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This is one of the most fashionable youth hairstyles today. Boxing braids, or in English boxer braids, can be braided using kanekalon, as well as at the temples as a miniature addition to other designs on the head. This hairstyle is fashionable, comfortable, can fit into both business and sports style. Braids are called boxing, as they are ideal for active sports and recreation..

What is boxing braids

These are two or more braids made with a dense spikelet outward. This hairstyle has existed since ancient times. These are French braids. And the name “boxing” came from the fact that the girls, when entering the ring, collected hair in such a way that they did not interfere, did not fall on their faces. The actress who played the boxer in the movie Million Dollar Baby wore such a hairstyle. In recent years, these braids have become popular thanks to Kim Kardashian. Then other celebrities began to make these beautiful braids. Among them are Jennifer Lopez, Rita Ora, Katy Perry, Carly Kloss.

How much hold

The life span of boxing braids is from 3 to 5 days. With prolonged wear, they begin to fluff and crawl out, while the head looks untidy. To preserve the look for a longer period, you need to tie a scarf at night to reduce friction on the pillow. If you need to wash the braids, then the shampoo should be applied at the roots on the scalp, slightly foam, rinse with warm water. The ends have enough foam draining from above when flushing.

Girl with braids

Advantages and disadvantages

Fashionable hairstyle in the form of boxing braids has a lot of positive sides:

Pros hairstyles


She is the trend of the season and is at the peak of popularity. Social networks are full of photos of such girls.

At first, scalp can hurt due to tight braiding.

Holds for several days.

After a short workout, you can braid yourself.

When using Kanekalon does not deteriorate and will last a long time.

Using overhead strands you can make boxing braids longer and more voluminous.

After dissolving, you can get wavy curvy curls.

Boxing Braids with Kanekalon

Artificial material for the manufacture of wigs, overhead strands is called kanekalon. It is very similar in structure and appearance to natural hair. You can buy this product both in specialized wig stores, and in online stores with delivery. The table shows examples of cost:

Kanekalon view

Product specifications

Approximate price in Russian rubles apiece

Aida 130 cm long, natural shade

The material is silky, smooth, well imitates the hair structure of white-skinned people


Aida 130 cm long, color



Aida 130 cm long, two-tone ombre with bright colored tips

Combined with transition from one color to another


Baskerville fluorescent 150 cm, color

Glows in the dark, comes in natural shades and color


Leela of natural shades, 150 cm

Used to create dreadlocks.


When choosing kanekalon, you need to determine its color. If there is a goal to make a colored boxing pigtail, then pink, green, white, black and other expressive shades will do. The standard kanekalon allows you to braid the braid to about the waist. Replacement options – braid, ribbons, threads and all that the girl has enough imagination for. Something very similar to kanekalon can be made from a satin ribbon by dissolving it on a thread.

How to weave boxing pigtails

Creating braids requires some skill and sleight of hand. Not every hair type is easy to work with. Therefore, if they scatter, slip out, do not obey, then a certain fixing means should be used. It can be a varnish, gel, foam or simple moisturizing of hair with a spray. If a hand is full, then braiding braids will take about 10-15 minutes.

Classic boxing braids

The 2019 trend dictates to us images with dense, tight braids from your hair or with the use of natural shade kanekalon. Braids in the classical style can be braided for work, study, they are suitable for training, recreation, travel. This hairstyle should be restrained, non-screaming, strict, simple and neat. You need to braid like this:

  1. Braiding begins with full combing along the hairline..
  2. To create boxing braids, you need to divide the hair with a straight part in the middle of the head.
  3. We fix the second half with a hairpin, rubber, crab, so as not to interfere with the work.
  4. They begin to weave a boxing pigtail from the forehead, moving along the entire length of the head to the back of the head. Near the hairline, take a small strand, divide it into three.
  5. The weaving technique is based on the fact that the side strands are introduced from below in the middle of the other two with the pickup of a small part of the adjacent hair. These actions are similar to creating a spikelet hairstyle, but you need to weave the other way around – put the locks not on top, but enter under.
  6. Weave a tight boxing braid along the entire length, we fix the tail at the end with an elastic band.
  7. From the second part of the hair you need to make a pigtail in the same way.

Girl with classic long braids

On short hair

If the girl has a short haircut, then do not despair. The Internet is full of photos with braid examples of braids. The minimum hair length should be 10-15 cm. Four braids look beautiful on such a length. Thin and short, they create a sporty or free image. Weave as follows:

  1. Parting in the middle.
  2. Parting over the temples.
  3. Weaving braids in the reverse way from all four parts of the hair.
  4. Fixing braids with rubber bands.

Pigtails at the temples

Temple braids create a combination of boxing weaving with other hair designs. Depending on the performance, it may be the style of a rock star or a romantic beauty. Weaving is necessary as follows:

  1. Smooth parting separates one or more parts of the hair in the desired place and in the right direction.
  2. A small boxing pigtail is braided in the same way as a large one, only this work is more jewelry.
  3. If you want to give the hairstyle a feminine and gentle character, the braid links need to be loosened a little, stretching them.
  4. We fix the end with an invisible, crab or hairpin.

Girl's temples

Pigtails all over my head

The most popular boxing hairstyle with two and four braids using accessories, mainly the interweaving of Kanekalon. The sequence of execution is as follows:

  1. Make a parting.
  2. You need to fix the kanekalon on the first strand, tying it in a knot or wrapping it around the strand. Stud may need fixing.
  3. If there is a bang, then you need to weave it into the base of the braid.
  4. Beautifully braided colored braids along the entire length turn out, if you take thin strands. Make french braids.
  5. Secure the ends with a rubber band.

Braids all over the head

Like Kim Kardashian

This American TV star often does this kind of weaving on her long hair. Kim does not use colored strands. Her image is always strict and feminine. The hairstyle should be smooth, neat. You can create similar braids like this:

  1. Central parting, and if desired – parting above the temples.
  2. Weaving two or four boxing braids.
  3. If weaving four, then two temporal braids need to be connected with the central ones on the back of the head.
  4. Pin ends.

Kim Kardashian in a beauty salon

Like Rita Ora

The famous blonde with medium hair often appears in public with braids. She makes them like this:

  1. Parting in the middle of the head.
  2. Weaving French braids, while it is necessary to release small locks from the links of the braid to create disheveled braids.
  3. Fasten the tips.
  4. Decorate braided boxing braids along the entire length with pearl-colored beads.

Like Carly Kloss

The spectacular top model also likes to wear braided hair in this way. Feminine and romantic Carly emphasizes her style in the most fashionable way of the season. A boxing hairstyle weaves on her head like this:

  1. The division of hair into two parts.
  2. Making braids from the forehead line.
  3. Giving a little disheveled.
  4. Fixing the ends of boxing braids.

Like Katy Perry

The American singer and composer often uses braids that are beautifully woven in reverse. Katie does not lag behind popular trends in the world of hairstyles and uses them with might and main. Photos of the singer are always given as an example of how to weave braids. It is done like this:

  1. Flat parting.
  2. Boxing braids from the forehead.
  3. Giving braids a small volume at their beginning by loosening and stretching the links.
  4. The ends need to be woven tight.
  5. Fastening.
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