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A person’s face is his “calling card”. Beautiful well-groomed skin attracts the views of others, inspires a sense of confidence. To achieve this result is often difficult, due to the constant occurrence of acne, acne, age spots, scars, which take a lot of effort and money to fight. To cope with such unpleasant phenomena on the skin of the face will help an acne tramp. This cheap and effective method of gentle cleansing of the dermis from various inflammatory phenomena in a short time will produce qualitative changes in your skin at home.

Why do I need a facial tramp

The freshwater sponge, unique in its properties, is commercially caught, dried, crushed, and the resulting raw material of the oleracea in the form of a powder of the same name is caught on an industrial scale. Retail offers to buy a sponge in the form of the main component of gels, ointments, creams. Very popular are the products “Badyaga forte acne” and “Vagabond 911”.

The cosmetic effect of using a sponge is invaluable. The composition of drugs containing bodyagi includes small silica needles, which have a local irritating effect on the dermis, as a result of which the skin blood circulation improves, and internal cell regeneration processes are launched. Thanks to inclusions from solids, the ginger-skinner eliminates the dead face layer of facial cells, rejuvenates the skin. The bactericidal properties of the sponge help get rid of acne (blackheads) and comedones (black dots).

How do gel and powder act on the skin?

Acne powder and age spots powder is a proven method that eliminates undesirable effects on the skin of the face. The biologically active particles with which the sponge is enriched penetrate through the heated dermis and are distributed in its layers with blood flow. Bodyagia saturates the skin with special substances that contribute to the production of elastane, which is an integral component that provides elasticity – the turgor of the dermis. Gels, ointments and creams have a delicate effect on the skin. Such funds are recommended to be applied both to the entire face and pointwise..

Gel Badyaga forte

For acne

The nonsense has in its arsenal several elements that contribute to the rapid removal of inflammations on the skin. The use of the product in pure or diluted form (gel, cream, ointment) helps to improve blood circulation in the areas of application, which helps to overcome stagnation in the skin, stabilize the secretion of the sebaceous glands. Light peeling removes dead skin layers and evens out its texture. The antiseptic properties of badiagi from acne cleanse the pores of pathogenic microorganisms, prevent the occurrence of inflammation.

The appearance of acne gel

From age spots

Ointment from pigment spots with the content of a giardia can also be used to remove residual effects of a bacterial infection or the results of active work of the sebaceous glands. Acne spots give the skin a painful appearance, form an uneven complexion. Cod powder or other product based on the healing properties of a sponge successfully removes such elements from the face. Uniform exfoliation of the upper layer of the dermis provides removal of areas of hyperpigmentation of the skin, gives it freshness and radiance.

Badyag Mask

Badyagi’s biocomposition does not make it completely harmless. Before using sponge-based products, a small compatibility test should be performed. A small amount of badiaga is recommended to be applied to the wrist, and after 20 minutes, rinse the gruel from the hand. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the place of application for 2 days. The norm is its moderate hyperemia, peeling. If the wrist is too red or puffiness appears, then most likely you are allergic to the sponge and you should refuse to use it. A face mask made of badiagi must be applied subject to the following rules:

  • It is necessary to apply the product on clean skin.
  • Acne bugs can only be used after inflammation is completed.
  • Aggressive agents with boric acid or peroxide should be applied pointwise.
  • The mask needs to be washed off after 5-15 minutes.
  • It is recommended to carry out any procedures using a badyag shortly before bedtime..
  • After removing the mask, it is forbidden to use any cosmetics for 12 hours.

Sponge & Hydrogen Peroxide Peeling Ingredients

Hydrogen Peroxide Peeling

The maximum effect of the use of badiaga can be achieved by mixing the powder with peroxide:

  1. Such a composition should be prepared in a container that is not oxidized..
  2. For the implementation of 1 procedure, you will need to dilute a tablespoon of powder of badyagi with peroxide in such a ratio that a consistency of medium density is obtained.
  3. After the mixture foams and whitens, it can be applied to the face.
  4. After keeping the mask for 10 minutes, the mixture can be washed off with warm water..
  5. At the end of the procedure, the skin turns red, but acquires an even texture.

Cooking masks with blue clay

Blue clay ointment

To prepare this recipe:

  1. It is necessary to mix badyag powder with blue clay in a ratio of 1: 2.
  2. In the mixture, gradually add warm water until a homogeneous dense mass is obtained..
  3. The mask can be applied to individual areas or to the entire face..
  4. Spot processing is kept until the mixture dries, and peeling of the whole face should take no more than 15 minutes.
  5. After time, the mask must be washed off with warm boiled water.
  6. You can apply cream on your face.
  7. After this procedure, the face will improve its condition, skin lesions will become less noticeable.

Girl with a cosmetic mask on her face.

Mineral water cleaning


  1. The mask can be prepared using a powder of badiaga, diluted in warm mineral water.
  2. You can enhance the healing properties of the product by adding any essential oils, clay, honey.
  3. The resulting mixture must be applied to a cleansed face and allowed to stand for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm boiled water.
  4. Such a mask is successfully used in the fight against stretch marks on the body, post-acne, is used to restore the structure of damaged hair.

Contraindications for badiagi in the treatment of acne marks

Trampoline is a concentrated product, the thoughtless use of which can lead to negative consequences in the form of burns or allergic reactions. Before applying a mask, gel, cream, sponge-based balm to the skin, you need to make sure that there are no contraindications for the use of such cosmetic products. The main restrictions on the use of badiag are as follows:

  • the presence of inflamed acne;
  • dry thin skin;
  • hypertrichosis
  • pregnancy.

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