Cleansing the body for weight loss at home from toxins and toxins – a list of drugs and methods

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Those who wish to literally reduce the weight of a kilogram by 3 in one day, and even at the same time cleanse the intestines of accumulated toxins, it is recommended to cleanse the body for weight loss at home. Check out this fat burning procedure, which everyone should definitely resort to before a planned diet. Find out if she has contraindications.

What is body cleansing

It is known that body cleansing is a technique thanks to which people of any age can not only contribute to weight loss, but also at home to normalize the process of gastrointestinal metabolism, solve the problem of digestion, irregular stools, bloating, remove excess fluid from the body. “Cleansing” is recommended before the diet, because it will contribute to a more visible result. Cleansing the body has a number of advantages, except for weight loss:

  • after elimination of toxins in a person, the general condition becomes better: headaches, fatigue disappear, instead of which one feels light;
  • digestion processes are normalized;
  • overweight goes away;
  • the body rejuvenates, the aging process of cells slows down.

Why cleanse your body before losing weight

Accumulating toxins “make heavier” a person – studies prove that the weight of harmful accumulations in the body can reach 10-20 kg. For this reason, many seek to cleanse the body and lose weight, because after the removal of toxins, you can notice a significant decrease in parameters. When answering the question of why cleanse the body before losing weight, it is also worth noting that the “mud” interferes with normalizing the body, which affects the functioning of metabolic processes, as a result of which the entire body is disturbed.

There is another reason why body fat is so difficult to “go away”. The layer of fat acts as a kind of “barrier” that protects our body from toxins and other harmful substances that enter it. As long as there is a chance of slag poisoning, the body will try not to destroy this “barrier”, therefore, for example, during the diet it will use glycogen stores, not fat. The protective mechanism of the body is turned off after the removal of toxins, so any weight loss programs need to start with cleansing.

Girl with an apple and a bottle of water

How to clean the body

Wanting to cleanse the intestines to help in losing weight, it is worth remembering about other systems and organs. In order to cleanse the body comprehensively at home, you still need to take care of the vessels and kidneys. Methods of purification exist as follows:

  1. Blood vessels will help onions, garlic and lemon. Fruits (in an amount of 3 pieces of each type) must be peeled, grind in a meat grinder, then pour the mixture with boiling water, shifting it into a 3-liter jar. After 3 days, transfer the container to the refrigerator. It is necessary to take the drug at 100 milliliters 3 times / day for a month.
  2. Kidneys are the easiest to clean: for this you need to “sit” for a week on watermelons with brown bread. This kind of diet not only flushes the kidneys at home, but also helps to remove sand and stones from them..

They also have a good effect on the body: kefir, grapefruit juice, tincture or a decoction of ginger. During the cleansing period, it is recommended to eat food at the same time every day, drink more liquid (pure water), lead an active lifestyle, and exercise. More effective in terms of weight loss can be achieved by abandoning the consumption of sugary, fatty and floury foods, tobacco products, alcohol.

Bowel cleansing

The organ responsible for the well-being of the person is the intestines. In the case when the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract is impaired, other systems responsible for the vital activity of the human body also suffer. Bowel cleansing at home for weight loss will not only fulfill its intended purpose, but will also help restore all important processes. However, you need to cleanse the body correctly, otherwise you can harm it.

Ways to cleanse the intestines at home

Even with proper nutrition, cleaning the body at home for weight loss can begin: for this you need to add foods that include fiber, for example, assorted prunes, apples, raisins and dried apricots mixed with honey. Other methods of cleansing the intestines at home for weight loss have been developed: using drugs or an enema, rice.

Honey in a wooden spoon

Rice Cleansing

You can rid your intestines of everything superfluous with the help of familiar rice porridge. Cleaning the body with rice is gentle, and the only minus of the method is that it takes a lot of time. In eastern countries, a rice diet was prescribed for diseases of the genitourinary system or those people who had problems with joints. Then only brown rice was used, today it is possible to cleanse the body for weight loss with the help of white unpolished or polished rice.

