Bikini zone depilation – an overview of popular tools and methods with reviews

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For modern girls, the beauty industry offers many tools that allow them to be impeccable. Classical or deep depilation of the bikini zone at home is carried out using chemicals, mechanical devices, special formulations designed for the intimate area of ​​your body. Explore the possible ways to remove vegetation in the intimate area, choose the best method for yourself.

Methods for depilation of the bikini zone

The intimate issue of bikini hair removal requires a special approach. A lot of nerve endings are concentrated in this zone, the skin is soft and sensitive. The site is penetrated by sweat and sebaceous glands, due to which inflammation will occur if improperly applied. The beauty industry offers modern women many ways to get rid of unwanted hair.


Removing hair on a delicate area with a machine is one of the most affordable and affordable methods. With the mechanical method, you do not need to contact a specialist, you can carry out the procedure yourself. In just a couple of minutes, the skin will become smooth, but also quickly grow hair again. You will have to shave often, sometimes every day. As a result, thin skin becomes inflamed, inflammation and irritation appear..


You can get rid of unwanted vegetation with wax in a beauty salon or at home. Waxing or waxing is used around the world as an inexpensive, fast and effective way. The procedure can be done using hot waxes. The consistency of such a product does not allow it to spread over the skin, it is easy to get rid of its residues. The process takes place with minimal pain. Under the influence of high temperature, the pores expand and the hairs are more easily removed..

With warm wax, the procedure will be more painful. The material is heated in a special installation and applied to the skin. A special strip is applied to the site, pressed. Then, with one sharp movement, the material with the hairs is removed. There is another method for removing unwanted vegetation with cold wax, which uses strips with a wax composition.


One of the popular procedures for removing vegetation in this area is the method using laser epilators. With the help of the device, the hair is destroyed from the inside, and the surrounding tissue is not affected. After a full course, you can permanently get rid of hair or reduce the number of maintenance procedures to 1 in a few years. Even at home, laser hair removal can be done. Portable devices appeared on the market, working on the same principle as devices in the salons.

Laser depilation of the bikini zone


For this zone, women often choose hair removal using sugar pastes – shugaring. This method has been known since ancient times, is suitable for sensitive skin, does not cause inflammation and irritation. To do sugar depilation is painful, no matter what the advertising posters in the salons say. You can cook pasta yourself or buy ready-made in a specialized store.

Cream depilation

If your skin is not too sensitive, there are no cuts and irritations on it, you can use the chemical method to depilate the intimate area. The procedure is carried out using special gels or creams. They need to be applied to the treated area, wait for the time indicated in the instructions, and remove with a spatula along with the hairs. The vegetation is destroyed almost to the root, so black dots do not remain on the skin, and the result lasts about a week.

Types of depilation of the bikini zone

You can remove hair in the bikini zone in three ways: classic, deep (total, Brazilian) or medium. Women and men have the right to independently decide how to get rid of unwanted vegetation:

  • Someone likes maximum naturalness, but on the beach the hairs sticking out from under the swimsuit look unaesthetically, so a little correction is required.
  • Someone likes the feeling of smoothness on their skin, which needs full smoothness..


The minimum exposure area is classic hair removal. With this technique, hairs are removed in the inguinal folds along the borders of the laundry. Thanks to classical depilation, the vegetation is not visible from under the swimsuit. This method of care is used by supporters of naturalness and those who can not (do not want) to remove the rest of the hair. The procedure is simple and quick, the pain will not be too strong.


The technique of depilation, in which hair removal in the bikini area is carried out only on the pubis and inner surfaces of the thighs, is called average. During the procedure, do not touch the hairs that grow in the crease between the buttocks and on the labia. Using this method, visible hairs are removed, and the most intimate area near the mucous membranes remains intact. Gentle areas may be too sensitive, so some girls opt for a medium bikini..


Fans of intimate haircuts and bikini design often resort to a deep way to remove vegetation in the intimate area. A total or Brazilian bikini is performed on the pubis, the fold between the buttocks, labia, buttocks. Deep depilation in the bikini area has become popular not only among women, men often resort to this method of self-care.

Girl in underwear

Depilation of the bikini zone at home

Not everyone can carry out hair removal of this part of the body with the help of a specialist. Depilation of the intimate zone at home is a question that worries many. Thanks to the independent struggle with hair, you can save money without paying for the work of the master. Even if the economic side of the issue does not bother you much, it is not always possible to overcome the feeling of shame, so home remedies remain in demand. Before using any procedures, you should familiarize yourself with several rules:

  • before removal, wash the depilated area thoroughly, preferably with a glycolic or salicylic acid scrub to soften the follicles;
  • after the procedure, treat with an antiseptic tonic, apply a soothing cream, lotion or oil;
  • for daily care, use a nourishing cream suitable for the area, scrub once a week;
  • To get rid of ingrown hairs, first steam the skin, and then carefully remove them with tweezers, you can also contact a cosmetologist with such a problem.

Tools for depilation at home

How will depilation of bikini be carried out at home, women or men choose independently. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. The modern beauty industry offers many tools that help keep this area smooth. Among the products that are popular, you can name the following tools:




Depilatory Wax Strips for Sensitive Skin Veet

Wax strips to be applied to the area with hair and a sharp movement to remove them.

150 r.

Velveteen depilatory cream of intimate areas with chamomile

Removes hair without risk of inflammation, even in sensitive areas.

256 r.

Epilator 8-in-1 with the function of shaving and trimming PHILIPS Satinelle BRE640

It pulls out hairs, leaving skin smooth for a long time.

9000 r.

Residential laser epilator Rio Salon Laser

It acts similarly to salon devices, destroying the hair bulb.

7000 r.

The better to remove hair in the bikini area

At home, depilation in the bikini area can be carried out in any way convenient for you. Compare the pros and cons of the various methods before deciding on one of them:




Mechanical hair removal

Affordable, painless, fast.

Short-term result, irritation and inflammation may appear on the surface of the skin..

Chemical depilation

Easy procedure, painless.

Short-term effect, allergy likelihood, skin drying out.


Long-lasting effect – from 3 weeks, a gradual decrease in the amount and stiffness of hair.

Painful sensations, the appearance of red dots, requires hair regrowth to 4-5 mm, a high probability of growing.


Naturalness of the material, long-term result, safety, affordable cost.

Certain skills, pain needed.


Long result, probability of growing.

Soreness of the procedure.

Portable laser epilator

Safety, efficacy, painlessness.

The high cost of equipment.

How to do depilation in the bikini area

If you decide to carry out the procedure for depilation of the intimate zone at home, proceed depending on the method chosen:

  1. Prepare the skin. When using a razor or a machine, the skin is steamed, and with wax depilation, it is cooled.
  2. Remove hair in the right direction. Machine, shugaring – for growth, wax, epilator – against growth.
  3. Treat the skin after the procedure. Use an antiseptic and then a sedative..

Woman in rose petals

Contraindications to depilation of the bikini zone

Sometimes it is worth abandoning the depilation of the intimate zone. The following contraindications apply to each method of disposal of unwanted vegetation:

  • inflammatory processes in the vessels;
  • allergies
  • diabetes;
  • damage, irritation, sunburn on the skin;
  • herpes, pimples;
  • hypertension, coronary heart disease, pregnancy, if the depilation procedure is painful;
  • neoplasms on the skin.

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