Avocado oil for the face – use in cosmetology, useful properties and contraindications

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Not only users in the reviews, but also experts say that cosmetic avocado oil for the face has all the useful and necessary properties for the skin. It can be safely used in its pure form to eliminate dryness, irritation, inflammation, and also as a prophylactic. In addition, the product is a frequent component of masks, gels and scrubs for combination, problem or mature skin.

What is avocado oil

The substance is obtained by cold pressing of a berry, also known as an alligator pear and growing in Chile, and also in some regions of Australia, South America and Africa. This is avocado oil. In its unrefined form, it has a dark emerald color and a nutty smell, has a lot of useful properties. In refined – half of them are lost, and the ether itself acquires a yellowish tint.

Chemical composition

Avocado oil has powerful antibacterial, nourishing, moisturizing and regenerating properties. All thanks to the composition, which includes not many components, but in high concentration:

  • vitamins of groups A, B, C, D, E;
  • squalene;
  • chlorophyll;
  • lecithin;
  • saturated fatty acids;
  • amino acid histidine;
  • essential oils;
  • trace elements such as sodium, calcium, potassium, zinc, iodine;
  • phytosteroid.

The benefits of avocado

The use of avocado oil for the face

In cosmetology, avocado oil is considered basic – it is used pure or in combination with other esters. It is used due to its ability to slow down the aging process. In addition, it prevents the early appearance of wrinkles caused by a lack of elastin and collagen. Used for daily skin care, is an integral part of homemade nourishing masks..

What type of skin is it suitable for?

Avocado oil for the skin is universal, because it can be used for any type of epidermis, especially the composition is recommended for oily and combination. This is because the composition of the substance is as close to sebum as possible. The agent is quickly absorbed, does not leave spots, like other vegetable oils. This means no greasy shine after application. This is a great advantage over, for example, castor oil..


The properties of the substance have already been described a little higher. Thanks to the components it contains, it is a unique product that is used to solve many skin problems. This is so, because it is used both as a regenerating agent, and for moisturizing, and as a way to get rid of acne, acne, and other defects. Methods of use are indicated below..

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For skin

Due to the fact that the oil contains vitamins and other beneficial components, it has many beneficial properties for human skin. Among them are:

  • phytohormones fight age spots;
  • phytohormones and vitamin E contribute to the deep penetration of the substance into the epidermis, moisturizing it;
  • strengthen local immunity, protect skin, including from the harm of UV radiation, vitamins F, A, E, C;
  • squalene regulates oxygen metabolism and blood circulation;
  • vitamins A and C trigger cell recovery, stimulate collagen production.

For lips

Avocado oil for lips is used in pure form. To get rid of peeling, cracks, excessive dryness of the skin, they are lubricated once a day – at night, or used two to three times a day as a balm. Lips quickly acquire lost softness, look healthy and shiny. In addition, ether can be added to home scrubs to not only exfoliate the epidermis, but also heal microcracks and wounds.

Recipes of the best face remedies with avocado oil

According to reviews, the best facial skin products are homemade, and cosmetic avocado oil, thanks to healthy fats, is one of the most suitable components for medicinal formulations. It is combined with such substances:

  • Ready-made cosmetics, for example, are added to regular skin cream or lotions;
  • vegetable oils, such as jojoba, tea tree, lavender or grape seed, often for massage mixtures;
  • other natural ingredients, for example, add honey.

Cosmetic scrub for mature skin

This remedy has three functions at once: eliminate dead skin cells of the epidermis, stimulate collagen production and give a good mood due to its fruity composition. It is used as an ordinary scrub: it is applied, massaged, washed off with warm water. Optimal composition:

  1. a tablespoon of sea salt (finely ground);
  2. a tablespoon of avocado seed and pulp ether;
  3. a couple drops of essential oil of an orange or similar fruit – grapefruit.

Girl puts a mask on her face

Natural Wrinkle Night Cream

Means with avocadic ether are quickly absorbed, which is especially convenient for night creams with high fat content. Prepare these natural products:

  • frankincense and lemon esters, half and a quarter teaspoon;
  • 2-3 tablespoons of jojoba oil or almond;
  • 1-2 tablespoons of avocado ether;
  • half a teaspoon of lemon juice;
  • a handful of calendula flowers;
  • 20 gr beeswax.

Preparation and use:

  1. Calendula pour boiling water, leave for 30 minutes, then strain.
  2. In a saucepan, melt the wax, along with almond and avocado ether.
  3. Add lemon juice and calendula infusion.
  4. Wait for cooling, stirring the product all the time..
  5. Pour in the remaining essential oils only when the infusion is at room temperature. Stir again, pour into jars.
  6. Keep the cream in the refrigerator for a period not exceeding three weeks.
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Mask recipes

The best thing about this substance is that avocado oil for face is close in composition to skin fats, therefore it is used everywhere to create home masks, regardless of problems: dryness, inflammation or rashes. Detailed recipes for various skin types are described below. Remember: no matter how good the masks are, they will not give anything without proper regular care.

