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Losing weight only through diet, without training, including exercises to reduce weight, will lead to the “burning” of muscles, which will negatively affect the proportions of the figure. In order to give beautiful forms and draw a slim silhouette, along with observing the diet, it is necessary to perform a set of physical exercises.

How to do weight loss exercises

When compiling a set of exercises for weight loss should be guided by the rules, without which efforts will be in vain. Observing the following postulates, it will be possible to achieve the desired effect in a short time:

  • frequency of classes – at least four times a week;
  • regular execution schedule;
  • the duration of the training should be 1.5-2 hours;
  • reduction of the rest period between sets;
  • a large number of repetitions – from 20;
  • mandatory inclusion in the program of training cardio loads;
  • technical performance of exercises
  • one hour before and two hours after class;
  • pulse control – the average frequency in the range of 140-160 beats per minute;
  • replenishment of fluid loss only after training.

Do not count on a decrease in the volume of a particular part of the body. A layer of subcutaneous fat both accumulates and leaves evenly from the whole organism. Correction of proportions is possible only by thickening the muscle corset in specific places. By purposefully performing exercises on a particular muscle group, you can achieve the desired changes in the figure.

Girl with dumbbells

At home

The inability to attend the gym is not a reason for refusing classes for weight loss. The only obstacle to achieving the goal may be the lack of proper motivation and self-control. In the presence of desire and willpower, independent studies will bring a result similar to that obtained in the fitness room.

A positive aspect of training at home is the ability to independently choose a complex for weight loss and diversify classes at your discretion.

Proper preparation of the training plan is the key to the productivity and effectiveness of classes at home. At the initial stage, you can perform simple weight loss exercises to determine your internal resources and the optimal level of exercise. It is better to start each lesson with exercises for the target muscle group that requires correction. The equipment necessary for homework consists of:

  • comfortable sportswear;
  • a set of dumbbells (collapsible fit, you can replace the plastic bottle with water or sand);
  • gymnastic rug;
  • shoes fixing the ankle;
  • jump ropes;
  • benches;
  • gloves that protect the skin from chafing.

Slimming rope

For the abdomen and hips

A combined training consisting of alternating power and aerobic exercise will help to tighten your stomach, make a thin waist and remove extra centimeters in the hips. The lesson is structured like this: 10 min. perform various types of twisting on the floor, working out the upper and lower press, then 10 min. to jump on a rope or in place. This complex must be repeated 5-6 times with a break of no more than 3 minutes. between repetitions. For a change, you can alternate twisting with rotation of the hoop.

For legs and buttocks

A set of measures to reduce the volume of the lower body depends on the amount of extra pounds. If it is necessary to keep the weight as high as possible, it is worth starting the classes with cardio loads. Running, jumping, dancing is something that will help to accelerate metabolism and make the body get rid of excess fat. Then comes the next stage of the training process, which will build muscles.

For weight loss, the best way is active swings to the side, back and forth. Buttocks lose weight the fastest when performing steps on the steps of the entire foot, squats, lunges. This area will require more effort and patience than the rest. Visible results will appear after 3-4 months. Stretching after exertion is extremely necessary for the formation of a beautiful relief and the exclusion of possible “blocking” of muscles.

For hands

Hands can be corrected faster than other zones due to the fact that the muscles in this area are smaller in volume and therefore require less effort to work out. The best way to tone the surface of the hands is by performing regular circular rotations. At the initial stage, it is better to do this without weight, and when the muscles get stronger, use dumbbells or weighting agents. Push-ups with direct or reverse grip also cope well with the task of losing weight in the hands, but they should be performed after muscle strengthening.

Gym Activities

The acquisition of a gym membership disciplines, and classes in a group of like-minded people motivate you not to give up and bring the process of losing weight to the end. For beginners in the sports world, it is advisable to first engage in under the guidance of a coach. To start the process of losing weight and speeding up the metabolism it is necessary to “disperse” the pulse to 140 beats, therefore the basis of the training program will be multi-repetitive supersets (two exercises in a row) or round-robin exercises (6-8 exercises without pauses). The complex for weight loss should consist of exercises that include as many muscle groups as possible. Each lesson ends with a half-hour hitch on cardio machines.

Exercises for weight loss in a fitness club have a two-pronged orientation: strength training and aerobic. Before you start physical exercises to reduce weight, you must perform a ten-minute warm-up. The intensity should be medium. Easy pace will not allow you to achieve the necessary to activate the process of losing weight sweating. During classes, you should give all your best, otherwise it will not work to lose weight. After performing the main power complex for weight loss, be sure to conduct a half-hour cardio lesson on simulators.

Girl in the gym


The choice of a complex in the gym should be based on the need to work out large muscle groups in order to burn as many calories as possible. Each workout in the gym begins with performing squats with weight, regardless of the level of physical fitness. For beginners, light weights are suitable, which will gradually increase as they progress. Slopes with a barbell, various types of presses, both in simulators and with free weights, lunges with dumbbells and lifting legs.


When you visit the gym, the training process for losing weight consists of alternating strength days and cardio workouts. The goal of cardio is to accelerate the metabolic processes in the body and make it lose fat faster. This activity includes 1.5 hours of continuous aerobic exercise. For weight loss, it does not matter on which simulator to exercise, the main thing is to adhere to a high pace of exercise and heart rate in the fat-burning range.

