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The use of cans for the treatment of various ailments was used in ancient Rome. Today, canned massage is done not only in salons, but also at home. With this procedure, you can get rid of cellulite, cure sciatica and spinal curvature. However, before applying this type of treatment, you need to consult a doctor, since massage with vacuum jars has contraindications.

What is can massage

This is a healing procedure. Massage is based on the active effect of vacuum on the body, which is created using a medical jar designed for massaging. In places of the suction cup on the skin, blood circulation increases, lymph circulation improves in organs and tissues, and they are actively nourished. Effective vacuum massage against cellulite, edema, various inflammations. Doctors note its immunological effect when blood enters the tissue from blood vessels, saturating them with immunoglobulins cells that protect the body.

Can massage

Indications and contraindications

Massage with vacuum jars irritates the epidermis, blood vessels and nerve endings, as a result of which the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues increases. In addition to the cosmetic effect, vacuum therapy is indicated for:

  • elimination of fat deposits on the back of the thighs, buttocks and breeches;
  • resorption on the skin of scars and scars;
  • skin rejuvenation, wrinkle smoothing;
  • complex treatment of lumbar, thoracic, cervical osteochondrosis;
  • eliminate pain in the muscles of the back;
  • relieving the symptoms of vegetovascular dystonia;
  • strengthening immunity.

Although the massage jar gives many positive results for the skin, not everyone is allowed to carry out the procedure. You can not conduct vacuum sessions in the following conditions:

  • extensive pigmentation of the skin;
  • pregnancy;
  • blood diseases;
  • cardiopulmonary failure;
  • vein thrombosis;
  • the presence of skin diseases, varicose veins or moles at the site of exposure;
  • allergy to the ingredients used;
  • inflammatory processes on the skin;
  • high body temperature;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • tuberculosis;
  • the presence of infectious pathology.


A correctly performed technique of can massage eliminates chronic pain in the cervical spine and lower back. After just a few sessions, the pain becomes less pronounced. With the help of special massage cans, the work of internal organs is stimulated, colds are treated. The procedure is widely used in beauty salons. Anti-cellulite massage with banks is the most popular among women, since the effect is achieved after 5-6 sessions.

Massage jars

The first glass jars were used exclusively for the treatment of colds. However, they were made potentially dangerous by the fact that the vacuum was created by fire. The analogs that sell today are free from the risk of burns. Modern devices for canning effects on the skin are made of different materials:

  1. Glass. Banks are equipped with a rubber nozzle. A vacuum is created in the process of pressing on it. The glass is perfectly washable, does not absorb massage creams and cosmetic oils.
  2. Silicone Optimal massage accessories combining reasonable price and excellent quality. You can use silicone products on the whole body.
  3. Rubber. Such banks are the easiest to use, but they differ in the shortest service life. The disadvantages include the fact that they are poorly washed and absorb odors..
  4. Latex. Similar to silicone jars. They have higher strength, therefore they are more expensive..

Jars for massage

Preparation for the procedure

The technique of canning effects on the skin is carried out mainly in salons. The procedure begins with the preparation of the patient’s body. The specialist processes the cans, checks the client for allergies to massage oil, then begins to knead the area of ​​influence. To warm the skin using classic stroking, patting, kneading. Massage is performed until the skin turns red (7-10 minutes). Then oil is rubbed, vacuum cans are installed.

Execution technique

Before performing a vacuum massage at home, you should consult your doctor about contraindications and problem areas. After you can start the procedure. Instruction for can therapy:

  1. Definition of sites. It is necessary to remember in advance the places that will be affected..
  2. Training. It is necessary to steam the skin by taking a hot shower or bath and rub the skin on the problem area with a washcloth to redness.
  3. Treatment. Excess moisture should be removed with a towel, then apply massage cream or anti-cellulite oil to the skin.
  4. Overlay. The bank should be compressed and put on the desired site. It is required to ensure that the skin is pulled 1-3 cm.
  5. Massaging. Circular and direct movements are performed by the bank in the impact zone (each zone for 10 minutes). If the product disappears, add a little massage oil..
  6. Completion. At the end of the procedure, the bank is carefully removed, and the impact site is massaged for another 5 minutes, after which the remaining oil is removed with a napkin. Then a nourishing or anti-cellulite cream should be applied to the skin, wrapped with cling film, lie under a blanket and rest for 15 minutes.

Cupping Thigh Massage

The first thing to do is to break the thigh muscles into zones. On the inner surface, it is not recommended to take any action, because there are lymph nodes, experiments on which lead to disastrous results. The above manipulations are performed on the outer lateral and front of the thigh. After exposure to vacuum, it is advisable to add anti-cellulite wraps, as the adipose tissue of the thighs is a favorite place for cellulite.

Vacuum Hip Massage

Back massage

Conducting a vacuum back massage is an excellent treatment and effective prevention of spinal osteochondrosis. Self-massage cannot be done, therefore it is better to invite a specialist for these purposes. The effectiveness of the procedure depends on the correct execution. Massage with banks on the back improves blood circulation, removes pain in the area of ​​the spine, helps in restoring the dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system. The duration of the procedure should be determined by the doctor. As a rule, a massage session lasts from 5 to 30 minutes.

Can movement pattern

The use of special anti-cellulite cans in a chaotic direction will not help get rid of the problem. To get the expected result, you must follow the scheme:

  • feet massage with vertical lines from the knee down;
  • buttocks are first processed in a circular motion, then vertical;
  • the stomach is massaged in a circular direction clockwise, then from the navel to the right and left side;
  • hand massage is carried out upwards from the hands with direct movements.


When problems are removed by the vacuum method of exposure, many patients experience extensive, and sometimes very painful bruising. This is considered normal only if the person has capillaries and blood vessels too close to the surface of the skin. More often the low qualification of the massage therapist is to blame for the formation of bruises. If a person has insensitive skin, but after the sessions bruising is observed, it is better not to contact this specialist.

Rules for

In order for vacuum massage to benefit, and not harm health, certain rules must be followed:

  1. Read the description. After purchasing cans, be sure to study the instructions for their use.
  2. Warm up the skin. You can not put cans on unprepared skin. First you need to warm up the area of ​​application with manual massage.
  3. Restricted area. It is forbidden to do vacuum massage on the kidneys, heart, mammary glands (in women), directly on the spine.

Massage areas


Vacuum massage should not cause pain. The session is held exclusively in comfortable conditions. The air temperature in the room or other room where the massage is carried out should be 25 degrees, and humidity – about 65%. You should be aware that children are not allowed to conduct this procedure for up to six months. Older babies often have cough, bronchitis and other pathologies of the respiratory system that can be easily treated with cans, but only a specialist needs to trust the child.

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