Classic eyelash extensions: types and techniques of procedure

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Currently, the beauty industry offers many cosmetic procedures, thanks to which it is much easier for women to take care of themselves. Very popular is the classic eyelash extension made from natural and artificial materials that can significantly transform the look. If the procedure is performed correctly, the result will be simply amazing. Learn about all its features, varieties and secrets.

What are classic extension eyelashes

Thanks to such additional hairs, the look becomes very expressive even without makeup, but it remains natural. The procedure is performed in the cabin. The master attaches artificial eyelashes to natural clients with special hypoallergenic glue. They can be made of silk, valuable animal fur, synthetic fibers. One artificial eyelash is attached to each of its cilia. Benefits of the procedure:

  1. A noticeable aesthetic natural effect. Cilia become much thicker, longer. They beautifully frame the eyes and make them stand out, change their eyes. The contours of the century are well defined..
  2. No need to use mascara every day. If you make eyebrow dyeing, you can don’t apply makeup at all.
  3. Eyelash extensions help to adjust the shape of the eyes, if necessary.
  4. There are very few contraindications to the procedure.
  5. Own hairs do not weigh down.
  6. The procedure is quick.
  7. Artificial hairs hold for a long time.

Eyelash extensions

Like any cosmetic procedure, the classic eyelash extensions are also not without a fly in the ointment. She has a number of shortcomings, although minor:

  1. It is not recommended to touch the eyes without unnecessary need.
  2. Eyelash growth may slow.
  3. You need to wash yourself very carefully.
  4. Do not use waterproof mascara.
  5. You need to control yourself during sleep so that you do not accidentally rest your face on the pillow.

What is the difference between classic eyelash extensions from 2 d

There are many options for the procedure, so it is very easy for women, especially those who plan to perform it for the first time, to get confused. The classic eyelash extension differs from 2 d in that in the first case, one artificial one is glued to each native hair. In the second – two, that’s all the difference. The thickness of the cilia for volumetric extension is less than for a single. They are imposed in the form of a fan. At the same time, the look becomes wider, open.

Eyelash extensions

Types of eyelash extensions with photos

There are several methods for performing the procedure. By choosing one or another of them, you will be able to achieve a different effect. Some techniques are more suitable for everyday wear, others are preferable to use if you have a festive photo shoot, evening out. There are such types of ciliary building:

  • European
  • fox effect;
  • squirrel tail;
  • underpressure;
  • puppet look;
  • multicolor effect.

European type of procedure

Artificial hairs of the same length and thickness as their own hairs are used. They are attached along the entire line of the century. It turns out the classic volume of eyelashes. The eyes look expressive, their natural beauty is emphasized. It will be difficult for those around to guess that the building was completed. Outwardly, it will look more like eyes were simply painted with good lengthening and volumizing mascara.

European eyelash extensions

Fox effect

Short fibers are glued into the inner corners of the eyes, then medium, and the longest from the outside. The look becomes deep and at the same time playful, with a slight cunning. The eyes are slightly slanted, because the incision from the outside is enlarged. The eyelid does not look heavier. Cilia of different lengths with a fox effect are suitable for girls whose outer corners of the eyes are slightly lowered, for soft shape correction and eye modeling.

Fox Eyelash Extension

Squirrel tail

Cilia of moderate length are glued along the entire growth line. 5 mm to the outer edge they attach very long, a kind of “bundle” is obtained. Externally, the cilia with the classic volume are very similar to the brushes that are on the ears of squirrels. It looks original, gives the look playfulness, flirty. Cilia with the effect of the classic “squirrel tail” very well correct the eyes of a certain shape.

Sour eyelash extensions


Hair sticks at regular intervals. Their length gradually increases to the outer corner. The cilia with a rarefied effect look excellent and very natural, as if they were just slightly stained with mascara. The look turns open, open. Ideal for every day, where you can do without eye makeup at all.

Sparse build-up effect

Puppet look

On each natural cilia, an artificial maximum length is glued. They are all the same. Puppet building is not too suitable for everyday wear. It is better to do it before parties, holidays, performances, it will look very impressive and original. Doll fluffy eyelashes can be too heavy, especially if the girl has thick hairs.

Long eyelashes

Multicolor effect

In most cases, black hairs are used. However, there are others. To create a multi-color effect on the eyes, the master glues cilia of two, three and even more different colors. They can be defiantly bright or muffled. Before our eyes, you can even create a graduated transition between several shades. This is far from an everyday classic option, only for special occasions..

Colored eyelashes

How beautiful eyelash extensions

With the right technique of classic building your eyes will become much more expressive, even if you do not use decorative cosmetics. The look will be natural. Eyelashes will increase approximately twice in volume and 2-3 mm in length. They look as natural as possible. It is necessary to dwell in more detail on what materials the wizard can use:

  1. Synthetics. Hair is made of polished acrylic material. They are very durable, come in different curls and thicknesses. The thickest, because of which they are not suitable for everyone. Long-term wear of synthetic material contributes to the thinning of your own hair.
  2. Silk. Medium in weight, thinner and more flexible than synthetic ones, last longer. Soft, with a porous structure. Silk hairs are suitable for girls who have their own thin cilia. This is the best material for classic eyelash extensions..
  3. Mink. Soft, silky, well-kept curl. Long-lasting, beautifully shiny.

Eyelash length

This is the first parameter that a girl should choose before starting the procedure, listening to the recommendations of her master and taking into account the individual characteristics of her appearance. Such lengths with different degrees of bending are distinguished:

  1. Short. 6-8 mm. Such attach to the inner corner of the eye.
  2. Medium. 9-12 mm. Hair of this length is in most cases used for classic eyelash extensions..
  3. 13 mm and more. Such hairs are suitable exclusively for those girls who have very strong and long natural hairs. Their length should also be large.

