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Everyone who came to train in the gym must adhere to a specific training methodology to achieve the result. It will differ, given the goal, but everyone needs to perform basic exercises: they will become the basis for further weight loss, drying or building muscle.

What are basic exercises

The girl is engaged with dumbbells

Basic exercise is called in which 2 or more joints are involved. This indicates that more muscle groups are involved during its execution. This principle helps a person to train with a lot of weight, the body gets serious stress, releases more hormones (especially growth) for the formation of muscle tissue. For example: the bench press option involves the shoulder, elbow joints, and pulling – the elbow, wrist, and shoulder. Exercises in which only one joint is involved are insulating.

How to exercise in the gym

Bodybuilding implies that the athlete has a training program in the gym, a nutrition plan is drawn up. Without them, a person will train chaotically, without progress and improving results. For beginners, the best option would be if the training system is drawn up by a qualified trainer, signs a progress table, shows and explains the basic exercises technique. To get the best result, a novice athlete should pay attention to the following points:

  • balanced diet: getting the missing elements, counting and adjusting calories consumed;
  • training plan: the optimal ratio of strength exercises, cardio, the number of sets, reps;
  • adherence to the schedule (do not miss classes);
  • refusal of alcohol, smoking, full sleep.

Effective beginner training program

The effectiveness of the program depends on the goals: for example, to lose weight, you need to devote more time to cardio, and strength training is better for gaining weight. There is no universal program and the selection of suitable exercises should be based on personal feelings along with the trainer. As a basis, you can use the basic exercises in the gym, their description below.

The vast majority of girls go in for sports to lose weight, strengthen, tighten the figure. In this regard, the exercises for women in the gym are somewhat different from men, the emphasis is more on aerobic exercise. The girl’s body contains 10% more fat, it is needed to perform their natural task – giving birth to a baby. Therefore, any training should begin with a jog (at least 20 minutes), after which you can proceed to the rest of the basic exercises in the gym.

Man raises barbell

The best exercises for the back

Basic back exercises are used to increase muscle volume, so they are better suited for men to get a V-shape. Performing movements must be correct, following the technique, so as not to injure the body. Basic exercises in the gym should be the first while the athlete has enough strength to work with weighting. To train your back should:

  1. Deadlift – is listed in the top three basic exercises. It well loads the lower back, shoulder girdle, hips, buttocks, shoulder biceps. One of the most exhausting, but also useful exercises. It is very important to follow the technique when performing, so as not to damage the lower back, which receives a serious load.
  2. Barbell pull in tilt. A good way of pumping the broadest muscles, performed after the deadlift, helps to make the back visually wider. The muscles of the shoulder girdle, biceps are also involved..
  3. Pull-ups – the well-known version of the exercise for the back, you can do at home or on the outdoor sports ground.

Pectoral muscle training

An inflated chest is not an easy task for any athlete. Many have to spend more than one week to feel the technique of training, to catch the necessary amplitude. Basic best exercises in the gym for the chest:

  1. Bench press also included in the main three base. Allows you to use maximum weight to load the muscles of the chest, involves the shoulder girdle, forearm. Do not rush to take a lot of weight, ask someone in the hall to insure you during execution so that you are not pressed by the bar.
  2. Bench Press Dumbbell. This option allows less weight, but provides a greater range of motion, which favorably affects muscle growth..
  3. Push ups. Home version of the basic exercise for the chest, involves the shoulder girdle, biceps, triceps.

Basic biceps exercises

The most effective movement to pump up the biceps is flexion at the elbow, but it involves one joint in the work, so basic exercises like this are considered a stretch. Rather, they can be called the most productive. Basic exercises for biceps in the gym:

  1. Pullups (reverse grip). The only option that really involves more than 1 joint, but it will not work for a long time to swing biceps, the athlete quickly gets tired.
  2. Lifting the biceps barbell in the work includes one joint, but has the maximum effect in the training course of the biceps. In addition to the biceps, the anterior bundle of deltas is involved..
  3. Hammer exercise. Often, the lower part of the biceps lags behind in athletes, this version of the exercise provides an opportunity to work out the necessary part of the arm well.

The girl is engaged with dumbbells.

On triceps

With this muscle group, the situation is simpler than with biceps. Avoid training the triceps muscle, it forms up to 60% of the visual volume of your arm. If the main movement for the biceps is flexion, then for in this case – extension. Basic triceps exercises in the gym:

  1. Bench press with a narrow grip. This option provides the opportunity to maximize muscle load, take a large working weight. With a narrow grip, the pectoral muscle is excluded from the work, and the entire emphasis is shifted to triceps. As with breast training, it is advisable that someone insure you.
  2. French bench press. It is better to perform it with a low weight, this will not allow to overload the elbow joint, but with a large number of repetitions. The sequence is the same with the chest: first do a chest press, and then French. With this approach, your joints will not be threatened.

On the shoulders (deltas)

Wide massive shoulders adorn any man. The joints here are very easy to injure, so the movements should be performed very carefully, choosing the right weight. Basic shoulder exercises:

  1. Army press. It is performed standing or sitting with a barbell, which, unlike dumbbells, provides an opportunity to load the target muscles more. Together with the shoulders, triceps, the muscles of the middle back.
  2. Dumbbell Bench Press. It’s better to perform standing up, this option is an alternative to the army press, but they can be performed in one training.

On the abdominal muscles

As for biceps, there is no base for this part of the body, all motion options involve one joint. The main principle of pumping the abdominal muscles is twisting. Exercises on the press in the gym are performed to maximize the tension of muscle fibers during their contraction. For training, you can do:

  1. Twisting on the bench, they are well suited for the upper press. The lower part is also involved, but less.
  2. Raising the legs in the hanging, it effectively trains the lower abdominal muscles. Press training should be done at the end of the session, in each approach the maximum number of times.

Women lunges

On the muscles of the legs

This part of the body becomes a problem for men, women. For the former, it becomes a real challenge to increase muscle mass, for the latter, to lose weight and deal with cellulite. Women need to work with lower weights, doing more repetitions in order to accelerate metabolism and increase endurance. Exercises on the legs in the gym:

  1. Lunges with dumbbells. Several versions of the technique are used, but the maximum effect is obtained if you do them with promotion. You need to squat deeply and climb on a toe. The muscles involved are the same as squats..
  2. Squatting with the barbell is the last of the exercises from the top three base. Beginners are strictly not recommended to carry out with a lot of weight. It is better for girls to start simply with a fingerboard, guys – with pancakes of 5 kg. This is due to the large load on the lower back. The quadriceps, gluteal muscles, thigh biceps, lower back are worked out perfectly.

Training video tutorials for beginners

Fitness can bring maximum results only if you follow the schedule, diet, exercise technique. The latter is especially difficult to master on your own, because there is no one to point out runtime errors.

To prepare for classes, it is better to watch a video from famous athletes who talk about the nuances of the training technique in the hall. Below are examples of training for men, women. Do not forget to choose comfortable clothes.

A set of exercises in the gym for men

Workout in the gym for girls

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