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Any girl who has tried to apply creamy shadows for makeup at least once knows that this is a wonderful tool for increasing the expressiveness of the eyes, hiding small facial wrinkles and at the same time moisturizing the delicate skin of the eyelids. How to choose persistent, high-quality shadows and how to use them correctly?

How to apply cream shadow

In order for the cream-eye shadow to lie evenly, with a smooth transition in color, not to roll, you need to know a few secrets for applying. When there is no experience in applying decorative makeup, applying in a wet manner will seem like a daunting task. Using the tips, the girl will be able to change her appearance by applying the technique of applying liquid shadows. Here are the basic rules to keep in mind:

  • Before starting the process, you need to decide on the choice of colors.
  • When using creamy eyeshadows, you do not need to smear them. To shade the surface of the eyelid, gently hammer in with your fingertips, then they will lie down evenly.
  • It is better to forget about dry powder as a basis. The effect is not the most expected and not at all attractive with folds of rolled-up layers of cosmetics.
  • Optionally, eye cream or corrector for eye contour is suitable as a base.
  • An imitation of the radiance of moist skin is obtained by applying cream eyeshadow on a dry eyelid, but the mega effect of such makeup will not last very long.
  • The sequence of application: the base color for the entire eyelid, the intensification of the shade in the direction from the roots of the eyelashes to the upper eyelid, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer. A more open look is obtained if under the eyebrow line and near the inner corner of the eye, put a tone lighter.
  • Shadows should be well shaded, colors should smoothly transition from one another, without sharp boundaries.

Eye shadow makeup using cream eyeshadow

How to apply cream shadows

Wet eyeshadows have an oily structure, so the movements of the hands during makeup should be accurate and accurate. There are two ways to beautifully transform the eyes – use a brush for cream eyeshadow or fingers. Professionals can use both “tools” at the same time. The creamy texture melts a little on the fingertips of body temperature and easily fits on the eyelid. It is recommended to choose a brush with a blunt end, then the shadow will be conveniently applied to all areas, turning it at a certain angle.

The widest eye makeup palette

Best cream shadows

Like any product, cream eye shadow has its advantages and disadvantages compared to alternative cosmetics for the eyes. It is worth mentioning in more detail:

  • The main advantages: the eyelid is moistened due to the content of silicone, oil emulsions; the skin is smoothed out, small wrinkles become less noticeable; wet structure does not allow to crumble.
  • Cons: it is impossible to use at elevated air temperatures, since a melting base can deform makeup; not suitable for those whose skin is prone to oily type.

How not to get confused when buying the best cream eyeshadow? A variety of high-profile brands, advertising, sometimes as opposed to goals, make it difficult to choose the right makeup. The data in the pivot table will help determine the purchase:

The brand



Creaseless cream shadow “SuperShock” (metallic). They have a saturated color, superresistant. Available in sticks with a comfortable brush.


Color Tattoo 24 h. Packaged in small round jars with a screw cap. Suitable for applying on the eyelids, eyebrows.


The one liguid metal. Super resistant with a metallic sheen, convenient sticky packaging. Large color palette Giordani gold Pearl Veil.

Yves rocher

Water resistant, ultra resistant, do not slide. Light colors can be used instead of highlighter. “Black Ocean” does not melt with increasing temperature.

Givenchy ombre couture

Neat washers with a quality product in chic matte shades.


Cream shadows with shimmer. Ideal for an evening look.


The collection is designed for bright holiday makeup.

Creamy Eye Shadow Price

Decorative cosmetics of famous brands can be bought in the online store or purchased directly from representatives, after looking at the catalog. The price of creamy eyeshadow depends on the manufacturer, the volume of packaging and composition. To look amazing, you will not need large financial investments. Average liquid shadow prices:

The brand

Price, rubles







Yves rocher


Featured Product from Maybelline, Color tatoo


Cream Eye Shadow – Reviews

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