Conspiracies and ceremonies for losing weight – the most effective magic rituals at home

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Trying to achieve a goal, a person can even resort to those things that seem to be useless and devoid of reason to believe in them. The category of such methods includes conspiracies and ceremonies for losing weight, carried out at home on the calendar of the moon or on days significant in paganism. A number of reviews raise doubts about the “emptiness” of such a way to lose weight and interest in the effect that it has. Is there any point in doing magical rituals yourself and how they work?

What is a ceremony for weight loss

Love spells, lapels, conspiracies, slander – all these manifestations of pagan magic were the main way to influence the situation in antiquity and the Middle Ages. Traditional healers treated more with a word – not with medicine, and it worked. After the spread of Christianity, the church began to deny magical rituals, as “games of demons”, psychics, fortune-tellers, etc. representatives of this group were recognized as “devilish spawn”. However, church prayers, which people began to entrust to themselves, are of the same nature as conspiracies.

The essence of these rituals for weight loss is one:

  • Any ritual during which a person needs to pronounce (read) a certain text is a neurolinguistic programming (abbreviated as “NLP”) – modeling and cultivating faith in a successful situation. If you call it easier, then any ritual for losing weight is a self-hypnosis.
  • If a person does not believe in what he says or hears, he will not see a positive result. All “magic” helps not by action, but by faith.

Regarding the attempts of women to lose weight with the help of magic at home, it is necessary to clarify: conspiracies or rituals can change the principle of thinking, adjust some eating habits, make people love unloved food and vice versa, give motivation, a desire to change. However, no weight loss ritual will act like a magic wand burning fat: without additional efforts, it becomes an empty thing.

Book and candle

Black rite

The danger of such rituals is payment or “kickback,” as experts call it. In terms of effectiveness, any ceremony for losing weight from black magic is stronger than from white, but the consequences can be more serious. You need to pay for a generous gift, so if you lose 5 kg sharply in a week, it is compensated by receiving other problems, and it is not known in which area: health, work, family, etc. The reason for this is the form of influence: black rites work through exchange. Your extra pounds go to someone else, and not dissolve in the void.

White rite

The rituals of light (in other sources – creative) magic are relatively safe, since the one who is affected does not take away the good from the outsider and does not transmit evil to him. However, white ceremonies for weight loss do not work as fast as black ones: they, like fabulous helpers, give direction, a hint, but a person must do the rest on his own.

Effective conspiracies and rituals

Experts are sure that the most effective are conspiracies, during which a person does not deny what he wants to remove, but confirms the desired goal. That is, if you intend to lose weight, you are forming a mental image of an already slender figure and proper eating habits, and do not repeat to yourself, “I have no excess weight”. All particles “no” and “not” the subconscious mind skips and therefore takes the opposite phrase. In addition, remember that even black magic is only help, but not a sorceress who does everything for you, so the above rituals and conspiracies must be supported by deed.

Girl with candles in hands

How to conduct a ceremony for weight loss

At home, a woman has access to many effective conspiracies and rituals, but their effectiveness depends on following certain rules. Every magical mystery requires adhering to the canons created centuries ago. The Golden Three looks like this:

  • The basic rule, without which magic for weight loss will not work, is secrecy. You need to be silent about the very idea of ​​losing weight. One of the reasons is the probability of the evil eye: even a person who is not your envious person can inadvertently “deactivate” the sacrament with his own thought.
  • All rituals in the process of which it is required to read something must be carried out facing the sun and, if possible, in the open, in order to see it. In a city apartment you can stay at the window or even on the balcony, in a private house you should go outside. In the morning, conspiracies are read with the person facing east, and at night (or in the evening) – west.
  • Experts in the field of magical arts argue that the most effective rites are those that were held at the beginning of the week, i.e. on Monday, or at the end of it – on Friday. Weekends are not affected. The explanation is simple: start a new life with a blank page, which opens when you have a new week. Get rid of everything with the last sheet, which marks Friday.

