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Each person, when he decides to start losing weight, tries to choose the most effective training option for himself. An important stage on this path is the program and exercises. CrossFit has become a popular destination and burpee (one of the main movements).

What is burpie in sports

Burpee helps to engage all muscle groups, according to the reviews of the athletes themselves – this is a brilliant solution that helps to activate all muscle groups of the body. The burpee was originally invented for military personnel who must perform strength training and have good physical fitness. Now the exercise has become very popular in all options for weight loss programs, because the effectiveness of the movement is very high. 5-15 minutes of work according to this scheme are comparable to 6-8 km of jogging, while almost all muscle groups of the body get a load.

What gives a burpee

To effectively burn excess weight, it is necessary to give a serious cardio load for the body. To do this, choose a workout circular or at intervals (interval). In this section, it immediately becomes clear what the Burpee exercise gives: it involves the whole body, training the muscles, while the execution speed is high and a serious load on the vascular system is created. Burpy helps speed up blood flow, increase metabolism and speed up the process of converting fat into energy.

Due to its uniqueness, burpees immediately fell into all the popular crossfit slimming complexes. This movement is suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes. The difference will be in the number of repetitions, additional weighting, rhythm. Intensive training will create the necessary level of weight loss for weight loss, while you only need to push up and jump up in place. This will increase your stamina and strength. You can do burpy in any convenient place where there are 2×2 meters of free space: street, apartment, gym.

Girls perform an exercise plank

Burpy exercise for men

The bottom line is to immediately perform several movements without interruption that load different muscle groups. Burpee for men is ideal for weight loss, warm-up and preparation for more serious work of the whole body. Depending on the level of training, you can choose one of the options for the implementation of the burpee: with its own weight, dumbbells, kettlebell. The benefits of such exercises will be noticeable after 2-3 weeks, but it should be borne in mind that with a weak heart, a problem with the vascular system, such exercises should be performed with caution.

The exercise itself includes push-ups and jumping in place. The first part loads the shoulder girdle, chest of the arm press, and in the second work the gluteal muscles, hips, calves and lower leg. Over time, you can complicate the burpie technique with the following additions:

  • alternate with running on the spot;
  • jump on a hill or jump over a bar;
  • after the jump, do pull-ups on the horizontal bar.

Burpie for girls

Most women in the gym have 2 goals: burn fat and train buttocks, hips. This type of training involves the whole body in work, increases heart rate, which contributes to the process of fat burning. Burpee exercises for women involve the buttocks, calf muscles, and thighs in the work. Together with this, the shoulders, chest, triceps are strengthened. One of the advantages of burpy – it can be done with high efficiency at home at any convenient time. For classes (in the first stages) additional equipment is not necessary. Girls can train with Burpie:

  • hips
  • buttocks;
  • calf muscles;
  • triceps;
  • chest;
  • shoulders.

The girl in the gym in a plank position

What is it useful for

All fans of crossfit and active sports immediately adopted the new training technique. The benefits of burpy were so obvious that exercise became the basis of one of the largest programs for weight loss “Crazy Drying”. The simplicity of the technique and the large scope for complicating the workout made Burpee a popular way to lose weight at home. What are the benefits of the exercise:

  1. Almost all muscle groups are involved at the same time..
  2. Burpy is good at training core muscles.
  3. High Intensity Helps Burn Calories Effectively.
  4. The effect of increased metabolism in the body lasts a long time.
  5. Flexibility, coordination, speed improves..
  6. When doing burpy, a noticeable load on the vascular system is created, which strengthens it.
  7. You don’t need any sports equipment to complete.
  8. Great for experienced and novice athletes.

Burpy Weight Loss Exercise

In order to achieve a slender body, it is necessary to observe several rules that are simple to understand, but difficult to follow: eat less flour and sweets, more to engage in spores, to ensure a good rest at night. Burpy for weight loss is ideal because it creates a dynamic constant load on the cardiovascular system and most of the muscle groups of the human body.

An important condition for weight loss will be regular exercise. You can get a tangible result only if you follow the program, you can not do yourself indulgences or miss workouts. It is recommended at the first stages to engage with someone to control each other. Choose a training scheme, the number of repetitions and approaches should be based on personal physical preparation, gradually increasing the load of the exercise.

How to do burpee

The mistake of most beginners is that they do not know the rules for doing the exercise. You can get a tangible effect only if you know how to do a burp. To do this, you must adhere to some conditions:

  1. If fatigue occurs too quickly, it is difficult to complete the full cycle, it is necessary to make a shortened version of burpee, but with a large number of repetitions. You can eliminate the jump up, just do push-ups and lifting to a standing position.
  2. Keep your back and neck straight during training.
  3. Hands with push-ups should be fully extended in the elbow joint.
  4. The pelvis should not be lowered, the stomach should be pulled in, the legs should not be bent.
  5. There should be no rest during the execution of the cycle (round).
  6. Do not forget about breathing: if you breathe incorrectly, you will quickly exhaust.

