Alcohol when losing weight: what alcohol can you drink with a diet

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Like any products that enter our body, alcoholic drinks also contain a certain amount of calories. For this reason, people seeking weight loss are wondering what kind of alcohol can be drunk with a diet so that the drink does not turn out to be too high in calories for the body. In small quantities, you can, and sometimes need to include in the diet, for example, the wine on which some diets are built.

The beneficial properties of alcohol

The answer to the question of what kind of alcohol you can drink with a diet is not so strict, because each alcoholic drink is useful in its own way. The leading position is occupied by wines, especially dry and semi-dry. They saturate the body with microelements, positively affect blood circulation, lower cholesterol. In addition, they contain a small amount of calories, but many useful substances. Beer fans also don’t have to completely lose their favorite drink. The hops that are there soothes, relieves stress and helps you sleep better at night..

Stronger types of alcohol also have useful properties, especially when it comes to various balms. A little brandy or whiskey will help to cheer up after a hard day, activate the brain, serve as a cold prevention, but remember that these drinks are more high-calorie than the previous ones. If you choose which alcohol to take while losing weight, feel free to stop by the wine, a glass of which will not hurt.

What alcohol can you drink with weight loss

In answer to the question of what type of alcohol you can drink with a diet, it all depends on how many calories it contains and in what quantities you are going to drink. In small harm practically no. A small amount involves 1 glass of wine or beer, 50 grams of cognac or whiskey. At the same time, it is desirable that alcohol during weight loss enter the body slowly, that is, it is better to drink a portion measured to yourself within an hour and a half.

Dry wine

One of the most useful alcoholic drinks is considered to be wine, especially dry. It has many positive qualities and brings many benefits when used in reasonable quantities. Dry wine for weight loss, red or white, saturates the body with a minimum number of calories (depending on the grape variety), which are also easily split. Both types of drink have an accelerating effect on the breakdown of fats. Among other useful qualities of dry wine is its ability to maintain youthfulness of the skin due to the content of polyphenols.

Glass of white and red wine

Champagne Brut

Champagne is a type of wine, so it can also be more or less sweet. So, everyone who is worried about excess calories should choose drier types of this drink. The best champagne for losing weight is brut. It contains no more than 3 grams of sugar per 1 liter, or does not contain at all. Calorie bruta is the lowest of all types of champagne. One hundred grams contains 50 kilocalories, so one glass during the feast will not violate your diet.

Light beer for weight loss

Light beer and weight loss are fully compatible. 1-2 glasses will not bring you an excessive amount of calories. Be sure to pay attention to the fortress. It should not exceed 5%. Darker and stronger grades are best avoided. It is undesirable to drink all kinds of beer snacks with beer. They cause thirst and a desire to drink more, but salt retains excess fluid, so the beneficial property of beer to remove fluid is reduced to nothing. In small quantities, beer will not show its devastating effect on hormonal imbalance leading to obesity..

Which alcohol has the least calories?

When choosing alcoholic beverages that can be consumed with less harm when dieting, you must consider how much alcohol and sugar they contain. For each type of alcohol, this indicator is different, but the more strength and sugar, the more calories. 1 gram of alcohol contains 7 kcal, and 1 g of sugar – 4 kcal. Since cognac is many times stronger than wine, then the calories in 100 grams of the first are much more than the second. So which alcohol is less caloric when dieting? These are sugar free dry wines..

Red wine in a glass

How many calories are in alcohol – table

The calorie content of any drink can be reduced by diluting it, thereby reducing the degree. Wine is recommended to be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1. For whiskey with cola or soda, the ratio is 1: 2. Do not drink more than 350 ml of dry wine, 1000 ml of beer or 120 ml of cognac at a time. If you decide to treat yourself to a drink of alcohol, then the calorie table of alcohol will help you not to overdo it with calories and not harm the figure:

Products,% alcohol Calories (kcal / 100 ml)
Brandy 40% 225
Calvados 40% 256
White sweet wine 13.5% 98
Red wine 12% 76
Whiskey 40% 220
Vodka 40% 235
Mojito cocktail alcohol 51.72
Cognac 40% 239
Liquor 24% 345
Beer 1.8% 29th
Beer 4.5% 45
Rum 40% 220
Dry champagne 70
Gin 45% 263

Alcohol Diet for Weight Loss

The essence of the diet, during which alcohol is required, is that you drink alcohol, which helps break down fats. The only drink for which this property is noticed is dry wine, but there are other variations of such diets with whiskey, martini and other drinks. On the menu they are all similar. From the diet, you need to exclude junk food (fried, flour, fatty), drink plenty of fluids, and drink alcohol after a diet only after eating.

Weight loss of this type should last no more than a week, since the diet is very strict. For breakfast there can be 1 boiled egg and vegetable, for lunch 1 apple, banana or a plate of lean soup. For dinner, a light salad of fruits or vegetables and cottage cheese are allowed. An alcoholic drink is consumed once a day, more often in the evening. The easiest alcoholic diet is slimming cocktails. During it, you can eat all day in the usual way, and instead of dinner, drink 1 cocktail.

Girl with a glass of wine

Ducan Diet and Alcohol

Pierre Ducant, a French nutritionist, developed a diet for those who need a serious fight against obesity and want to lose not 3-4 kilograms per week, but achieve much more significant results with consolidation. Weight loss by this method lasts for several stages and alcohol on the diet of a nutritionist Dukan is allowed to be consumed only when you reach the third. At other times, the doctor recommends using alcohol exclusively during cooking. He does not recommend drinking it for the reason that alcoholic drinks confuse you with the right motivation and deviate from the course.

What is harmful alcohol when losing weight

Any alcohol can seriously damage your desire to lose weight. They lead to intoxication, during which any very good intentions recede into the background. Alcohol inhibits the cerebral cortex and deprives us of self-control. At this moment, the body is irritated by empty alcoholic calories and begins to recognize fraud and torment us with an intensified sense of hunger. As a result, overeating occurs and all efforts made to lose weight are reduced to zero.

The harm of alcohol when losing weight also lies in the fact that it blocks the breakdown of fat. Its calories are first absorbed by the body, and the rest are disconnected from work, even if you eat at the same time as alcohol. In the future, all other calories obtained from ordinary food are stored and converted into fats, so frequent alcohol consumption and abundant nutrition lead to an increase in body weight.

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