For dry skin

Pure ether can be used for this type, since avocados themselves contribute to elasticity even with sagging skin. It is applied for 30-40 minutes, after which the residues are removed with a dry cloth. If there is severe peeling, the procedure is repeated twice a day, if moderate, once before bedtime. If there are wounds on the skin, mix 1: 1 oil with almond ether, apply in a similar way.

If the skin is not sensitive, not prone to allergic reactions, try another mask recipe for dryness. He, in addition, eliminates rashes:

  1. prepare a water bath, let the honey (one tablespoon) melt to a liquid state;
  2. add 10 drops of avocado ether;
  3. mix, cool;
  4. apply to problem areas for 20 minutes;
  5. rinse with plain warm water, repeat every other day.

For problem skin

You can use the mask, the recipe of which is described above. If you are allergic to honey or other reasons why the product is not suitable, try to make home-based aloe vera cosmetics:

  1. break off the leaf of the plant, rinse;
  2. cut aloe and scrape the flesh;
  3. add a few drops of oil to the substance;
  4. apply for half an hour, wash off without soap.

Aloe leaves

Reviews say that such a mask acts very gently. Its alternative for point defects is acne oil avocado oil + tea tree ester. They are mixed one to one and applied to inflammation. Tea tree is responsible for the disinfection of areas, and avocados – for healing. Dark-skinned girls need to be careful with this mixture, as it brightens the skin. In addition to masks, avocado scrub helps with acne:

  1. take a tablespoon of oatmeal;
  2. add liquid honey (until the mixture is thick), you can replace it with aloe juice;
  3. drip 5-7 drops of avocado ether;
  4. rub the scrub gently, massage and rinse with warm water;
  5. then rinse your face with cold – to narrow your pores.

The last recipe for the mask is expensive, but the effect of it is amazing and appears immediately:

  • oils from avocado, almond, peach and grape seed are mixed in equal proportions;
  • the mask is applied for a long time: from 40 minutes to several hours (you can even at night, but there is a risk of staining bedding);
  • repeated twice a week.

For mature, fading, prone to wrinkles

Avocado ester for mature skin – a gift. Even in its pure form, it nourishes, moisturizes and rejuvenates. To enhance and discover new properties of the composition, it is mixed with other natural components:

  • ether of rose, rosemary and geranium;
  • olive oil;
  • cream
  • fruits and vegetables.
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Signs of skin aging, such as wrinkles, appear first around the eyes and are difficult to combat. This gel mask is applied at night and washed off with warm water in the morning:

  1. a pinch of agar-agar is dissolved in heated water;
  2. wash one cucumber, tinder and mix with a teaspoon of avocado oil;
  3. combine both substances, then alternately add esters of fennel, parsley and dill;
  4. continue to stir, watching how the mixture thickens (due to agar-agar);
  5. store the gel mask in the refrigerator.

Another home remedy is prepared immediately before application. It provides high-quality intensive facial skin care:

  1. two teaspoons of green clay are diluted with a tablespoon of water (it is better that it is mineral);
  2. mix to a uniform consistency;
  3. add a tablespoon of warm liquid honey and 5 drops of avocado and coconut essential oil;
  4. applied to the face in one layer, left to dry, then washed off with water;
  5. repeat every two days.


Another property of a unique oil is that it does not have many contraindications. More precisely, only one thing is individual intolerance, which rarely happens. In general, avocado ether is considered hypoallergenic, but for owners of sensitive skin it is better to conduct a test for the reaction 24 hours before use:

  • apply a drop to the bend of the elbow or behind the ears, where the most delicate skin;
  • wait for the result.

How to choose the right and useful product

It is better to take cold pressed ether – emerald and with a maximum of useful properties. To know that you have not been deceived, pay attention to the following factors when choosing:

  1. Colour. Yellow Avocado Oil – Processed and Not So Healthy.
  2. Manufacturer. It is better that he was from the same country in which the berry itself grows – South America, Australia, Africa.
  3. Place of purchase. Take the ether in a pharmacy or specialty stores where a competent seller can tell you the production dates and place, give useful advice. The online store is worth ordering only if you are already confident in the quality of the product.
  4. Storage conditions. Make sure they are followed. This is another point in favor of buying a drug in a pharmacy..

Avocado oil in a bottle


Ether avocado is an inexpensive product. Available in 10 ml bottles, sold in most pharmacies at a cost of 23 to 90 r. Specific prices in Moscow are shown in the table:

Volume ml

Manufacturer (Russia)

Price, rubles


Natural oils


10 Aspera 89
25 Mirolla 63
thirty Elfarma 61
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