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When funds are limited, and you need to quickly get in good shape, a cheap diet for weight loss is very useful, because the menu consists of economical and effective for weight loss dishes. The main secret is the use of familiar and cheap foods for cooking. The cost of products for a diet does not determine the result, since the “burning” of excess weight depends only on the right approach, willpower and physical activity.

How to lose weight inexpensively

Most people think that dieting is not cheap, especially if the diet is chosen on the advice of a well-known magazine when exotic foods are the main and components of the diet. The cheapest diet is fasting on the water, but due to restrictions and contraindications, it is not suitable for every person. There are many options for inexpensive diets for weight loss, they are similar in that when choosing products, preference is given to vegetables and fruits by season, affordable types of meat, cereals that can be cooked at home.

Budget diet for weight loss

The main goal of food restrictions is to help the body deal with tired pounds. Regardless of the nutrition system, you need to drink about 8 glasses of water per day, this amount of fluid speeds up metabolism, weight will burn faster. The budget menu for weight loss consists of the most common at first glance products, the main thing is to choose delicious recipes. It is forbidden to starve, because this condition includes a panic state in the body, and it begins to actively deposit fat reserves, even from dietary foods. It is important to eat every 2-3 hours.

A cheap diet for weight loss is of the following types:

  • mono-diet (nutrition only one type of product);
  • with the last meal up to 18 hours;
  • low-calorie (the main goal is the daily calorie intake of foods not more than 900 kcal);
  • diet from stars (film actors, singers).

Cereal muesli with apple slices

Buckwheat diet

Buckwheat is one of the most famous dietary products, it is an indispensable tool in losing weight, because even after cooking it contains macroelements and vitamins. A cheap buckwheat diet is safe, but too homogeneous, so people who decide to lose their weight can not always restrain themselves from such restrictions. This economical diet can really remove from 7 to 12 kg of weight, it is designed for one or two weeks. The daily diet includes buckwheat porridge, prepared in a special way, low-fat kefir and a plentiful drink of water, herbal or green tea.

Basic principles:

  • there are no restrictions on the amount of porridge;
  • it is forbidden to eat proteins (meat, mushrooms, fish) and vegetables;
  • the use of sauces, spices, sugar and salt is prohibited;
  • four hours before bedtime – last meal.

Kefir diet

The main product in this diet is kefir, it is considered tough and requires a lot of willpower. Such an inexpensive diet on kefir can be carried out in different durations – 3 days, 7 days, 9 days. Before proceeding with weight loss on these products, it is worth consulting a doctor, as there are a number of contraindications for using this nutrition system. Efficiency – minus 7 kg per week and gentle body cleansing. The correct way out of the kefir diet is equally important: gradually, in small portions, introduce light foods, for the first time abandon the “heavy” fatty or sweet foods.

Basic principles:

  • 1.5 liters of kefir per day;
  • up to 400 grams of light (low-calorie protein or carbohydrate) food);
  • obligatory diet – 6 meals a day;
  • 2 hours before bedtime – last meal
  • The use of tea, coffee, salt and sugar is prohibited..

Girl drinks kefir

Rice diet

Often people who are overweight choose a cheap diet on rice. This cereal has qualities that allow you to remove excess weight, defeat cellulite and conduct a gentle cleansing of the body. The best results are given by brown, brown rice. The diet lasts up to 14 days, but if there is a need to achieve quick results, it is used for three days or as a fasting day. The diet these days consists of rice (you need to cook according to a special recipe), 2-3 green apples and plenty of water (water, green tea).

Rice diet rules:

  • must have breakfast;
  • water can be drunk for half an hour or 60 minutes after eating;
  • daily rate – 1.5 liters of still water;
  • a ban on the use of salt, pepper and other spices, and seasonings;

Menu for 7 days:


Boiled rice (100 grams)

Dairy products (homemade yogurt, low-fat kefir) (200 ml, 1 cup)

Green tea


Boiled rice (100 grams)

Protein food (boiled chicken, white fish) (150 grams)

Green tea, sugar free compote, rosehip broth


Boiled rice (50 grams)

Vegetable salads (dressing olive oil or low-fat yogurt) (100 grams)

Green tea

Apple diet

For lovers of fresh fruits, an apple diet is ideal, because they are filled with vitamins, minerals and pectin. And how pleasant it is to crunch a juicy apple! This diet of simple products is very economical and convenient, because all you need is to pre-purchase fruits, build a six-time diet (be sure to introduce snacks). The classic version involves eating apples for 7 days, the color and taste are not limited. It is allowed to drink green tea, still water. You can repeat the course of purification once every two to three months.

Directions for choosing apples, depending on the characteristics of the body:

  • with gastritis, doctors forbid sweet varieties;
  • duodenal ulcer – take sweet varieties;
  • disturbances in the work of the heart and vascular system – you can add sugar (up to 100 grams / 1 kg of apples);
  • with hypertension, the prevention of atherosclerosis apples – a great addition to the diet.

Apple and centimeter

Banana diet

Although bananas contain a large amount of carbohydrates, nevertheless, when used correctly, they work great for “burning” fat and preventing various diseases. Due to the high content of glucose and sucrose, the banana diet becomes a salvation for the sweet tooth, who are overweight. A prerequisite is that before proceeding with the restrictions, make yourself a fasting day, do not fry or salt food, refuse flour. Only ripe, thin-skinned fruits of medium length are suitable for weight loss..

The principles of the banana diet:

  • 1.5 kilograms of peeled fruit per day;
  • 6 meals (including afternoon snack);
  • no time limits for food;
  • bananas can be eaten without heat treatment, it is especially tasty to make a smoothie out of them with skim milk or low-fat kefir;
  • hydration;
  • in a weekly version, 1-2 eggs are allowed in the diet (to obtain protein).

Potato diet

Some inexpensive diets for quick weight loss are not as relevant as a potato diet, because it is one of the cheapest and most common vegetables in our region. If you need to quickly remove the fat layer from the abdomen and other areas, this food option is sure to work. The main rule is properly cooked potatoes (boiled, steamed or baked), without spices, fat. A minimum of salt and olive oil is allowed for refueling. Such a diet can be observed only up to 9 days, since this root crop does not contain the whole complex of substances necessary for the body.

Benefits of the potato diet:

  • there is no feeling of hunger;
  • strengthening the nervous system, improving the condition of the body;
  • no side effects;
  • significant savings;
  • the diet consists of hot, delicious dishes;
  • cooking is very simple.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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