A variety of cardio machines allows you to avoid monotony and boredom when performing uniform movements. You can break the main time of classes into 4 twenty-minute stages and take turns taking turns at different simulators. For example, start with a treadmill, continue on an ellipsoid, then a stepper, and end the marathon on an exercise bike. It’s better to change the sequence every time to avoid getting used to the load.

Effective Exercise

Knowing the basic effective physical exercises for weight loss, you can independently draw up a training program, selecting classes based on individual needs and characteristics of the body. All the described exercises serve as the basis for variations in the complex of activities aimed at losing weight, and are suitable for any level of physical fitness. With the improvement of the sports form, the degree of load can be increased by adding new elements, increasing the number of repetitions or the intensity of execution.

Jumping jack

Plyometric jumps called jumping jacks are one of the most effective weight loss exercises. It is performed as follows: the starting position is the legs together, the arms on the sides, from this position to jump as high as possible, while spreading the legs to the sides, connecting the arms at the top. Return to the starting position is also a jump. Repeated repetition in the process of training helps to bring the pulse to the fat burning range.

Exercise jumping jack

Squat squats

The correct squat technique is important to start the fat burning process and minimize the risk of injury. This exercise involves the maximum number of muscle groups, which accelerates weight loss and improves the shape of the buttocks and thighs. At the initial stage, for those who are not at all familiar with the principle of doing squats, you can practice squats near the wall. To do this, you need to face the wall, and, bending the lower back, slowly take the pelvis back. This practice will eliminate the error of bringing the knees to the level of the feet.


To burn fat, movements when leaning forward or to the side must be active, but sharpness is not acceptable. Gently starting the movement on the exhale, the body lowers, the chest tends to cling to the hip. After touching the floor with your fingertips, holding your breath, the tense muscles of the press raise the body to its original position. High-quality performance of the slopes will allow you to strengthen the muscle corset and lose weight at the waist within a month.

Twisting for the press

All exercises on the press are reduced to performing a variety of twisting of the body. An important nuance in technical execution is breathing. Twisting always occurs on exhalation, which serves to further reduce the diaphragm and increase the load on the muscles of the press. On inspiration, the body rises, the spine straightens. For weight loss, a particular role does not play which particular twist to perform – direct or reverse – the main point is the number of repetitions.

Direct push-ups on the hands

The upper body is most easily worked out with push-ups from the floor or from a bench. To ease the load, push-ups with bent knees can be performed at first. Correct placement of the wrists will eliminate the possibility of sprains and dislocations. The shoulders should be clearly at the level of the wrists. Movement down occurs on an inhalation, upwards – on an exhalation. A sharp exhalation of air from the lungs helps lift the body.

Direct push-ups on the hands

Triceps Backward Pushups

Push-up push-ups are performed to tone the triceps and eliminate fat in this area. You need to become your back to the support, sit down, lean on it with your hands and begin to slowly unbend your arms at the elbows. The wrists may experience intense tension and discomfort. As the joints strengthen, these sensations will pass, but beginners should not be zealous. Better reduce the number of repetitions until the ligaments get stronger..

Mountain climbers

With mountain climbers (climber) you can not only burn many calories, but also strengthen your abs and arms. It is important to perform it at a fast pace without lifting the pelvis much up. The implementation technique is as follows: from the position facing down, focus on the palms and socks, pull the knees to the chin, changing legs alternately. Slow execution is no less effective for losing weight, but in this case you will have to increase the execution time.

Side lunges

Lateral lunges from other types of this exercise for weight loss are distinguished by a way of working out muscle fibers in an unusual direction. If direct or reverse lunges are a natural movement for a person, then the lateral ones involve those ligaments that do not participate in daily physical activity and are less developed. Untrained people should use this exercise carefully during class..

The correct implementation of the exercise is to lead the leg clearly to the side from a standing position. The foot is deployed at an angle of 45 degrees, the knee is directed towards the toe, support on the heel. Pull the pelvis back to the level of parallel with the floor, if it does not cause pain. The effect of losing weight appears due to the high consumption of calories when performing non-standard movements.


One of the exercises for weight loss, which involves almost all major muscle groups, is burpy. Its classic performance includes a squat from a standing position, a transition to an emphasis lying down, push-ups from the floor, returning to the starting position and jumping up. The maximum fat-burning effect is achieved with the number of repetitions of the exercise from 20. Fast weight loss cannot be achieved without using this exercise during exercise.

Burpy exercise technique


Suitable completion of a workout for weight loss. Plank works on the muscles of the press, body, arms and legs. Gradually increasing the length of stay in this position, you can speed up the process of weight loss due to the inclusion of the main muscle groups. The level of load depends on the options for the strap – on straight arms or on the elbows.

Before you start, you need to take the right position. The body should be stretched in a straight line. For this, the limbs must be kept as flat as possible, the hips and abs tense, the pelvis slightly lowered down. Hands are directly under the shoulders, the neck is relaxed. Start the delay in this position should be from 30 seconds, gradually increasing the length of stay in the pose.


Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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