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Many people want to look perfect and see at least one drawback in themselves. When the need to hide the problem becomes manic, there is dysmorphophobia – a mental disorder in which there is an obsessive anxiety about the appearance. Women suffer from this more often. Experiences may concern parts of the body that are actually normal..



Whatever their nature, no matter how they look, it always attracts attention. For many people, scars are a very repulsive thing, even if they are small traces of acne or short lines of random cuts. Depending on the depth of damage and the characteristics of the regeneration (restoration) of the skin, they may not disappear completely, and this creates an inconvenience for a person. There are attempts to hide the “flaw” behind clothing, accessories or even a tattoo.

Often people hide scars:

  • From burns. They tighten the skin, remain a pink or brown smooth spot, go away for a long time, and can remain for life.
  • For acne. Embossed, often in-depth flaws. They can be brought together by laser.
  • Keloid scars. Occur after injuries, operations. They also lend themselves to hardware cosmetology..


One of the parts of the body that they are actively trying to hide in the summer. Some women even begin to avoid beaches because they are afraid to go out to others in a swimsuit and expose their upper thighs. The reason lies in cellulite – dimples on the skin associated with changes underneath. This is caused not only by deposits of excess fat, but also violations of lymph outflow, structural features of the connective tissue.

In addition to the hips, cellulite can affect the buttocks, stomach, arms. To hide it, you can wear clothes made of dense fabrics: they visually make the lines smoother. To get rid of cellulite is really only nutrition and physical activity, but not to the end. If there is a predisposition to him, he will not leave at all. Even radical methods (laser) will not cope with this..

Upper arms

Upper arms

With the modern trend towards a sports body, many women begin to feel a sense of constraint if they can not show relief muscles everywhere. In the last century, hands were covered to the elbow out of modesty, and today this is due to embarrassment due to sagging skin and fat deposits. The problem arises even for slender girls. They begin to avoid sleeveless dresses, open summer tops. The only way to handle this is to start pumping up your muscles..


Not every person is ready to show a wide smile. Most are embarrassed by the bite, tooth shape, size, imperfect shade of enamel. Constraint comes to the point that people experience discomfort, opening their mouths to the dentist. Almost all the reasons for this desire to hide teeth are easy to fix in a good clinic, but it is often expensive. If the problem is not in the bite, you just need to have confidence in good hygiene in order to stop hiding your smile.



These parts of the human body can cause displeasure with the size, shape, or noticeable passage of the shell from the head. There is nothing critical to these “shortcomings”, they do not affect the quality of hearing, but they may not be so liked that the only way out is to visit a surgeon. If a person is not ready for such radical measures, he hides his ears with a hat, hair. Women have an advantage here, because they can always play with a hairstyle or accessories.


The reasons why you want to hide this part of the body are mass. The most common are deformations. Associated with the curvature of the ankles, knees, irregular proportions, they cause complexes, especially in women. Sports or well-chosen trousers help to partially correct the situation. In summer, you often don’t want to bare your legs because of vascular problems: small stars, varicose veins, thrombosis. It requires the help of a doctor, less often – a cosmetologist.



The concern for this part of the body in women is so high that it causes most plastic surgeries. The size, shape of the mammary glands or nipples, the difference between the right and left half are forced to go under the knife. Without surgery, to hide a deficiency is real only by competent selection of linen and exercises that strengthen the pectoral muscles. They slightly tighten the contours and eliminate excess adipose tissue..


In this part of the human body, the first place in the group of “especially disturbing” is fixed securely. Both women and men are constantly worried that their stomach is not flat enough. This is not always associated with nutrition or lack of physical activity on the abdominal muscles. Fatty deposits or accumulations of lymph may form due to hormonal imbalance. In such a situation, only surgery solves the problem, and loose clothing helps to hide the protruding belly..



Many girls experience the false shame that their appearance does not meet the standards of glossy magazines. Most of them are not worried about real problems – serious asymmetry, too large a nose with thin features or too small eyes next to prominent cheekbones and a high forehead. Often displeasure is that it is not possible to fit yourself into a fictional ideal.

With age, signs of aging appear. Sagging skin, wrinkles, pigmentation. Some women do make-up, but most choose “beauty injections” or go under the surgeon’s knife to stop being embarrassed about their face.


Men try to hide imperfections in hairstyles more often than women. The latter is easier to choose a good haircut, change color or even make extensions to fix the flaws. In men, the process of baldness causes emotions, which only doctors can cope with.

On the street it is possible to hide this with a hat, but in the room no hairstyle will mask the thinning hair and baldness. For an elderly person, the only way to deal with this is to perceive baldness not as old age, but as a sign of maturity and carry it with pride. A young guy should go to the clinic for treatment or hair transplantation.

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