zest into powder, mix it with oatmeal, olive oil, water.
  2. Honey Apricot Scrub. Grind dried fruits, mix with honey.

Apply a scrub to the face, massage for 5-7 minutes. The procedure is carried out 2-3 times a week.


Plucking hair

After a few weeks, the vegetation will appear again, but this is the easiest and cheapest method. If the skin is tightened, and the grip is made near the bulb, the procedure will be quick and painless. Sanitize the tweezers before starting the removal. Remember, careless plucking is fraught with the occurrence of folliculitis. For prevention, do a warm compress with the slightest irritation.


Woman shaving

During the procedure it is necessary to use foam. So the shave will turn out more thorough, without unnecessary discomfort and redness. We must act decisively, but carefully so as not to cut ourselves. A few days later, the procedure will need to be carried out again..

Hair removal floss

Hair removal floss

Today, such a procedure can be obtained in any salon: the master pulls the cotton thread, twists it and “cuts” the hairs right at the base with quick movements. The method works like waxing, but does not irritate the skin. The effect lasts up to several weeks..

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal

Hair removal occurs due to the action of a light beam on the follicles. Laser hair removal is done in several sessions, it is not cheap, but today it is the only way to radically remove hair on the chin in women.

Eflornithine Cream

Eflornithine Cream

The result of its use is noticeable after a few months. The product is contraindicated in people with sensitive skin, it can cause allergic reactions. Before use, consult a doctor.


If the growth of unwanted hair on the chin is due to hormonal imbalance, oral contraceptives based on estrogen and progesterone will help. The effect will be noticeable in six months, but will be stable due to the effect on the body from the inside..


Drugs block the production of male hormones in the pituitary, ovaries, and adrenal glands. Over time, facial hair falls out, and new ones do not form. Antiandrogens are available in steroid and non-steroid form.

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