Burpy – what is this exercise. Technique for losing weight and Burpees-technique for beginners

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You can train hard and fruitfully without sports equipment and simulators. A simple burpee exercise belongs to the category of highly effective and productive workouts performed in a comfortable home environment. You need a good mood and a desire to maintain your figure in perfect shape, the rest will follow.

What is burpee

Such a unique sports technique, which provides for only one exercise, was originally developed for people who should always be in great shape on duty. Burpee is an effective means of burning subcutaneous fat, the ability to quickly lose weight and quietly pump all muscle groups, increase stamina, provide a positive attitude for a long time. Ideal for girls and adult women who are used to constantly moving, and morning running has become the norm of everyday life.

Burpee – good

These interval workouts develop the whole body, contributing to the productive correction of excess weight. For women, this is an effective method that activates the metabolism at the cellular level. The benefits of burpee are obvious to everyone, besides it allows you to control breathing, regulates the load on the body, strengthens the work of the cardiovascular system, and quickly eliminates fat. Among the additional advantages of this complex, it is recommended to highlight the following points:

  • involvement in the work of all muscle groups;
  • gradual increase in lung volume;
  • oxygen supply of cells, blood saturation;
  • increase body stamina;
  • productive methods for losing weight;
  • reliable and affordable strengthening of immunity.

Girl and boy begin burp exercise

Burpee – execution technique

In fact, this is one exercise that is perfect for people who are used to running, crouching, jumping, push-ups. The technique of performing burpies provides several directions at once, depending on the level of difficulty, and is performed not only in the gym, but also in the fresh air. In the absence of contraindications, such sports directions are known that significantly complicate the burpy complex:

  • alternation with running in one place;
  • jumping in two ways: through the bar and with jumping to a stable platform;
  • pulling up on the horizontal bar;
  • with lunges on the uneven bars.

A man runs on the spot

Burpee – a technique for girls

To reduce the weight of the fairer sex, they choose this technique, which is a compromise solution in the ratio of “strength training – cardio load.” Before doing a burpee, it is recommended to consider a photo of exercises, to choose an individual training scheme for optimal speed and rhythm. This is a beautiful body with minimal costs, which will soon become an object of pride, universal admiration..

The burpee technique for girls involves crossfit – intensive alternating approaches. Wear training. In crossfit, you can use push-ups, increasing the stamina of the body. The main goal of the training is to touch the floor with your stomach, making the approach as productive as possible. For a minute to give all the best, but it’s worth it. The classic crossfit complex provides the following exercises for beginners and professional athletes. It:

  • 80 meters of running (possible on the spot);
  • 10 reps
  • 80 meters of running;
  • 20 reps
  • again run, which is replaced by squats in the amount of 30 repetitions;
  • 80 meters of running;
  • 40 reps
  • 80 meters of running;
  • 50 reps.

Burpee – a beginner technique

If it is difficult to get up and do morning jogs at a fast pace daily, or if there is no time for such trainings due to increased employment, a productive technique for performing burpies for beginners will help to solve the problem of an imperfect figure. This is one exercise with a minimum load on the body, which provides maximum results. To get the most out of it, you need to take the correct starting position, and then adhere to the recommended sequence and chosen pace.

So, the training begins: at a time – to squat with a straight back, lean on the floor with your hands. For two – release your legs back and take a position of the bar for a few seconds, pressing your buttocks (at other levels of difficulty you will have to squeeze out). Three – return to starting position. Four – to jump high, having performed “in flight” clap over your head. This is a productive fat loss, but the beginner will have to gradually increase the standards, as the muscles get used to the uniform load.

The technique for performing the burp exercise and which muscles are involved

Burpy – how many calories burns

If you are curious to know how many calories burpi burns and whether to take any supplements, it is best to contact a professional trainer. The answer depends on the characteristics of the figure, metabolism and the zeal of training. In general, when performing the classic complex there is a chance to remove up to 300 kcal. That’s why the burpee exercise is productive – what it is, is already well known. It is important not to forget that running should be fast, and push-ups from the floor – as deep as possible with a uniform load distribution.

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