To the waning moon

If you want to remove something from your life, then you need to conduct sacraments to achieve the goal when the moon begins to wane. Just as little pieces of her disappear, contributing to her rebirth, so a person gets rid of excess, striving for the same. It is important to memorize all the words of conspiracies and prayers, i.e. words should not be read from the sheet, but should come from the head. You can repeat until the new moon, every night, and on the next waning moon, if you still continue to lose weight, again hold the ceremony.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Choose the night when the waning moon is visible.
  2. Remove all metal jewelry, including cross.
  3. Go outside (the balcony does not fit), turn around facing the moon.
  4. Slowly, with the understanding of the words, utter the following phrase several times: “As you, the moon, decrease, so do ten fats come off me”.

Waning moon

To the candle

The principle of operation is to establish a relationship between body fat and wax. The last one needs to be melted, and this will affect the figure. You see the process of weight loss with your own eyes and project the same process on yourself, only taking into account the slower speed. The ceremony should take place on the full moon, and will have to be prepared 7 days before. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Buy some wax church candles. Melt everything except the 1st.
  2. Roll as many small balls from soft wax as you want to lose kilograms.
  3. Gather them in a large bowl and lay them under the pillow.
  4. A week on this “accumulation of fat” needs to be overslept, and in the full moon above the church candle, melt a piece of wax, imagining that it’s your kilograms are melting.
  5. In the morning, bury it in the ground or throw it into the toilet. Repeat until the new moon or until the entire ball melts.

On a clean thursday

A lot of rituals belonging to white magic are also associated with church holidays. The ritual for weight loss here is a trip to the bath house to start the process of “forcing” fat along with sweat coming out. You can use “Thursday water” in a city apartment, always in the evening, imagining how it flushes excess weight off you and strengthens your will.

Palm Sunday

An important Orthodox holiday with which it is easier for a person to start a new life (and this also applies to losing weight) is Palm Sunday, with which a lot of rituals are associated. In the morning, presenting a clear thought-image of a slender figure, you need to eat 3 palm buds. They take light food all day, and in the evening, at sunset, drink a glass of holy water in small sips and repeat: “St. Paul waved a willow, drove away ailment from me! Amen”. Being overweight is a violation of health, so magical actions are aimed at restoring it..

Into the water

For this ancient slimming ceremony, church water and 3 candles from there are used. Carrying out necessarily on the waning of the moon. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Light candles, pick up a glass of water.
  2. Look at the fire, then at the liquid in front of you for a minute.
  3. Read to yourself: “Voditsa-voditsa, take the weight, through the stones of the drain”.
  4. Put out the fire with your fingers, wash your hands with water on the street and pour the remains into the ground.

Glass of water

For green tea

There are no difficulties with this rite, but a very strong faith in one’s own strength and result is needed. You can spend daily, the moon phase does not play a role. The scheme is as follows:

  1. Make a simple green tea drink.
  2. Holding the mug in front of you, whisper: “I’m drinking hot tea, let the greasy fat come down”.

With red thread

To carry out a simple and effective magic ritual you only need a sheet of paper, a piece of woolen red thread and patience. This ritual for weight loss is carried out on Thursday evening, writing on paper (preferably in pencil) in the following column: “Vitosap, Anazapta, Ohola, 13 25 79, Siritanos”. The paper is twisted, tied with a thread and placed in the ground, imagining how with it excess weight leaves your eyes. Kilograms will begin to leave from the moment the rotting thread.

On honey

Honey conspiracies are held before dawn, when the month is still visible. You need to prepare a jar of fresh honey (about a glass in volume), put it in front of you on the windowsill and, mentally turning to the sun, in your own words form a request for weight loss, which will help healing honey. When the sun’s rays fall on the jar, it can be removed, and every morning there is a teaspoon of this honey on an empty stomach.

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