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This American emigrant vegetable has taken root so much among the Slavic peoples that most of us simply cannot imagine our daily diet without our favorite potatoes. However, such a satisfying and tasty vegetable is considered an unacceptable product in many methods of losing weight, therefore, starting to lose weight, many ladies are wondering: is it possible to eat potatoes with a diet, at least boiled in their uniform or mashed potatoes without butter? Let’s try to clarify some points and correctly answer this question..

Slimming potatoes

The main component of this valuable vegetable is water, which is already 79%. The remaining 24% of the composition is distributed as follows: 18% – starch and only 3% – vitamins, minerals, minerals useful to the human body, among which potassium comes first, followed by magnesium, chromium, fluorine, molybdenum and others. Due to the large amount of starch, potatoes lose weight in the list of taboo products when losing weight, which is not entirely correct – the potassium contained in it, which eliminates excess fluid well, will bring more benefits than harm to the body during weight loss.

If you compare the calorie content of potatoes with the energy value of other vegetables, it becomes clear why it does not belong to dietary products: in 100 grams of potatoes as much as 76 kcal. And the glycemic index of this vegetable is very high for the same reason, high starch content. When starch enters the body, it is processed into glucose (100% carbohydrates), the unspent excess of which is instantly stored in the form of excess fat. That is why potatoes are often severely restricted or completely excluded from the menu..

Potatoes in a bag

Can I eat potatoes while losing weight

Although this product is relatively high-calorie, recently nutritionists have not advised to completely abandon it on a diet. You just need to know how to cook and what to eat with potatoes when losing weight. Another question is, is it possible to eat fried potatoes with a diet? It is clear that if you fry it in a large amount of fat, you will not be able to lose weight – with this approach you can get even better. But, if you cook your favorite vegetable in its uniform or bake in foil, calories from potatoes eaten in moderation will be an excellent fuel for the body and will not be able to add extra pounds.

Slimming boiled potatoes

Some methods of weight loss allow the use of boiled or baked potatoes without the use of any fat-containing additives. The nutritional value of the product remains as high, but if there is boiled potato during weight loss, not exceeding the size of the allowed portion, nothing bad will happen. To reduce the starch content in the tubers and to reduce the glycemic index of the finished dish, before boiling, soak the peeled potatoes in cold water and leave for some time. Then change, boil or bake water in the usual way.

Mashed Diet

Many nutritionists categorically declare: you can’t eat potatoes while losing weight. However, there is a diametrically opposite opinion: with the help of this miracle vegetable you can even lose weight if you use potatoes for weight loss as the main product of a mono-diet. Potatoes should be cooked only in the aforementioned ways – cook or bake in a peel. It’s not often for a change you can eat mashed potatoes on a diet – without fat, but with greens or a small amount of skim milk.

Mashed potatoes in a plate

How to eat boiled potatoes

In order to achieve the fastest and highest quality result in losing weight, it is important to know what you can eat boiled potatoes with. From the foregoing, it is clear that this healthy and tasty vegetable cannot be combined with any fat in any way; therefore, oil, mayonnaise and other sauces, lard, fatty meat and fish are prohibited. Sometimes you can add a potato side dish with a small steam cutlet or a piece of boiled low-fat fish, but it is better to eat potatoes with fresh or boiled vegetables, or drink with low-fat kefir.

How to replace potatoes on a diet

You can fantasize a lot and talk beautifully about products that can replace potatoes on a diet. There are gastronomic equivalents that are equal in nutritional value and benefit to this vegetable, but no other food can be compared to taste with hot fragrant jacket potatoes. Among vegetables, the equivalent of potatoes on a diet can be turnips, Jerusalem artichoke, cauliflower, lentils, and celery root. If you want to exclude potatoes from the soup, replace it with one of the cereals – egg, pearl barley, buckwheat.


Potato diet

A variety of mono-diets are very popular among those who want to lose weight: cabbage, kefir, buckwheat, egg and others. Recently, a potato diet for weight loss has been added to the list of similar weight loss techniques. However, not everyone is sure whether it is possible to lose weight on potatoes. It is well known that this product does not belong to a number of dietary and low-calorie ones, however, its benefit in weight reduction cannot be minimized either. Is it possible to eat potatoes with a diet? – in the case of such a diet is simply necessary.

This miracle vegetable is rich in potassium, which contributes to the rapid removal of accumulated fluid from all body systems. Such an important property of potatoes allows you to use it as a single product for a diet on potatoes. Reviews of those who are losing weight on this system are completely positive: those who tested themselves on potato weight loss claim that it is possible to lose more than 6 kilograms in a week. It is not worth practicing potato mono-discharge longer, so as not to restrict the intake of other vital products into the body for a long time.

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