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Beauty is the most powerful weapon of every woman, therefore, representatives of the fair sex do not spare either strength or money to care for their appearance. Facial cleansing using methods of hardware cosmetology is possible for both women and men, but the first ones attend the procedure much more often. Learn about different types of services and options.

What happens to face cleaning in the cabin

Multiple acne, black spots, blackheads, or other noticeable skin imperfections are always an excuse to start looking for a means to combat ailments. When the body is in order, and home remedies are still powerless, it’s time to turn to beauticians. Depending on the condition of the skin, you will be offered manual or hardware facial cleansing. Talking about which one is right for you will only be possible after the first session.


If you are the owner of problematic skin with a lot of clogged pores and black spots, the manual cleaning method may be more effective. The essence of the procedure is the gradual extrusion of each pimple manually. Using a magnifying glass, a beautician will be able to see even the smallest imperfections and remove them. The disadvantage of this effect on the skin is increased soreness in certain areas. In the list of advantages, you can add a small cost and quick disposal of visible inflammations..

Be sure to pay attention to the room in which skin manipulations are performed, to the tools and the uniform in which the beautician is dressed. The slightest infection can penetrate into an open wound, which can lead to even more dire consequences. Remember that the absolute contraindication for such cleaning is rosacea. This salon intervention during menstruation is not recommended: increased blood secretion from opened comedones is possible.

Girl at the beautician's appointment


With oily skin, pore contamination occurs automatically, which not only causes an ugly shine, but also contributes to the formation of rashes. If even the thought of manual cleaning of the skin is unpleasant for you, then you can resort to vacuum. The procedure is performed by a cosmetologist using a special apparatus that attracts skin to its nozzle and is completely atraumatic. The negative side of this variety is the lack of penetration depth, so if you have serious skin lesions, then the vacuum will not save them.


According to reviews of people using this method, laser exposure is one of the most optimal in terms of efficiency. With skin irregularities, age spots and other defects, this method is clearly shown. The laser beam by a non-contact method has a destructive effect on the dead part of the skin and stimulates regenerative processes. However, the currently fashionable procedure has a number of negative aspects:

  • healing can take a long time, during which the use of cosmetics is prohibited;
  • high price.

Due to the activity of sunlight, it is impossible to do these manipulations in the summer with a cosmetologist, and, in addition, if there are contraindications. This can lead to an aggravation of the situation. Laser cosmetology is harmful for the following categories of clients:

  • pregnant women and nursing mothers;
  • suffering from epilepsy;
  • having skin diseases in the acute stage;
  • young people under 22 years old.

Beautician conducts a hardware reading of the patient's face


The basis of this method is the impact on the skin with a device that emits an electric current of a certain strength. They do this to expand pores, remove accumulations of excess fat. Cleaning with this method is so deep that it can well clean clogged pores. Sessions are shown only to owners of oily or combination skin, for dry – exposure can be fatal. The price of the procedure is attractive, but this is not the case when you need to do it regularly. The sebum is excreted completely, and with frequent intervention, the integument may dry out.

Ultrasonic Peeling

Dead skin particles are subject to periodic removal, as they significantly spoil the appearance. Using a special device that emits ultrasonic waves, the upper layer of the skin is removed by the beautician painlessly with a sensation of slight vibration. Such a facial cleansing by a cosmetologist, in addition to all the steps inherent in the procedure, begins with the treatment of integuments with mineral water. This is done to remove contaminating microparticles from the pores, which will subsequently be removed by an ultrasonic device.


Skin defects in beauty salons can be eliminated with acids – salicylic, fruit or glycolic. Their action is similar to each other and is aimed at ridding pores of contaminants. This type of cleaning can be combined, for example, with a mechanical method. In such a situation, it is worth starting with chemical peeling, since acids can corrode the skin after manual cleansing.

Beautician performs dry cleaning of a woman's face

What is the most effective facial cleansing

You can talk about the effectiveness of a particular method when you see a person and his skin. Rules:

  1. For people with rashes in the acute stage, mechanical cleaning is indicated, it will be more effective than others. Others cannot be done with such a picture..
  2. If there are no visible defects, but the skin is uneven and when applying makeup it catches your eye, laser cleaning is what you need.
  3. In the case of too oily skin and black dots, any of the remaining methods may work..
  4. You can try each individually and, based on the price, find out which facial cleansing is best for you.

The price of a facial cleansing by a beautician

How much this or that procedure will cost will depend on the particular clinic and city. For example, in Moscow, mechanical treatment of leather will cost an average of 1800 rubles. Exposure to vacuum is inexpensive – 2000 p., Ultrasound – 3000 p., Electric current – 1200 p. For cleansing the face with acids in Moscow salons you will be charged from 1,000 to 3,500 p. If you are interested in how much it costs to clean your face with a laser, then the price varies from 10 000 to 30 000 r.

Beautician applies cleaning products to the patient's face

How to do facial cleansing at a beautician

Regardless of the price and gender (when going to a men’s beauty parlor or for a salon for ladies), the complex procedure includes a number of mandatory steps. Professional face cleaning, even if inexpensive, should be carried out in compliance with all hygiene requirements and contain the following steps:

  1. Cleaning with gels and foams applied to the face with a special spatula. Carefully remove all contaminants..
  2. Vaporization, designed to steam the skin.
  3. The main procedure chosen by the client according to the catalog, taking into account its functions.
  4. Gentle peeling to remove remaining dead particles.
  5. Pore-tightening mask.

Photo: face after cleaning by a cosmetologist

Customer reviews may be subjective, as it may take some time for the effect to appear visually. A person who decided to choose the procedure for himself on his own will receive more significant help from photographs. On them, you can notice the difference between the initial state of the skin of the face and the cleaning result after full recovery. You can also track the healing process and assess the risks..

Skin on a woman's face before and after cleansing by a beautician

Skin on the girl's face before and after mechanical cleaning by a cosmetologist

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