11 weird beauty tricks of celebrities that you don’t know about, but must!

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Famous women are associated with the covers of glossy magazines, red carpets and insanely expensive lives. They often engage in cosmetics ads. It seems that the heroines of these videos use professional tools that are not available to the ordinary consumer. In fact this is not true. It’s hard to imagine, but the secret of the beauty of Hollywood stars sometimes lies in completely ordinary things – sometimes quite strange.

Miranda Kerr and lipstick in unexpected places

Miranda Kerr

Outside the catwalks and photo studios, the famous model uses a home remedy to make her look especially expressive. Normal hygienic lipstick can add a little shine – you just need to apply it near the corners of the eyes. The tool works flawlessly and lasts a long time. The main rule – the more natural, the better. Thin skin around the eyes is highly sensitive, and lip gloss and other more aggressive products clog pores..

Catherine Zeta-Jones loves beer

Katherine Zeta-Jones

Some of the beauty secrets of stars are easy processing of grandmother’s recipes. For example, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones uses beer instead of hair rinse. After using the shampoo, you need to dry your hair with a towel, and then apply a foamy drink on your head and massage. For one procedure you need a beer. To enhance the effect, cover your head with plastic wrap for five minutes, and then rinse. Any beer is good.

Snooki: cat litter = beautiful skin


The reality star claims to cleanse the skin in a very unusual way. Instead of the usual clay masks, she uses a cat-litter filler mixture. The principle is based on the absorbency of this product..

However, do not grab the package from the pet store.

Beauticians warn that this method is not safe. Too large granules of the filler can injure the skin. In addition, the fragrance, designed to mask unpleasant odors, is rarely combined with perfume. If you want to use a folk remedy for cleansing, ordinary baking soda dissolved in water is useful.

Denise Richards: Avocados Inwardly and Outwardly

Denise Richards

This exotic fruit is valued for its healthy oil content. It can not only be eaten, but also used as a natural hair balm, as does, for example, actress Denise Richards. The effect is enhanced by adding a spoonful of olive oil to the pulp of the avocado. The main rule is to apply the resulting mass, like a normal oily balm, that is, only on the length of the hair.

Jennifer Love Hewitt does not just brush toothpaste

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Rumor has it that the actress is fighting inflammation on her face with toothpaste. This folk remedy for acne has been known for a long time, but it does not work. Most pastes have too many abrasive particles that make the situation worse, and the cleaning component is weak to completely remove bacteria. Calcium carbonate only dries the skin. To eliminate acne, it is better to use proven agents containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide..

How to remove Lady Gaga makeup

Lady Gaga

Multilayer professional make-up is almost as difficult to wash off as to apply. A tissue patch comes to the rescue. Lady Gaga is known for her love of heavy stage makeup with an abundance of sparkles, so she regularly uses this method. But it is not suitable for everyone. If the skin is too sensitive, such measures can lead to redness and irritation..

Sienna Miller and the Magic of Ketchup

Sienna Miller

Sometimes celebrity beauty secrets can be found in your own fridge. The famous actress claims that ketchup helps to correct the color when dyeing hair at home. However, experts doubt this method. Even in the salon it is not always possible to get the perfect result with professional washes. The best household product that can be used for these purposes is a mixture of 90% alcohol and mineral oil, such as petroleum jelly.

Lisa Wrynn: a tool for seductive lips from the kitchen cabinet

Lisa Wrynn

The secular lioness uses not only the services of cosmetologists, but also improvised means, for example, cinnamon oil. Wrynn claims that it can be applied to the lips for augmentation. The oil enhances blood flow, which makes the lips look puffy. The tool does not give the effect of an injection of fillers, but a few drops can be added to the lip gloss. Before use, test the product on a small area of ​​the skin, the oil can provoke allergic reactions.

Teri Hatcher knows a lot about wine

Teri Hatcher

Cleopatra bathed in milk, and the star of “Desperate Housewives” adds red wine to her bath, believing that it softens the skin. This is actually not the case. This drink really has a cosmetic effect: due to the content of tartaric acid, it can be used as an exfoliant. But, like any acid peeling, it irritates the slightest scratch. In addition, for a tangible result, you will have to spend at least two bottles on one procedure.

Express curling eyelashes from Miranda Kerr

Express curling eyelashes from Miranda Kerr

Beauty secrets from stars do not always require financial investments, and sometimes strike with brilliant simplicity. Miranda Kerr is not upset if there are no special eyelash tweezers at hand – she needs a spoon. Put a spoon in hot water, then place the convex part up, with your thumb, press the eyelashes to the bend and rotate.

January Jones: Pregnancy Beautifies!

January Jones

In addition to purely household appliances, the stars have at their disposal the latest developments in cosmetology. January Jones went this way, ordering nutritional supplements based on her own placenta. Their admission supposedly helped the actress recover faster after giving birth. However, scientists question the beneficial effects of such procedures. Science has proven that the human placenta has no magical properties.

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