Bath bombs – how to do it yourself from natural ingredients and use at home

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A modern person does not often allocate time for a bath, but in vain: pleasant sensations and relaxation perfectly relieve irritation and tension. For greater relaxation, many add special oils, foam, sea salt and other products. In addition, you can use bath bombs with aromas of essential oils or fragrances – a ball of this type begins to seethe, spin, spreading a pleasant and subtle smell. Their use can be a good alternative to a salt bath.

What is a bath bomb

Bath bombs are a product that contains specially selected compositions of oils, herbs, muds, clays and other dry ingredients. Some options contain sparkles or flower petals. Such effervescent balls are sometimes called geysers; they are known for their healing properties. One of the main components, which is baking soda, works very well against itching, skin irritations, and citric acid causes the balls to sizzle in the bath. You can add any color to them using natural dyes..

Lavender pet bath bombs

How to use

Before using bubbling bath balls, learn about the rules for their use. In general, using bath bombs is very simple:

  • First of all, decide on the suitable version of the bomb, which may have the scents of lavender, essential oils, etc..
  • Then fill the bathroom with water of a comfortable temperature and lower one of these bombs there.
  • As soon as the ball is in the water, it will begin to foam, bubble.
  • Then it will fall apart, dissolve, as a result of which the aroma will be released, and useful oils and salts will fall into the water.

How to make a bath bomb

Bath balls are sold in specialized stores, but to save money, make them your own. With a competent approach, a homemade ball will turn out to be no less fragrant and useful than a store version. To prepare it, you need to buy the ingredients in advance in accordance with the instructions with the photo – for example, dry flower petals, a few spoons of soda, food colors. Then they are thoroughly mixed, a mold is taken and the whole mass is poured into it. After that, the mixture is left to dry, and finally wrapped in a plastic wrap.

Ingredients for the bomb

The list of necessary ingredients depending on the recipe may vary slightly, but for a start it would be nice to use the basic recipe for making fragrant bath balls. At the same time, note that if in the future you will use solid oil, then it must first be dissolved in a water bath. In addition, if the mass does not stick together (does not stick) or after drying it crumbles, it means you have not moistened it well. As for the basic ingredients, many of them are used in the manufacture of soaps:

  • citric acid in granules or powder;
  • baking soda;
  • sea ​​or table salt;
  • dyes (additional component);
  • fillers (optional component).

Ingredients for Bombs

Bath bomb recipe

For the manufacture of bombs you can buy special forms or use eggs from kinder surprises. The proportion of the main components (salt, soda, citric acid) should be 8-4-2 hours. You can add the remaining components at your discretion: for example, it can be a few drops of essential oil, almond, olive, etc. To prepare colored multilayer balls, you need to prepare a mixture of different colors, which will have to be layered in layers. In addition, large colored salt or dried flowers can be placed at the bottom of the mold. Helpful hints:

  • Use food colorings to make bath balls. they are harmless to the skin.
  • If you overmoisten the bomb mix, you can simply dry it next to the battery or add dry ingredients in proportion.
  • In order not to make a mistake with the amount of water, use a spray gun.
  • When cooking, do not use apricot and peach seed oil, as the mass to which it is added does not hold well.
  • Store finished bath products in a dry place, but better in sealed packaging.

With lavender

To start, grind in a coffee grinder 2 tbsp. tablespoons of citric acid, followed by 8 tbsp. tablespoons of sea salt with lavender. Then mix thoroughly 4 tbsp. tablespoons of soda (food), 2 tbsp. tablespoons of base oil (almond, olive, etc.) with salt and acid. It remains to add 8 drops of lavender oil. Do everything carefully so that the mass does not begin to hiss. The result should be a mixture similar to wet sand. Then:

  1. For a picture, for example, in the form of a heart, separate a little mass from the mixture, mix it with 1 g of food coloring and ram on the bottom of the mold.
  2. Tamp the main part of the mass tightly into two halves of the mold, firmly press them to each other.
  3. After a few seconds, open both halves, put the finished bomb on drying for a day.

Ready-made lavender bath bomb

With mint

A good choice for you may be the recipe “Mint Ecstasy”, which will give a feeling of vigor and freshness for the whole day. To prepare, mix the following components with each other: soda (4 tbsp.), Milk powder (2 tbsp.), Peppermint essential oil (15 drops), sea salt (1 tbsp.) And olive oil (2 Art. l.). As soon as the mass becomes thick during mixing, add dry mint – about 1 tbsp. l Squeeze the mass in a fist – if it begins to crumble, then add a little water from the sprayer or oil. At the end, put the mixture in a mold, leave to dry for 1-2 days.

Two mint bath bombs


An original and interesting option called “Chocolate Chic” will help you relax and absorb the delicate aroma of chocolate into your skin. The method of its manufacture corresponds to the basic recipe, i.e. You also need to mix citric acid, salt and soda with other additional ingredients, shape and let dry for a while. Of the ingredients you will need:

  • soda – 100 g;
  • citric acid, sea salt, milk powder – 50 g each;
  • cocoa powder – 30 g;
  • cherry / chocolate flavor – 12 drops.

Chocolate bath bomb


Essential citrus oils excellently fight cellulite and give the skin the necessary elasticity. To prepare citrus aroma bombs, take the basic ingredients, i.e. soda (4 tablespoons), sea salt (2 tablespoons) and citric acid (2 tablespoons) and additional: sea buckthorn oil (2 tablespoons), essential oils of mandarin, orange, lemon (each 10-20 drops). In addition, you will need yellow food coloring. The cooking process does not differ from the basic recipe: mix everything, lay the mass tightly in the molds, leave to dry.

Orange bath bomb

With almond oil

Bath bombs of this type contribute to skin toning and uplifting. Preparing a tool is very easy and simple. Mix with each other 4 tbsp. l soda, 2 tbsp. l sweet almond oil, 1/4 tsp essential oil (of your choice), 2 tbsp. l citric / ascorbic acid, 1 tsp. an oil solution of vitamin E. This is not all, the list of ingredients in this recipe, called Sweet Almonds, is wider than in other options: add 1 tbsp to the bulk. l borax and sugar. Mix everything thoroughly and follow the basic recipe.

Three almond bath bombs

Without citric acid

Making bath balls is a very fun and interesting activity, with the vast majority of recipes based on citric acid. If for any reason you cannot or do not want to use this ingredient, then you can make balls using potassium hydrotartrate, i.e. tartar. To prepare, mix all dry ingredients in one bowl, and oil and food coloring in a second. Then slowly mix the liquid and dry ingredients together. Pour the mixture into the molds and wait until it sets. Ingredients for Bombs:

  • baking soda – 1 glass;
  • tartar – 1/4 cup;
  • salt, corn starch – 1/2 cup;
  • essential oil – 2 tsp;
  • oil (optional), for example, almond, coconut – 1 tbsp. l .;
  • food coloring (optional) – 1-2 drops.

Tartar Lavender Bomb

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