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A beautiful slender figure can be obtained thanks to milk, which contains important protein. Casein for weight loss or gaining body weight is an indispensable thing, with the right intake of such an additive, you can achieve beautiful body shapes. It also reduces appetite, while maintaining a feeling of fullness for a long time. What is this magic powder? And how to apply it correctly?

What is casein

Casein (casein) is a protein of milk origin, that is, it is a component of milk. A big plus is that it does not contain hormones, including cortisol. Protein is necessary for proper development, muscle formation. What is the difference between curd protein and casein? Regular protein acts quickly, while the second takes time to nourish the muscles. Together, casein and whey protein work perfectly. This feature is known in the field of bodybuilding, as well as people who want to lose weight..


The protein product is available in the form of a powder of light color, it has a pleasant milky taste. The advantage of this substance is the complete absence of lactose. People who are lactose intolerant or allergic to it can safely use casein protein. The product does not cause nausea, stool problems and other negative side effects during digestion, on the contrary, it gives a feeling of long satiety.

If you decide to purchase casein as a sports meal, then carefully study the composition of the product. Often, along with the treasured dairy product, flavors, dyes, and other obscure chemicals enter the body. As a result, casein protein for weight loss or weight gain can spoil your health. Choose products only from trusted companies:

  • Among manufacturers of casein for weight loss and sports, Dymatize, which began its work in 1994, is popular..
  • Dymatize analogs include Elite, Gold, MRM, Nutrition, Optimum, Musclepharm, Power Pro.
  • These companies produce not only casein protein, but also other types of sports nutrition marked Standard and Universal.

Casein protein in a measuring spoon


Casein is a slow-acting protein endowed with anabolic and anti-catabolic properties. It stimulates the production of biological enzymes, helps build muscle when there is no way to nourish the body, for example, at night. If you use casein for weight loss, then it will relieve hunger, and harmful snacks on the go will simply not be needed.

What is it needed for

Casein protein is a necessary dietary supplement for the proper muscle growth with high efficiency. Athletes and other athletes use this protein for a balanced diet of muscle tissue. Interestingly, it is not found in all types of milk, but it is found in breast milk, cow and goat. Casein comes from hard cheese and cottage cheese..

When to drink

Casein protein reduces appetite, it is very convenient in many situations. This is done without harm to health, so do not be scared. The best time to take a casein cocktail for weight loss is in the afternoon or those hours when you want to eat something sweet or flour. As for weight gain, in this case casein is drunk only at night.

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How to take Casein Protein

If you decide to start drinking casein, then do not rush to pounce on it: it will not bring any benefit, everything should be in moderation. If casein was purchased in the form of sports nutrition, then you should carefully read the instructions on the package, since the dosage for each manufacturer may be different. In many ways, the time of administration and the amount depend on the reason that prompted the intake of this supplement.

For weight loss

During the diet, it is very important to restrain yourself in food, but not many girls and men easily endure hunger. Getting rid of extra pounds is achieved by the correct menu, in which casein is recommended to be included. With casein, all the necessary amino acids enter the body with some slowdown, but no quick carbohydrates at the same time.!

Casein for weight loss should be replaced with one or two meals or a snack, depending on the desired result. At one time accounts for 15-20 grams of dry powder. Remember that casein should not be replaced with more than 50% of the daily protein intake; you also need to eat properly. Casein is drunk before training in the amount of 30 grams. A similar dose is taken at night for a better effect. This regimen is the right choice when taking casein for weight loss..

For gaining muscle mass

Professionals say that casein in muscle gain is not as desirable as whey protein. It slowly fills the muscles with amino acids, slows down the appearance of appetite, which is undesirable with an abundant protein diet. In this case, casein is recommended to be drunk at night when the body is “starving” for 8 hours. The complex is 30-45 grams of casein diluted with milk or water. For taste, you can add a little cocoa or chocolate to the mixture and beat everything with a shaker..

Protein Shake in Training Glass

The best casein for weight loss

Casein protein is of two types, it all depends on the method of production:

  • Sodium / calcium caseinate. This type is obtained using various acids that affect milk. This is a very tough method, but very cheap. The finished product received all the pros and cons of the development method. The taste of the cocktail is not very pleasant, it has a strange smell, can cause heaviness in the stomach. But the cost of sodium / calcium caseinate makes it available to everyone.
  • Micellar Casein. This type of protein is obtained by ultrafiltration of milk. It’s expensive, but the result is worth it. The resulting micellar casein is soft and has a natural milky taste. However, its price “bites”.
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