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Improving the strength characteristics of the nail plate is provided by a mixture of a special type of powder and liquid (liquid). Acrylic nail coating is used in various procedures: building and strengthening. The main difference between them is the thickness of the layer of applied material.

What is acrylic useful for nails

Strengthening technology implies the need to use a thinner layer than when building. Thanks to this feature, recovery is faster, which is the main advantage. Other advantages of the procedure:

  • increased strength of the nail plates, as a result, they cease to break frequently, because the intensity of the impact of mechanical loads decreases;
  • the natural appearance of manicure, due to the small thickness of the layer and the elasticity of the material;
  • it is possible to use acrylic composition at home;
  • when growing, the natural shape of the nail plates is preserved, which favorably sets off the procedure for applying liquid and powder from the technology of gel extension;
  • the coating is easy to remove;
  • maintaining excellent external characteristics for a long time (3-4 weeks);
  • firming procedure takes a minimum of time.

The process of strengthening nails with acrylic powder

To whom acrylic nails are contraindicated

If it was decided to make such a coating, it is necessary to take into account its negative qualities. Acrylic nail polish can not be used for such violations in the body, such as:

  • diabetes;
  • fungal diseases;
  • herpetic infection at different stages of manifestation.

The disease must be cured before liquid and powder are used. Under such conditions, a long recovery is required after removing this coating. In addition to contraindications, the disadvantages of the procedure should be considered:

  • Acrylic nail strengthening technology is not therapeutic;
  • after 10 days, you need to make a correction, then repeat this procedure in the future regularly;
  • manicure with acrylic is more expensive when compared with ordinary varnish;
  • the material is characterized by an intense and unpleasant odor;
  • acrylic-based manicure should be done more carefully, taking into account the properties of this composition (dries quickly);
  • the nail plate “does not breathe” under artificial coating.

Acrylic Nail Strengthening

Strengthening nails with acrylic powder under gel polish

If you need to prepare for a manicure, it is better to use additional protection. The salon procedure lasts no longer than a quarter of an hour. Acrylic nail strengthening is done without additional funds. The work uses an antiseptic, primer, base and powder. Stages of the procedure:

  • previously the master can perform a hand massage, the cuticle is not recommended to be cut, it is only pushed back with a bamboo stick;
  • the nail plates are treated with an antiseptic and a special file;
  • to improve the adhesion of the material to the surface of the plate degrease;
  • apply a primer (a composition that performs the function of a primer), the layer is left to dry for several minutes;
  • use the base base, then acrylic powder is poured on top to strengthen the nails;
  • components are reused to improve performance;
  • after which gel polish is applied.

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The price of strengthening acrylic nails

Only good material should be applied, which will affect the cost of the coating. The price of the Chinese composition is more attractive, however, it will negatively affect the nail plates. For this reason, use inexpensive products with caution or completely abandon it. The price of the procedure can vary significantly, depending on the interior, as well as the features of the technology. The table shows the average rates:

Procedure name

Price, rub.

Acrylic Strengthening (Uncoated)


Application of a protective layer under the varnish


Removing acrylic reinforcing coating


How to strengthen your nails with acrylic powder yourself

All components are on sale, they can be bought in the online store, staying at home and not wasting time searching for the right materials. To do this, you should study the online catalog, and then order the powder and liquid. You can use a ready-made mixture. But first, it is recommended to study how much different materials cost. In this case, you should understand what acrylic nail powder is, what it consists of. The better the composition, the higher the price.

At home, work on the application of the protective layer will occur in the following sequence:

  • the surface is ground;
  • apply a degreaser;
  • the brush is lowered into liquid, then into powder and the resulting mixture is applied as quickly as possible;
  • if desired, apply a second layer, but each of them should be thin.

If you need to solve the problem of how to strengthen nails with acrylic powder at home, you need to take into account the characteristics of the materials used. When liquid and powder come in contact, a mixture forms, which tends to become denser and solidifies as a result. You must first find out how much time is given for the formation of one coating layer (on average 2-3 minutes). All the flaws are corrected with a file, but metal should not be used.

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