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The issue of problem centimeters at the waist and abdomen in women begins to arise sharply in early summer, when switching to light dresses or on the eve of vacation. What to do It’s not always possible to go on a diet urgently, all the more so – to run to the gym. Belts are said to help build quickly. Is this so – it is worth understanding all the subtleties of the question.

Slimming Belt Volcano

Such a product to reduce body volume is popular not only among athletes. The volcano belt for weight loss is used at home to get rid of problematic extra centimeters on parts of the body – the waist, abdomen. Using the product:

  • fat burning is accelerated;
  • micromassage of the skin surface occurs;
  • metabolism is activated;
  • blood circulation is activated.

Vulkan belt is not only effective for weight loss. Using the device helps in solving other problems:

  • protects against overstrain of the back muscles;
  • cushion the load during training;
  • serves as a prevention of dislocations in the lumbar region;
  • supports abdominal muscles during rehabilitation after surgery;
  • fixes the abdominal wall with a hernia;
  • reduces pain in radiculitis;
  • weakens stresses when driving for a long time;
  • increases muscle tone;
  • prevents injuries.

Belly and Back Belt Volcano Classic

How does a slimming belt

A slimming product looks like a layer cake. Each of the three elements of the belt solves a specific problem:

  • thermosel – the inner layer closest to the body – helps to produce micromassage of the skin, activates blood circulation, normalizes metabolic processes;
  • neoprene – rubber – a layer located in the middle, due to this the product becomes elastic, fits the body tightly, the warming effect is enhanced;
  • external – from nylon, lycra – increases the thermal effect.

All the layers that a volcano slimming belt has, allow the body to breathe freely and at the same time:

  • a heat-insulating effect is created, as in a sauna;
  • locally heated areas of the body;
  • a protective reaction is triggered;
  • profuse sweating begins;
  • toxins, slags are removed;
  • metabolism is activated;
  • subcutaneous fat cells are burned;
  • volumes on the abdomen and waist decrease;
  • body weight is reduced.

Girl puts on a belt

Instruction belt Volcano Classic

In order for the product for weight loss to work correctly, creating the effect of a sauna, without harming the body, you must follow the instructions. You must adhere to the rules:

  • When fastening the product around the waist with Velcro, do not tighten tight so that there is no compression of the internal organs;
  • with sensitive skin, put on a cotton shirt and breeches from below;
  • the effectiveness of the application will increase when combined with exercise.

How to choose the right product? You need to determine the size of the waist circumference and buy a Vulcan classic in accordance with it. The result of the application will be visible after a month and a half with daily wear. The instructions for the belt volcano classic prescribes when using:

  • observe proper nutrition;
  • increase physical activity;
  • pay attention to contraindications;
  • to wash the product by hand, the temperature should not be higher than 40 degrees.

How to use a slimming belt

Vulcan classic has great user reviews. The main advantages of the application:

  • the body warms up not only during training, but also during ordinary homework;
  • can be used to reduce the volume of the hips, legs;
  • suitable for people with a waist circumference up to 110 cm;
  • size is easily adjustable when Velcro.
  • heating also occurs at rest.

Fat-burning belt for the abdomen distinguishes the safety of use, if you use it, following the rules:

  • Do not practice for more than 12 hours in a row;
  • during aerobic training, reduce the time to 50 minutes;
  • when doing homework, the effect occurs with daily use for three hours;
  • it is unacceptable to use the product during sleep;
  • To speed up the effect, gel fat burners are additionally applied to the body;
  • It is not recommended to use an additional layer of plastic film;
  • allowed for several approaches per day with interruptions.

Neoprene belt Volcano classic

Volcano contraindications

Despite the many positive reviews, it is necessary to know the contraindications of the volcano to use. These include:

  • skin diseases;
  • manifestations of allergies;
  • gynecological pathologies;
  • kidney dysfunction;
  • pancreatic disease;
  • problems with low, high pressure;
  • gastrointestinal tract diseases;
  • pregnancy;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • cardiovascular problems;
  • the presence of neoplasms.

Vulcan belt after childbirth

No matter how great the desire to quickly bring oneself to forms, as before the birth of a child, it is permissible to wear a volcano belt after childbirth only if agreed with the gynecologist. This is due to many reasons. Use depends on the passage of the birth process and the condition of the woman after it. The use of a belt is not allowed:

  • after cesarean section;
  • in the presence of inflammatory processes;
  • with skin problems.

Doctors reviews about the Vulcan belt

Sports doctors and nutritionists have an opinion on the use of the product. It will be useful to listen to him. There are such reviews of doctors about the volcano belt:

  • with prolonged use, atrophy of the abdominal muscles is possible – instead of elasticity, flabbiness will appear;
  • severe sweating leads to fluid loss, which can cause dehydration, decreased performance.

Doctors pay attention to such moments when using the product:

  • with strong constriction, vascular compression, circulatory disturbance, and internal organs work are not ruled out;
  • with overheating, the development of inflammation, the growth of neoplasms is possible;
  • a tight belt causes a decrease in oxygen supply;
  • the presence of a moist and warm environment – conditions for the development of skin diseases, allergies.

Male doctor

Vulcan belt price

It’s easy to buy a slimming belt in pharmacies, order using catalogs, buy in an online store, you can use special sites. The only negative is that when you purchase via the Internet, transportation costs will be added to the cost. The price of the Vulcan belt depends on the size, model, manufacturer. The value in rubles is within:

  • Classic Standart, size 100×19 cm – 360-900;
  • PRO, size L – 800-950;
  • Fashion, 100×20 cm – 680-750;
  • Vulkan, belt length 110 cm – 1100-1200;

Vulcan Belt Reviews

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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