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Have wrinkles appeared? Take advantage of an effective natural remedy, carefully prepared by wise nature, which daily helps to maintain the health of thousands of women. A homemade avocado face mask for wrinkles will restore elasticity, freshness and beauty to the skin. Find out how to use the fruit correctly, which recipes will suit you personally to get the best effect..

Avocado Wrinkle Mask Recipe

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Exotic fruit practically does not cause allergies, so women of any age choose it for care. The fats the fruit is rich in moisturize dry skin, and vitamin A helps form new cells. At home, cosmetics are prepared not only from pulp. Anti-wrinkle oil is also popular. It contains all the beneficial substances inherent in the fruit. Avocado oil in cosmetology is considered basic, used as an independent product or the basis for nutritional mixtures, added to creams.

If you need a strong lasting effect, use oil mixtures. Apply them instead of regular cream on your face, after having done an allergy test in the morning and evening. The result is noticeable after several uses. The course is 10-14 days, after which apply the product up to three times a week. Experiment to find the optimal composition. Maintain beauty with an anti-wrinkle avocado face mask.

From avocado oil

Base oil

The easiest and most affordable way to reduce bumps is avocado oil for the skin:

  1. Apply to cleansed face.
  2. After half an hour, blot with a paper towel.
  3. Use morning and evening.

If you need a strong tool that mobilizes all the forces of the body, try a mixture that stimulates the production of collagen:

  1. Mix 20 ml of avocado, neroli (6 drops) and rosewood (8 drops).
  2. Use instead of cream.
  3. Store in a dark glass vial for no more than 10 days..

A mask of avocado oil for the face from wrinkles will be saturated with vitamins, improve color, increase the formation of new cells:

  1. Mix a tablespoon of avocado oil and almond oil.
  2. Add frankincense esters (2 drops), carrots (5 drops) and rose hips (10 drops).
  3. Use the first 10 days in the morning and evening, then if necessary.

From the fruits of avocado

Fruit mix

Reinforced composition for deep regeneration:

  1. Mash a small amount of fruit pulp with a fork to make one tablespoon.
  2. Mix with macadamia oil mixture (2 teaspoons), a drop of rosewood oil, 2 drops of ylang-ylang fragrant oil.

Smoothing composition will give the face a radiance, enhance the production of new cells:

  1. Mix mashed potatoes with fruit and egg. Add a tablespoon of honey, kefir, a teaspoon of soda, a drop of orange ether.
  2. Mix thoroughly, cool for two hours.

Firming anti-aging care:

  1. Thoroughly mix olive oil (a tablespoon) and puree half the fruit, cool.
  2. Apply one hour before bedtime..
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