Conspiracies to lose weight on the waning moon before bedtime, reviews and consequences

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Before you start applying conspiracies to lose weight, it is worthwhile to study in more detail the types and consequences of these powerful rituals. Rituals help in weight loss, which will be even more effective if you follow a light diet. In addition to weight loss, there is a general improvement and purification of the body. Such results can be achieved only if you believe in the rituals themselves, as well as the desire to lose weight. To choose a specific conspiracy for weight loss, you should know some of the most commonly used.

What are slimming conspiracies

Any phrase spoken aloud can act in a certain way. Slimming conspiracy is one of the types of positive auto-training. These are words in a special sequence, uttering which, a person reprograms his psyche, which helps him solve the problem faster. Conspiracies are often made with personal items – combs, crosses, etc. You can read certain words even in the toilet. The subject of conspiracies are products, for example, meat or an apple. After reading from them, it remains to bite off only a piece, and give the rest, for example, to a dog.

The weight loss spell helps gain confidence in the result, and can also work like this:

  • reduce appetite;
  • normalize digestion, metabolism;
  • eliminate excess weight, keep it under control;
  • to improve the appearance;
  • enhance attractiveness;
  • take away negative energy;
  • change the attitude towards oneself;
  • to convince in their own beauty, harmony and health.

Slimming Conspiracy Rules

There are many options for conspiracy to help in losing weight. They differ in the set of words and some features of the conduct. This is an indication of a specific time of the lunar calendar or day. Speech conditions may be recommended. General rules for conspiracy to lose weight can be represented in the form of the following list:

  1. Moon calendar. It is better to perform a weight loss ritual during the full moon or when the moon begins to wane. So less energy is needed..
  2. Times of Day. Do not pronounce a conspiracy from fullness during the day. A more favorable time is earlier morning or late evening after sunset.
  3. Day of the week. Good for reading conspiracy are Monday and Friday..
  4. Pronunciation technique. You need to read the text calmly, without stopping. It’s better to memorize the whole phrase.
  5. The mystery of the ritual. It is important that the ceremony for weight loss was carried out alone. It is wrong to talk about an individual ritual even to relatives. Anyone can laugh at the conspiracy, and this often disturbs the mood.
  6. The power of the ritual. There is only meaning if you believe in the spoken words. You should think only about what you want, i.e. about losing weight.

Book and candle

Strong conspiracy to lose weight

The most effective is the ritual associated with voodoo magic. Such an ancient cult paid much attention to the health and beauty of the human body. For this reason, it is considered effective. A strong conspiracy to lose weight is carried out as follows:

  1. Take a hard piece of dough, clay or wax. To mold from the material a small figure of a complete person – a doll. Add a drop of tears, sweat or your hair to it.
  2. Then start reading the plot for thinness – “I pinch my sides – I kill fat, I burn fat – I drive out gluttony. Small food – a belly for the sake of “.
  3. While reading, alternately with your right and left hand, pinch off pieces from the hips, waist or other problematic places in your opinion.
  4. When the dream figure is modeled, collect the leftovers, wrap them in cloth and burn.
  5. To hide the doll in a safe place where no one can find it.

Conspiracy on the waning moon

In losing weight, the mysterious power of the moon can also help you. It is important to wait until it begins to decline. At this time, a ritual can be performed. The waning moon plot is as follows:

  1. Pour water into a glass, go to the balcony, street or just stand at the open window.
  2. Arrange your hands with a container near the solar plexus, try to feel the effect of the moon. If it is closed, then look at the glass itself.
  3. Then, without taking his eyes off, say the following words: “The moon on the waning – for me to lose weight, the moon – beautiful horns, for me – a slender body. In a word, mine. Thy moon is your work. ” Repeat 9 more times, and then go back to the room.
  4. To do so is necessary 9 consecutive nights.

The conspiracy to lose weight on the growing moon

Another strong rite is performed, on the contrary, during the growing moon. You will need only patient compliance with all the rules. You must read the plot daily for 13 days. It is advisable for this to be alone in the room, preferably around midnight. The room should be dim light, for example, from a sconce or floor lamp. While reading, it is important to interrupt the entire thought process, thinking only of the words spoken.

The conspiracy to lose weight on the growing moon is a whisper of the following text: “As fire melts wax, so the moon will enter my flesh. Cleans fat, melt sides. Overweight will come off, like a nuts demon. There will be no joy from sweetness. The appetite will decrease, satiety will remain. In 13 days I will be slimmer. I conjure you the moon: grow, decrease, do not forget me! Let it be so. Amen! Amen! Amen!”.