Rice groats have a beneficial effect on the body, eliminating toxins, helping to improve liver function and rinse the kidneys, rid the body of edema, and normalize metabolism. People who tested the rice diet on themselves say that in order to achieve the desired result in losing weight, you need to adhere to it for at least 2-3 months, while it has practically no contraindications. If desired, rice can be replaced with buckwheat: first scald the cereal, then pour kefir and let it brew for a night.

Cleansing Enema

A thorough bowel cleansing at home in this way needs to be done a maximum of once a week – it will help eliminate constipation, dysbiosis, thereby reducing overall body weight. A cleansing enema should be done taking into account the following recommendations:

  1. Peel a half a kilo of beets, cut into pieces, pour 0.5 l of boiled water only.
  2. Insist vegetable 40 min., Strain.
  3. Pour the fluid cooled to 22 degrees into an enema and use as directed.

Bowel Cleansers

For those who want at home to rid the intestines of everything unnecessary and superfluous, but consider an unacceptable procedure such as an enema, activated carbon is suitable. Black tablets are the safest among bowel cleansers. This sorbent is not recommended to be taken for a long time, because it can remove the necessary microelements from the body, provoke the development of hypovitaminosis. Tablets must be drunk twice a day (at the rate of 1 pc. Per 10 kg of weight) for 2 weeks, it is advisable not to forget about 2 liters of water.

Activated carbon tablets

Laxative for bowel cleansing at home

This method of purification is not only quick, but also effective. The drug, getting into the small intestine, actively contributes to the normalization of stool, promoting feces – due to this, the problem of constipation is solved. However, the use of such a cleaning method at home should not be too long, because the body can become addictive, after which you will not be able to empty your intestines. To prepare a laxative for bowel cleansing at home, you will need clean water and Dufalac syrup. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Fill a measuring cup with syrup to the brim.
  2. Drink liquid at a time, drink with water.
  3. Clean with this method daily, 3 times / day – for 30 minutes. before meals.

Bowel cleansing at home with folk remedies

Cleansing the body with herbs in terms of its effect on the body and mechanics differs little from such manipulations. Often, all fees consist of one diuretic and one laxative component. There are more than 20 recipes for bowel cleansing at home with folk remedies, but most people who lose weight prefer “classics”: at least one dogrose, senna leaves and peppermint, or the option when at least one senna and peppermint are mixed with 2 measures of green tea . Remember that you can’t take hay for a long time – the leaves are addictive.


Oat bran is a natural sorbent that contains a lot of fiber, which in the body acts in a complex way, cleansing it of unnecessary slags, due to which weight loss occurs. When taking fiber, nutrients enter and then are excreted, taking away “dirt” along with them, thereby cleansing the intestines and improving its peristalsis. Cleansing the body with oats has undeniable advantages, because at this time:

  • cholesterol is excreted;
  • immunity improves;
  • the cardiovascular system is strengthened;
  • calorie absorption slows down;
  • everything unnecessary is removed from the intestine.

Oat bran


Such a cleansing method is good in that salt water passes directly into the intestine, without being absorbed into the digestive tract. Cleansing the body with salt consists in dissolving stagnant food deposits. You can use any salt – sea, table, or buy in a special pharmacy that is designed to cleanse the body. The method is simple: a tablespoon of the main bulk ingredient should be dissolved in 1 liter of warm water. The solution must be drunk within an hour, preferably on an empty stomach. Perform the procedure at home according to the scheme:

  1. Drink 1 cup salt water.
  2. Tilt and rotate the body left and right, so that the water moves faster along the alimentary canal.
  3. Drink a glass of water again.
  4. Repeat until all water has been drunk..

The effectiveness of the method lies in the desire to go to the toilet. The procedure carried out at home is successful when, during bowel movements, water begins to come out without solid lumps, i.e., completely clean. This type of bowel cleansing is highly discouraged for people who have any kind of duodenal disease or stomach problems..

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