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The beauty of a person is directly related to grooming. It is difficult to call attractive one who has dry, dull skin with rashes, peeling. If it is difficult to get rid of acne, then you can solve the remaining problems without the intervention of a dermatologist. To even out skin tone and maintain its health, you need to adhere to several rules on nutrition, lifestyle, and care. You can moisturize and soften your face not only with store tools, but also with home masks from familiar products.

Minimum makeup

Makeup remover

Foundation, powder protects the skin well from external factors: wind, dust, sun. Makeup is needed on the street, but at home it should be removed immediately. These products dry the face, clog pores, and may cause flaking. Try not to use them every day, choose the lightest textures that do not create a mask on your face. This will help keep your skin smooth and healthy..

Good hydration

How much water does a person need?

It comes from the inside, so take care of the drinking regimen. An adult should receive 1.5 liters of clean water every day. The exact volume is calculated individually, taking into account the weight and level of physical activity. In summer, the norm is increased by 200-400 ml, because a lot of moisture comes out with sweat. When the internal organs receive the right amount of water, its “excess” will go into the skin.

Make up for the lack of moisture with creams with aloe vera extract, collagen, hyaluronic acid. Apply them after a hot shower, when the pores are open and ready to quickly absorb all the beneficial substances. Moisturize your face with serums once a week: they have a higher concentration of active ingredients.

Delicate face wash

Face wash

Cleansing products can cause irritation and peeling, so do not get involved in peeling. Their frequent use destroys the natural protective layer of the skin, it has to actively produce fat. It becomes oily but remains flaky due to lack of moisture.

The most careful cosmetologists call the Japanese two-stage system of washing. It eliminates any makeup, does not damage the face, leaves it fresh and smooth. The main purification is hydrophilic oil, which is removed with tonic or foam. The result is clean skin, ready for cream or serum.


Acne Tea Tree Oil

Do not squeeze rashes: neither acne, nor smaller formations. This can leave scars, creating a risk of infection. If acne bothers you, find out the cause of their appearance (hormones, nutrition, hygiene), consult your doctor about how to get rid of them. Single rashes without inflammation can be quickly dried with salicylic ointment, tea tree essential oil.

Soft exfoliation

Exfoliating the skin with peeling

To make the skin smooth, you need to regularly get rid of a layer of dead cells. For this, peels and scrubs are used. Due to the mild irritation effect, they cause blood flow to tissues, accelerate the processes of metabolism and cell renewal. Hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin are better produced in the skin, the level of moisture increases.

Coarse particle formulations can be used twice a month. Once a week, it is better to take milder products for exfoliation. They work due to glycolic acid, therefore they do not tear off, but dissolve dead cells. If the skin is not sensitive, for it such funds can be used every other day..

Keeping hands clean

During the day, dirt accumulates on the fingers and palms, bacteria multiply. Touching your face with your hands, you transfer all impurities to the skin. So there are acne, irritation. If you want to see a well-groomed face, do not touch it with your fingers, wash your hands with soap more often or treat with an antiseptic.

Proper nutrition

Perfect Skin Products

Smooth and beautiful facial skin is not possible with a poor condition of the gastrointestinal tract. Keep track of what you eat. Remove pastries (especially yeast), sweets, carbonated drinks, smoked meats. You will be surprised to see a clean face without acne in a month, because the body got rid of toxins, and the liver began to work better.

Add fatty fish and nuts to the menu: they contain protein and Omega-3 acids, which increase skin elasticity and hydration. Eat sources of antioxidants – carrots, pumpkins, berries, leafy vegetables to speed up tissue renewal. Products containing magnesium and zinc will help moisturize the skin: cabbage, carrots, soy. Make juices from fresh vegetables or herbs, drink once a day on an empty stomach.


Sunscreen on the face

Ultraviolet is the main enemy of the skin. It draws moisture, makes a protective dense layer of melanin appear, and provokes early wrinkles. To make your skin smooth and soft, before going out, use creams with SPF of at least 20–25 units. It is desirable that the agent contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. These are natural protective components that reflect the sun’s rays..

In summer, especially in hot countries, use a cream with the highest possible SPF – 50–55 units. It is dense, it can clog pores, so do not forget about good cleansing in the evening. Do not neglect hats, caps with visors to create a shadow over your face.

Natural remedies

Natural Facial

  • Lemon. Helps lighten the skin, make it smooth, remove pigmentation. Use a mask of egg white and juice of half a lemon 2 times a week. Leave it for 10 minutes, clean with warm water. It will soften and smooth the skin..
  • A tomato. It works like a tonic, reducing pores and eliminating acne. Scroll 1-2 tomatoes without skin in a blender, apply this mass on the face, rinse after 10 minutes. Repeat the procedure every day.
  • Honey. Increases skin elasticity, smoothes, moisturizes. Apply it with massage movements on the face, rinse after 10 minutes. Have a honey massage 2 times a week.
  • Mint. Improves skin tone, moisturizes, relieves acne. Grind 2? –3 fresh sprigs, mix with 2 tbsp. l yogurt without additives. Keep the mask on your face for 15 minutes, repeat the procedure once a week.

Night care

While you sleep, the skin is renewed, so beauticians do not recommend using a day cream in the evening. Better apply funds with retinoids: they will stimulate the production of new collagen and cell renewal. Another plus of the evening use of such creams and serums is that they have time to soak in the morning. If you leave home during the day, the risk of sunburn is lower than when using retinoids after waking up.

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