Waxing Crescent

Full Moon Slimming Conspiracy

The mysterious power of the moon is especially evident during the full moon. It is better to carry out the ritual on Monday or Friday. Before the procedure, carefully read the text, and better memorize, so as not to stammer during the ritual and pronounce the phrase with confidence. This must be done again in front of an open window. The conspiracy of the full moon for weight loss: “As you, Mother – the Moon has been decreasing from that moment, so my weight begins to melt, the fullness leaves. You, Moon, are on the wane and my fat is melting. The round moon will turn into a thin month, and my fullness will completely disappear. Amen”.

Soap plot

For the next ritual, you will need the most ordinary fragrance-free baby soap and linen washcloth. It is still necessary to prepare a clean white towel, preferably a new one. Soap is just used for washing. You need to wipe with a towel after the procedure, and use a washcloth during. The soap conspiracy itself is pronounced at dawn: “Soap-soap, wash stronger, Soap-soap, wash faster, Will I rub my skin with you, Will I, then lose weight each time”.

The slimming plot before bedtime

Another unusual option is a conspiracy to lose weight before bedtime. It is carried out with a glass of water and the following words – “Warm water, take my fat with you. Wash off excess from me, leave thinness. Make your sleep sound and your body slim. Me healthy and beautiful. Pour water, and decrease weight and do not return. Let it be so”. It remains only to wash with water and immediately go to bed.

Slimming water conspiracy

To perform the next ritual, an ode from a pure source, illuminated in the church, is required. There you must buy 12 candles. A water conspiracy for weight loss is performed on a waning moon like this:

  1. In the evening, take a glass of lit water, set in front of you along with a lit candle.
  2. Mentally try to imagine the achievement of the cherished form. The result will depend on this..
  3. Then calmly and measuredly read the following text – “Rough water, flow here and there, you do not run, help me. Take my weight, run away with him, water, water, not my misfortune, carry away misfortune, I will not find grief ”.
  4. At the end, put out the candle, and drink the water in one gulp. Repeat the procedure for 12 days without missing.

Carafe and glasses with water

Appetite conspiracy

This ritual will help you cope with your appetite. For the ceremony, you will need a belt or other object, for example, a cross. A conspiracy plot against him is carried out at midnight during the waning moon. It is necessary to read the following over the talisman – “I queen of the heavenly queen to accept the gift from me. I give (so much) a kilogram. Let him take the one who needs. And another reward awaits me. The body is slim, like a birch mill. The figure is graceful, like a doe’s, the beauty is linen, not earthly. Amen”. This item must be with you daily..

Candle Slimming Conspiracy

In any magic rituals candles were almost always used. With their help, prayers are also performed. To plot for losing weight on a candle, you will need to prepare another mirror and a needle. Next, you need to wait until midnight and do the following:

  1. Put a mirror and three candles in front of you. On each pre-scratch the needle the amount of extra pounds.
  2. Then light the first candle and read the following words – “I light my candle – I save fat. There is no more place for him in my life. Goodbye, evaporate, out of my fate, won out. Let it be so”.
  3. Repeat the same with the two remaining candles..

Strong conspiracy to lose weight from Wang

On the advice of seer Vanga, women can conspire even on their own. This is more like whispers to losing weight. They are used in almost any situation. A strong conspiracy to lose weight from Wang sounds like this: “In the ocean-sea, hunger sleeps with constipation. Three whales are not letting him out. He will not find on the Lord the slave (name) of starvation maya. Terrible trouble calm down, dissolve in the morning fog. Go to the ocean, leave the Lord a slave (name) slim. Eyes are sleeping, they are not stroking food. To melt by night, and to lag behind hunger from the body, do not disrupt it, do not break it. It is said in the night, be hungry! Amen!”.

Girl with a candle

Consequences of Slimming Conspiracies

If you are just new to conspiracies, take your time to abuse them. It is important to see the first reaction, and then decide whether to continue to practice this method of losing weight. If suddenly the process went too fast, then you should not panic, because this can do even more harm. Just stop holding the ceremony for thinness and soon everything will return to normal.

The main thing in any situation is to control emotions. Then the unpredictable consequences of conspiracies for weight loss you do not touch. The rest is important to believe in what you are saying and start working on yourself. Without changing nutrition and lifestyle, the effect can not be achieved. Only thanks to your own efforts can you see a positive result – confidence and long-awaited harmony.

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