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The basic technique is the deadlift for girls, the implementation of which in the correct form works out most of the muscles of the body. For the exercise, additional elements are needed – weighting materials (barbell, weight). Perform deadlift should be a special technique to strengthen the back, lower back, to work out the muscular relief of the hips and buttocks. Exercise relates to competitive disciplines in powerlifting and power sports, bodybuilding.

What is deadlift

A multi-joint universal view is the deadlift exercise for girls, which works out a large number of muscles. When performing it, legs, buttocks, back, arms and shoulders work. Technique requires the inclusion of a dumbbell or barbell. Light weight is suitable for girls – at first only a couple of kilograms, but gradually it can be increased for the load.

What are girls for?

The main question for beginners to perform exercises is: why do girls need deadlift. Fitness instructors and professional athletes respond that the technique helps to work out the gluteal muscles, thigh biceps, inner and back thighs, destroy cellulite and lose weight. Deadlift refers to energy-intensive exercises, develops abdominal muscles, muscles of the cortex, narrows the waist. Performing promotes the breakdown of body fat, strengthen the lower back, the formation of a beautiful posture.

For legs

The deadlift for legs is especially useful because it strengthens the inner thighs and biceps. Various exercise techniques contribute to the development of stretching, surpassing this effect to alternative exercises on a block simulator. When doing traction with straight legs, you will get the most effective biceps development effect, surpassing even flexion on a block simulator.

Girl with a barbell

For buttocks

Muscle development is facilitated by a deadlift for the girl’s buttocks. Especially effective is the technique of classics or sumo. Craving refers to anaerobic exercises, so it can increase the load, increasing the work of the muscles of the whole body. Compared to women beloved cardio exercises (aerobics, running), this gives an instant weight loss result that lasts for a long time.

For the back

The deadlift for the back is very useful, during which the latissimus muscles, extensors, and lower back work. As a result, the back is strengthened, the spine is straightened, the posture becomes beautiful and smooth. The constant engagement in this exercise gives the girls a beautifully worked out relief, removes fat rollers, and tightens the figure as a whole..

What muscles are involved

When familiarizing yourself with the exercise, you need to find out which muscles work during deadlift. Does it work? the entire muscle mass of the body, including extensors of the back, latissimus muscles, abs, forearms, buttocks, trapeze, biceps, quadriceps and biceps femoris. Performing deadlift, the girl does eight exercises at the same time:

  • leg press;
  • bending of the legs;
  • extension of the back;
  • twisting, useful for the muscles of the press;
  • rise on toes;
  • flexion of the wrists;
  • shrags – pumping of the neck, upper lobe of the back;
  • thrust down with straight arms.

Types of Deadlift

According to the technique of execution, the deadlift for women is divided into classical, Romanian, sumo and with dumbbells. The type of technique used depends on the anatomical features of the body and the personality of the athlete. It is better to contact a trainer who will tell you not only the correct execution technology, but also recommend the necessary type. Sumo technique is chosen by girls with long legs and high stature, with a large stretch. The rest is a classic option that can be varied with dumbbells at home.

Girl raises the barbell

How to do deadlift girls

The adjusted technique for performing deadlift for women will allow for the development of muscles and relief, lose weight and eliminate injuries. Any exercise begins with warming up and warming up for 10 minutes (running, cycling, jumping rope). Then stretch, work your buttocks, thigh biceps, lower back, shoulders and neck. After this, a targeted warm-up is carried out with a gradual increase in load. Exercise in the hall should be every five days, no more.

Start performing the technique fully warmed up:

  • put your legs a little narrower than shoulder width, feet in parallel;
  • the bar should be exactly in the center of the foot;
  • take a bar with a distance between the hands of about half a meter;
  • lift the bar, hold for a couple of seconds, lower.

The technique involves five approaches that differ in the form of the number of repetitions and load:

  1. Five reps with one neck.
  2. Five times and a half weight.
  3. Three repetitions with 75% load.
  4. Two repetitions with 90% load.
  5. Up to 10 times with working weight.


