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Not every girl can brag of a thin, expressed waist, a flat tummy. If you have an imperfect figure, there is excess fat on the sides, do not despair! Vacuum will help to get rid of the hated layer, make the waist slim, reduce the tummy. Check out the technique of its implementation more.

What is a vacuum for the abdomen

Unusual exercise is recommended by many fitness instructors for those who are just starting to improve their figure, and those who do this for a long time. It is a mistake to believe that to reduce the waist, you just need to pump up the press – in this case, the fat layer will remain in place, and the stomach will become visually larger. To make the body slim, you must first remove the fat. For this, the vacuum technique in the stomach was invented. Exercise can be used by thin people who can also have muscle sagging..

Exercise vacuum for the abdomen – a set of techniques that are performed in a certain way. Workout for the press is practiced in yoga, body flex, fitness, and is also great for doing it yourself at home. The essence of the exercise is to draw the stomach to the maximum, keep it in tension for about 30 seconds with the correct breathing technique.

The result of the exercise is a huge abdominal vacuum. It helps to strengthen the transverse muscles, which are responsible for ensuring that the stomach does not protrude, is flat. Regular training helps to burn visceral fat, is an excellent prevention of prolapse of the internal organs, improves digestion. In addition, they help the intestines work properly, form a waist, flat press, significantly improve posture. If you do the exercises correctly, all organs are enriched with oxygen, which makes a person more cheerful and more confident.

Girl doing exercise on the floor

How to do the exercise vacuum in the stomach while lying

Note that not every beginner can properly charge. To get used to the technique, you can start with the simplest variety – the prone position. It is advisable to engage next to the mirror in order to monitor the correctness of actions. When the body gets used to this pose, you can go to the knees. Step-by-step instruction:

  • bend your legs at the knees while lying down, place your hands along the body or spread them apart;
  • keep your back straight;
  • relax, slowly begin to exhale air;
  • when the lungs remain empty, draw in the abdominal muscles as deep as possible, do not breathe;
  • imagine that you need to touch the navel of the spine;
  • stay in the position for about 20 seconds, after the specified time, take a little breath and hold on for the same amount;
  • exhale relax relax breathing.

How to do a vacuum sitting exercise

In a sitting position, exercising for weight loss is more difficult to do, because back stabilizer muscles are included in the work. First you need to sit on a hard surface or fitball. Further actions:

  • put your palms on your knees;
  • put your legs at an angle of 90 degrees;
  • let the feet be on the floor;
  • exhale, pull the navel to the spine;
  • try to hold the voltage for at least 30 seconds;
  • exhale, repeat 3 times;
  • when dizziness occurs, breathing can not be held up or made shorter.

Girl retracts belly while sitting

How to do exercise standing upright vacuum

Excellent results are achieved when doing the exercise while standing. There are 2 variations: when a person stands up straight, lowers his arms, legs are spread shoulder-width apart and when he relies on something, tilting the body slightly forward. The last pose is often used by bodybuilders. Vacuum Tummy Technique:

  • take a pose;
  • exhale through your mouth, releasing all the air;
  • relax your lips, do not hold the pipe;
  • make sure that the lungs remain empty, then tighten the abdomen tightly;
  • linger for at least 30 seconds, or better – about a minute.

How often do abdominal retraction

For quick weight loss, reduction of the waist, training should be carried out regularly, preferably several times daily. The best time is in the morning on an empty stomach, in the evenings. After a month, the results will be noticeable. At the very beginning, training in the selected position is recommended to be repeated at least 5 times for 10-15 seconds. After getting used to the number of stages and time should be increased, for example, hold your breath for up to 30 seconds.

Charging can be performed all day, for example, when standing in line or sitting in the workplace. Over time, the muscles will become accustomed to the state of tension, gain tone. If initially it is difficult to do the specified number of approaches, you can start with a smaller number. The main thing is to work, breathe correctly, constantly work on yourself and strengthen the press.

Girl doing exercise in the hall

Is vacuum gymnastics safe for the abdomen

Breathing exercises are useful for strengthening the abdominal muscles, reducing the waist, losing weight, and improving the functioning of internal organs. To achieve significant results, it must be done regularly to everyone, regardless of age and gender. Alas, the abdominal vacuum exercise has contraindications. They will be harmful if performed during critical days, immediately after giving birth or during pregnancy. Contraindications are diseases of the lungs, heart, and kidneys. Effective exercise for weight loss is not practiced with a duodenal ulcer.

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