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The result of the fight against excess weight directly depends on the amount of protein in the body. If there is a shortage of such substances, then body weight decreases at a slower pace, continues to increase or remains unchanged. The use of protein compounds is common in sports nutrition for the growth and preservation of muscle mass. Amino acids for weight loss play an equally important role. These substances are necessary for burning fat, but they must be taken in accordance with certain important rules in order to eliminate the occurrence of side effects..

What are amino acids and what are they for?

In the human body there is a huge amount of substances, each of which performs a specific function. Proteins are among the most important components necessary for health and vital functions. Amino acids are organic compounds that are necessary for the construction of all groups of cells. They can be interchangeable and irreplaceable. The first group includes substances that the body synthesizes on its own, the second – the elements contained in food or additives.

What amino acids look like

The benefits and harms of losing weight

Amino acids taken for weight loss have several advantages and disadvantages. Side effects occur in case of improper or excessive consumption. In a broad sense, these components are distinguished by the property of enriching the body with substances that can, in a short period of time, relieve excess deposits of subcutaneous fat, suppress appetite, and increase the result of physical activity.


  • only subcutaneous fat is burned, catabolic destruction does not occur;
  • substances that are part of amino acids slow down the aging process, increase libido;
  • the provision of antioxidant effects on the body;
  • improving brain performance;
  • a positive effect on metabolic processes in the body;
  • strengthening the immune system and biochemical reactions of the body;
  • increase the effectiveness of weight loss workouts.


  • negative effects on the digestive system;
  • deterioration of the heart and blood vessels;
  • impaired functioning of the kidneys and liver;
  • negative effect on the central nervous system.

Amino Acids

Side effects

Amino acids possess harmful properties if they are taken incorrectly. Side effects include lethargy, apathy, impaired heart, kidneys, liver, and digestive organs. Drugs have a negative effect on the body in the presence of health problems. For example, if gastritis or other diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract are detected, then amino acids will cause an exacerbation of symptoms.

Girl Holds BCAA Slimming Amino Acids

Types of Slimming Amino Acids

There are many types of amino acids that differ in composition. A separate group of drugs are substances that show the highest results in the field of weight loss. Some supplements are designed to gain muscle mass, improve training results, and they should be consumed solely in order to create a powerful body relief.

Name of amino acids that help to lose weight:

  1. Tyrosine (components suppress the feeling of hunger, speed up the metabolism, burn fats).
  2. BCAA (prevents the breakdown of muscle tissue as a result of dieting).
  3. Leucine (a powerful amino acid, increases the duration of food saturation, preserves muscle mass, reduces the amount of body fat).
  4. L-carnitine (not only eliminates fat deposits, but also prevents their accumulation, increases the efficiency of the heart muscle, promotes the formation of muscle tissue).
  5. Tryptophan (has sedative properties, regulates the level of hormones in various groups, provides appetite suppression).
  6. Glutamine (burns fat, boosts immunity, belongs to the category of amino acids for women).
  7. Arginine (contributes to the active production of growth hormone, burns fat, enhances the body’s regenerative function).

How to take amino acids

The use of supplements for burning fat should be accompanied by the implementation of certain rules. Experts need to find out which vitamins to drink when losing weight, so as not to harm health, when to take amino acids, which one to give preference. Drugs for muscle growth will be less effective than substances that have special properties that help not to build mass, but to burn excess fat.

A man takes amino acids


  • taken 20 minutes before meals, 20 minutes after training, 30 minutes before bedtime;
  • maximum two capsules should be taken at the same time;
  • take 3-4 times a day;
  • dosage should comply with the recommendations on the package;
  • capsules should not be washed down with juice (water is used for this).

In pills

  • Before training, you need to take 3-5 tablets, after – a maximum of 6 tablets;
  • in between meals, up to 4 tablets are taken;
  • take a maximum of 5 times a day;
  • drink the drug with water.

Girl drinks liquid amino acids


  • take up to five times a day, 40 ml;
  • liquid amino acids are absorbed faster than powder.


  • take 20 minutes before meals, immediately after training, before bedtime;
  • the powder must be diluted with water;
  • dosage should not exceed or be underestimated.

What foods contain amino acids

Component Name

What products contain


Legumes and grains, meat, dairy products.


Brown rice, fish, meat, legumes.


Cereals, dairy products.


Sesame, dates, bananas.


Eggs, Dairy Products.


Milk products.

Complete Amino Acid Complex

Chicken Eggs, Peas, Beef.

What to choose amino acids in a pharmacy

You can buy special products to speed up the process of losing weight in specialized sports nutrition stores. Departments with such products are open in many pharmacies. When choosing a particular supplement, one must take into account not only the manufacturer’s rating, the cost of the drug, but also its composition. For girls, for example, some complexes are recommended, for young people – others.

Rules for the selection of pharmacy amino acids:

  • if the supplement is acquired by a woman, then the composition of the drug should be L-carnitine, L-glutamine and L-arginine;
  • Before using drugs, you need to consult a doctor, find out how to properly take amino acids;
  • on the packaging of the drug should be information on how to drink amino acids, how many times a day, in what dosages;
  • the price of the drug should not be too high;
  • the consistency of the substance must comply with the instructions;
  • When buying drugs for weight loss, you need to pay attention to the expiration date, the integrity of the package;
  • additives of any form of release always have a bitter taste, and powder varieties are completely dissolved in water;
  • taking drugs implies compliance with dietary rules and the use of a complex of vitamins to replenish the supply of useful components in the body (this information is not on the packaging, but it must be checked with doctors).

Video about amino acids in sports nutrition

The most common area of ​​application of protein compounds is bodybuilding. Athletes independently choose which supplements to use to quickly build muscle and burn fat. About what amino acids are for athletes, what are bcaa drugs, how are bodybuilders taking them, and what results are obtained, is described in the videos.

BCAA amino acids

What is better protein or amino acids

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