Aqua aerobics for weight loss – the benefits and complexes of exercises in water, reviews and results

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This type of physical activity is gaining popularity because it has its own zest and stands out from other sports options to combat overweight. It’s just not entirely clear whether it is possible to lose weight on water aerobics, because numerous videos, photos and reviews show different results from such exercises. This sport has its advantages and disadvantages, which for some people become paramount when choosing aquafit..

What is water aerobics

There is nothing incomprehensible in ordinary aerobics or fitness classes in the gym, there are a huge number of videos, photos with training results. However, not everyone likes to go to the gym, carry iron or sweat on a treadmill. This raises the question of whether it is possible to lose weight on water aerobics? Swimming pool, water – a great atmosphere for all people who like to swim. Aqua aerobics is a special set of exercises that is performed in water. Small weights can be used or workouts can only be done with their own weight..

Water aerobics for weight loss has its own characteristics, which become a decisive factor when choosing a method of maintaining the health of the body, getting rid of extra pounds. Such a sport will be an excellent choice for people who:

  • love group activities where you can chat;
  • They can’t force themselves to study at home and they need a specific training program;
  • want to lose weight to the music;
  • love water, but do not know how to swim: during classes special belts are used;
  • they want to swim, but they’re tired of simple swimming in the pool.

Such training is useful not only for those who want to lose weight, but also for people who want to strengthen their immunity, maintain their muscles in good shape. The result of the classes will be noticeable, especially if at the same time you follow the diet and have a good rest at night. It should be done regularly, because only systematic training will give a noticeable result..

Girls doing water aerobics

Pros and Cons of Aqua Aerobics

The main advantage of this sport is that there is no load on the spine and joints. This allows you to train even people who are contraindicated in strength exercises, future mother. The pros and cons of water aerobics should be clarified before going to the pool. First you need to visit a doctor who will confirm that water procedures are not contraindicated for you (for example, if there are problems with the genitourinary system). To understand whether water aerobics helps to lose weight, you can by the following advantages of this type of training:

  • the lowest chance of injury to tendons, ligaments, bone apparatus or muscles;
  • a variety of exercises that help you lose weight without boredom;
  • lack of load on the back, lower back opens up the opportunity to train pregnant women, people with injuries;
  • in one training of water aerobics, a person burns up to 700 calories;
  • while you exercise, the body will not sweat;
  • training in water strengthens all muscle groups;
  • if necessary, increase the load with special devices;
  • water aerobics classes are effective against cellulite, excess weight;
  • training in water helps to normalize sleep, get rid of stress;
  • even those who can’t swim can burn extra pounds.

The advantages of this method to lose weight and make water aerobics so popular. The disadvantages include only a few points, for example, the likelihood of an individual allergy to bleach. This substance is actively used in pools to prevent the development of microorganisms and protect the health of visitors. Some people have irritation of the skin, eyes, in extreme cases, asthma attacks.

If you do not follow the rules of conduct during training in water aerobics, an exacerbation of ear diseases may occur. This sport is only gaining popularity, so the cost of classes is still high, but you can save by buying a subscription. The lower price will be in small pools, and elite fitness clubs also pay for the brand. Keep in mind that to lose weight, strengthen muscle tone, get the maximum effect will only work with a qualified trainer.

Girl on the side of the pool

The benefits of water aerobics

Being able to lose weight is not the only advantage of practicing in water. The benefit of water aerobics is that you can make your figure slim without working with weighting. Staying in water raises mood, helps get rid of negative energy, normalizes sleep. According to the girls, with the help of such water gymnastics you can get rid of the abdomen after childbirth, cellulite and simply improve the skin condition. During water aerobics involved:

  • shoulders
  • press and sides;
  • buttocks;
  • chest;
  • hands;
  • hips.

Water aerobics for weight loss

All that a person needs to do is repeat the exercises with the trainer. The benefits of water aerobics for weight loss are that they do not need additional funds (sports supplements, magic teas, etc.). Losing excess weight will occur due to proper nutrition and the load you get in the classroom. The following factors help to lose weight in water:

  1. Muscles work actively due to the resistance that the body encounters in water during movements..
  2. The water temperature is always lower than human, so the body begins to release additional energy for heating and excess body fat is burned.
  3. Aqua aerobics speeds up the metabolism in the human body.
  4. For one intensive lesson in the pool, you can lose 500-700 kcal. The same amount of athlete who participates in a speed ski race loses.

Weight Loss Exercises

Before any exercise, you must definitely warm up. Water will not allow injuries, but you need to warm up the muscles. Charging should be done in the air: several tilts to the sides, forward and backward, do 10-15 squats, rotate with your hands. Next, you can perform water aerobics exercises for weight loss:

  1. For the waist. Close your hands in the lock at the chest (they should be under water), press your elbows against your stomach. Perform tilts of the housing in all directions in turn.
  2. Hips, belly. Find an area in the pool so that the water is at chest level when you are sitting at the bottom. Rest your hands behind, with your feet swinging up and down, then do the “scissors” (cross swing).
  3. Legs. Spread your legs wide hips, you should be on the shoulders in the water. Perform a jump and at this time bring your feet together and spread apart again until landing at the bottom.
  4. Buttocks. Stand at the handrails, grasp them with your hands, keep your back straight, take one of the legs as far back and up as possible. Repeat for each 10-15 times.

Woman with dumbbells in the pool


Anyone who wants to lose weight in this way needs to take into account some contraindications of water aerobics. Before registering for any sport, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Physical activity in water aerobics for weight loss is prohibited in such cases:

  • there are diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • Chlorine allergy detected
  • there are any skin diseases;
  • in the presence of colds, bronchitis, asthma;
  • a person undergoes rehabilitation after a heart attack, fracture;
  • in the presence of convulsive symptoms, osteochondrosis.
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