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Uneven lightening of strands, called California, is more fashionable today than ever. So, a special type of coloring began to enjoy popularity, which helps to achieve a seductive burnout effect, as if you spent the whole summer on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

What is California staining?

The technique is to lighten the strands, which then look like a natural burnout in the sun. Gentle highlighting is done without the use of foil or thermal paper, that is, an open method. With this type of staining, a special paste is often used, which is made on the basis of beeswax. Uneven lightening looks beautiful on different lengths of blond hair. With the right technique, California highlighting allows you to harmoniously combine about five shades of blond: from cold to warm.

The American version of coloring is a smooth transition of color: from light brown in the root zone to a clean blond at the ends. The main rule of the hair lightening process is an individual selection of shades that would look as natural as possible, simulating burnout in the sun. Fashionable painting can be done even on your own, if you have at least small skills in hairdressing and artistic flair.

Application Technique:

  • The hairstyle is divided into thin strands, each covered with brightening paint. You can select the order of application in the form of a checkerboard pattern, triangle or other geometric shape. Mandatory indentation from roots.
  • After lightening, tinting may be applied to even out the color and neutralize excessive yellowness..
  • The paint of the selected shades is applied using a brush with vertical strokes. It is imperative to observe a gradual transition from color to color using five to six shades in order to achieve the effect of natural burnout.

Girl with Californian Hair Highlighting

Highlighting brown hair

The trend of recent years is California highlighting on brown hair, which is actively used not only by Hollywood stars, but also by our women. The technique is somewhat reminiscent of an ombre, but has a lighter and softer transition. Color will not require frequent updates, so it is ideal for those who do not like to visit beauty salons on a regular basis. Coloring gives volume to the hairstyle, therefore it is recommended for girls with sparse hair. As for the owners of light brown strands, then they are most suitable for coloring in caramel shades, champagne and wheat tones.

Advantages of California highlighting:

  • hair roots are completely protected from artificial dyes;
  • open technique for applying paint does not allow chemistry to penetrate deeply into the structure of the strands, eliminating significant damage to them;
  • regrown roots look natural, so you can not go to the hairdresser for months;
  • an ashy shade perfectly hides a slight gray hair;
  • hairstyle looks voluminous and fresh.

Reviews say that lightening also has disadvantages:

  • streaked strands become drier and brittle, therefore, after color change, they require additional care;
  • over time, coloring will fade and wash out;
  • providing a salon service is expensive.

What does California highlighting on brown hair look like?

Highlighting on dark brown hair

With a tinted color, each beauty will receive more lively blond locks, save her large curls from a nondescript mouse color. All sorts of shades of wheat, platinum, light blond or ashen are suitable here: all of them together create a modulation of blonde flicker. High-quality coloring of dark curls – these are smooth transitions, with the help of which girls can refresh the image, give the hairstyle brightness.

Highlighting on light brown hair

Such strands are an ideal option for tinting with the California method, because only in this option can you achieve maximum natural color. Here it is necessary to use only two or three shades of blond or ashen to achieve the effect of burnt hair. For painting, use a color that is one tone lighter than your hair, and the lightest coloring of the dye.

California Highlighting Long Hair

Coloring looks gorgeous on long hair, because here the transitions of shades will be smooth. Long-haired girls have various color options and hairstyle configurations. Light flowing strands shimmering in the sun will set you apart from the rest. California highlighting on long brown hair requires aging: reviews say that the process takes a little longer than dyeing short ones. The plus is that you need to repeat the procedure on average once every three months.

Girls with long hair dyed using the technique of California highlighting

Short brown hair with highlights

If you want to change the image, then you should try to decorate the short haircut with a color change, but not completely, but partially, as in the photo. So, for a caret, cascade or hat, highlighting is perfect, as evidenced by the reviews of many girls. The technique is performed in the same way as on long hair – using several tones of blond. The procedure visibly refreshes the look, making the image more elegant and interesting..

How to make blonde strands on brown hair yourself

You can decorate brown hair with California tinting at home, but if you follow all the step-by-step instructions:

  • Wash your hair with shampoo, but without conditioner. Dry without a hairdryer.
  • Prepare all the shades of paint that you will use, clearly following the instructions. Remember that dyes should be applied immediately to the strands after dilution..
  • Divide all hair, including bangs (if you have one) into small horizontal locks with a thickness of no more than two centimeters. Choose from them those that will be painted.
  • Tie each strand into a bundle and start dyeing, but apply paint with a brush, retreating from the roots two to three centimeters, or you can generally start from the middle of the length to the end.
  • After lightening, proceed to the processing of the tips. Leave the paint for ten to thirty minutes, depending on your natural color..
  • After washing off the tint, apply balm.

Photo: light brown hair with highlighting

Photo of girls with medium-long hair dyed using the California highlight technique

California highlighting on brown hair looks very natural and beautiful: the appearance becomes more well-groomed, attractive and interesting. This is evidenced by the photos of the girls, which you can consider below. Lightening curls goes to almost everyone, regardless of the length of the hair or age of the woman. Color change in this way is suitable even for the fairer sex with moderate gray.

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