How to carry out exercises

Burpy technique for girls

Often, athletes have to choose between strength and cardio. The burpee technique combines both options that are great for girls training. At a different level of training, you should individually select the speed, rhythm of the exercise. Excessive workload should not be allowed, take one approach and evaluate whether you can complete these 4-5? Over time, each new stage in the development of your physical form will require increasing the load.

The female version of this exercise does not necessarily include push-ups. They should be added if it is necessary to increase the load and strengthen the muscles of the arms and shoulders. The classic version of burpee (without complication) is performed as follows:

  1. Starting position – standing straight.
  2. Squat down, put your hands in front of you, rest your hands on the floor.
  3. Jump back with your feet in a push-up position.
  4. Fix the drain, squeezing the buttocks, stand for 3-4 seconds.
  5. Bounce legs back to chest.
  6. Jump up as high as possible, clapping your hands on the debt.
  7. Make such 10-15 movements.
  8. Over time, you need to do this exercise without stopping for a minute.

Burpie Technique for Beginners

The advantage of this exercise is that in intensity it can be compared with a run, but the training takes much less time. You can improve your stamina without leaving your home. Burpie for beginners is an easy way to prepare the body for any load, almost all muscle groups of the human body are involved. Good results can only be achieved by observing performance techniques and regular training. For beginners, the following scheme is suitable:

  1. Squat down, put your hands on the floor.
  2. Release your legs back through the jump.
  3. Take the position of the bar (the body is flat, there are no deflections anywhere), squeeze the buttocks.
  4. Return to starting position.
  5. Jump high up, make a cotton over your head.
  6. Each action should take no more than 2-3 seconds.
  7. Over time, add push-ups from the “plank” position.

Burpy Technique

Burpy Workout Program

In any training scheme, 1-2 weeks should be allocated for preparing the body for the main load. You cannot immediately set a high pace, otherwise you can overload your body. There is a 30-day burpy program, like a “challenge” (challenge) to oneself, people record this video and share their achievements. For beginners, 3 lessons per week will be enough, then you should bring the frequency to daily workouts in order to burn fat as efficiently as possible..

Burpy can be attributed to the option of cardio training with moderate strength elements. This type of training, as a rule, is carried out not by the number of repetitions, but by time. For example:

  1. Perform 4 approaches, each of them for 2 minutes, the speed is average. Break no more than 1 minute.
  2. In the next step, do 6 cycles of 2 minutes. and the same breaks.
  3. Another option: 20 seconds exercise and 10 seconds break. It is necessary to make such 8 approaches – this will be 1 cycle. The training should be 4 cycles with a rest of 1 min. between them.
  4. Well-trained people do 3 minutes for 6 sets with a break for 30 seconds.
  5. Professionals wear a special vest with weights during exercise or use dumbbells / weights.

Burpy with Kettlebell

When the body weight is not enough to achieve the required load level, athletes use special weighting agents. Burpie with a kettlebell is an option for advanced athletes who want to increase the load on their backs. First you need to choose 2 shells of suitable weight, with which it will be possible to effectively carry out deadlift (this exercise is complemented by burpee). The flow chart is as follows:

  1. Kettlebells carry the wheel of coasters under the arms during push-ups. Set them on the floor, from a squatting position jump into a rack for push-ups.
  2. Do push-ups and return to starting position.
  3. Do deadlifts with weights.
  4. Bring them back to the floor, take your starting position.
  5. Repeat as many times as needed..

Burpy with dumbbells

This option is similar to that described above. Burpie with dumbbells is a sophisticated version of the exercise that is suitable for advanced athletes. It is necessary to choose the right weight so that there is enough strength to perform the right amount of approaches. The technique of execution coincides with the option with weights, which is described above. If you wish, you can change it a little if the goal is to strengthen the shoulder girdle. In the moment when you return back from the position for push-ups, stand up and simultaneously squeeze dumbbells over your head. This will put a strain on the deltoid muscles..

Girl with dumbbells

How many calories does burpy burn

Perform such training, as a rule, to reduce weight, endurance training. Beginner athletes are often interested in how many calories are burned with burpee, which should also be taken from dietary supplements. According to professional trainers, in this matter a lot depends on the initial data of a person, the metabolic rate. On average, an athlete in one lesson can lose about 300 kcal. It is important to remember that during training with the Burpee exercise, you need to maintain a high pace, not to disturb the technique of movements. Dietary nutrition is also not canceled..

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