The thickness of the eyelashes when building according to the scheme 1: 1

This parameter affects whether or not artificial materials make the eyelids heavier. Too heavy hairs can contribute to natural hair loss. Thickness options for artificial materials: 0.07 mm, 0.1 mm, 0.12 mm, 0.15 mm, 0.18 mm, 0.2 mm, 0.23 mm, 0, 25 mm, 0.3 mm. The last three options are now practically not used, because they are very difficult. For the classic eyelash extensions apply materials with a thickness of 0.15 mm, 0.18 mm, 0.2 mm. The rest is used only for surround.

Length and thickness of eyelashes

Classic eyelash extension technology

The procedure takes from one and a half to two hours and is carried out in several stages. Each of them requires a professional and responsible approach from the master. The quality of execution of each of the stages, which will be listed below, has a significant impact on the final result. Check out the list of steps, and more on each of them will be described below:

  • make-up of the face, eyes;
  • degreasing of natural hairs;
  • classic eyelash extensions;
  • glue remover.

Makeup removal from face and eyes

It is advisable to immediately go to the procedure without makeup. If you cannot afford it, try to apply a light make-up that will be easy to remove. Remains of makeup on the face, especially in the eye area, can impair the adhesion of materials. To remove makeup, use a soft but reliable tool that does not leave a greasy film on the skin. Suitable tonic, micellar water.

Degreasing natural cilia

This stage is necessary in order to keep the artificial materials better and longer. The master carefully processes the hair and eyelid skin with a special degreasing composition. As a rule, the product is available in the form of a spray. It is applied in a small amount on a cotton swab. It is carried out over the eye in one direction, then in the opposite direction. Tweezers, which will capture the material, also need to degrease.

Build-up procedure

There are certain stages that every professional master necessarily performs. Together you must choose the length and thickness of the hairs. How is the procedure:

  1. Special protective patches are applied to the lower eyelids..
  2. The hairs are thoroughly combed. It is determined what will be the constant direction of the hairs. It must fully coincide with the natural line of growth..
  3. The master dips in a special glue, applied to a glass or a special device, each hair to the middle, and attaches it to the base of the native eyelash at a distance of 0.5-1 mm from the skin of the eyelid. It is important to ensure that the artificial hairs are not attached to each other..
  4. Adhesive resin is replaced with fresh resin every 15-20 minutes.
  5. Periodically comb the ciliary row with a special brush so that the hairs do not stick together.
  6. Each plot is treated with a fan or pear. It improves grip..

Eyelash extensions step by step

Removing adhesive residue with a sponge

This procedure needs to be done several times in the process of building. While the adhesive is still soft, the master must carefully remove the excess with a soft sponge without lint. If the residues harden on the eyelid, they can create unpleasant tingling sensations and interfere in every way. It is important to remove the excess carefully, without excessive pressure, so as not to damage the newly attached hairs.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

The maximum period during which beautiful eyes will delight you is from two to three weeks. By the end of this period, the cilia will already begin to crumple, lose their original shape and fall out with their own. In the period between the second and third weeks of socks, it is desirable to already sign up for a correction. The wizard will restore a beautiful appearance. Regularly making correction of the extended cilia, they will be able to pass with them up to three months. If this is not done, after 4-6 weeks all the artificial material will come off.

Care and correction

It is important not only to find a good master who will perform the procedure at the highest level, but also not to launch cilia on your own. Several times a week, eyes should be cleaned with cosmetics without oils. Ink should not be used. If you are not satisfied with the length, density or color, discuss this with the master for correction. He will understand what needs to be changed so that the result is perfect. Practical care recommendations:

  1. Do not touch your eyes for no reason.
  2. If you have oily skin, regularly use a special lotion.
  3. Wash yourself very carefully, do not rub your eyes.
  4. Do not use waterproof mascara.
  5. Do not curl artificial material with forceps.
  6. Sleep on your back so you don’t get any artificial hairs on the pillow.

Care for eyelash extensions

Correction is performed approximately every three weeks. It can take even longer than the original classic build. Correction Steps:

  1. Cilia carefully combed to get rid of peeled and dead.
  2. Degreasing.
  3. Adding hairs in areas where they are missing.

Is classic extensions harmful for my own eyelashes?

The answer to this question depends on whom you entrust the execution of the procedure. Professional building by an experienced master in modern technology will not harm natural hairs with proper care. If you do not follow the rules of hygiene, clogging of the hair follicles will occur. This is fraught with infection by hair mites, baldness of the eyelids, blepharitis, the spread of other eye infections.

Contraindications to the procedure

Although building is absolutely safe, not everyone is allowed to do it. The procedure is strictly forbidden to do with:

  • constant wearing of contact lenses;
  • the manifestation of an allergic reaction to glue;
  • excessively dry face skin (due to the procedure, its condition may worsen);
  • chronic conjunctivitis (artificial material will cause exacerbation);
  • oily skin of the eyelids (hairs will not stick);
  • weak native cilia prone to loss.

Contraindications for eyelash extensions

The cost of eyelash extensions in the salon

The price of the service depends on many parameters. Significance is the fame of the salon, professionalism, experience and reputation of the master, the type of building that you choose. It is important to understand that a quality service cannot be cheap. Choosing a minimum price, you run the risk of getting a result that will not suit you at all. See the table below for the approximate cost of classic eyelash extensions:

Type of service

Approximate price in rubles

Classic build


Classic Correction




Incomplete build-up (corners)




Classic eyelash extensions – before and after photos

Eyelashes before and after classic extensions

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