The most common form is the classic deadlift for girls. Proper execution boils down to the following:

  • stand straight, keep your lower back with a natural deflection;
  • the load can be varied by the position of the hips and back – if the back is parallel to the floor, it will receive more load, and vice versa;
  • do not pull the bar with your hands; they act as “cables”;
  • lift the bar by extending the pelvis back;
  • bend your knees, take your buttocks, while lowering your straight back forward so that the bar moves vertically, maximum close to the legs, hips;
  • do not allow rounding of the back, keep a straight posture, holding tight muscles of the press, straighteners, flattened shoulder blades;
  • Before performing the technique, it is recommended for beginners to strengthen the back and legs with hyperextension, pull-ups, squats, lunges.

The work of human muscles when performing deadlift with a barbell


A variation of the exercise is the Romanian deadlift on straight legs, designed to work out the buttocks and back of the thighs. When performing, the back rectifiers work. Proper Romanian craving for girls is done like this:

  • take the barbell with your arms spread slightly wider than your shoulders;
  • straighten your back, bring the shoulder blades;
  • bend forward with a straight back, take the pelvis back;
  • bend your knees or, if stretching allows, keep your legs straight;
  • follow the glide of the neck along the hips and front surface of the legs;
  • do not drop the barbell on the floor, bring the bar to the middle of the lower leg to feel the extension of the biceps of the thigh;
  • lift gently while keeping your muscles tense without back movement.

A subspecies of the Romanian traction is a stand on one leg:

  • hold the support with your left hand, take a dumbbell in your right;
  • stand on your right foot, slowly lower yourself down, moving your left thigh back and up so that it becomes almost parallel to the floor;
  • the dumbbell slides along the thigh and legs, dropping down to the horizontal position of the knees;
  • the back should be straight, tighten the gluteal muscles;
  • rise smoothly.

Sumo pull – a technique for women

The second most popular type of exercise is the sumo pull for girls, which involves the muscles of the buttocks. A feature of the technique is the ability to lift a lot of weight in contrast to the classic traction. It’s right to do sumo like this:

  • spread your legs wider than your shoulders, turn your socks 45 degrees;
  • place one of the palms under the barbell, the other above it, the distance between the hands is slightly wider than the shoulders;
  • keep your hips in a parallel plane to the floor, lower leg at a right angle, straighten your back and stretch forward;
  • bring the shoulder blades, put the chest forward;
  • lift the bar above the floor with a push of your hips;
  • lower.

Sumo Draft Technique

With a barbell

Properly performed draft with a barbell for girls will give an immediate result, but mistakes will threaten health. The main violations of the technique are:

  1. Bent back – it should be straight, otherwise there is a risk of getting a hernia between the vertebrae, stretching the connective tissue and dislocating the vertebrae. To eliminate the error, select an adequate weight, start with a minimum and gradually lift. Exercise exercises, plank, hyperextension will help to strengthen the back.
  2. Deviation of the body back when reaching the upper point – the load of the lumbar spine increases, which leads to pinching of the nerves, compression fractures of the vertebrae, hernias, scarring of damaged muscle fibers. To eliminate, monitor your position, strengthen the buttocks with reverse hyperextension, leg leads, gluteal bridge.
  3. Different grip – this technique is used only in sumo, but do not get involved in it. Constant support of the projectile with one palm under it, and the second above, leads to tension of the shoulder joint and ligaments of the biceps. The use of wide weightlifting straps will help to eliminate the mistake..

With dumbbells – technique

For girls, the deadlift with dumbbells does not differ from classical equipment with the barbell in any way, except for the type of additional equipment. This type is suitable for athletes with injuries to the wrists or forearms. Technique of execution:

  • take the original stand, take the dumbbells (you can keep them in front of you or from the side);
  • lean forward slightly, bend your knees;
  • lower the dumbbells five centimeters below the knee, return to the first point.

The benefits and harms of deadlift

The answer to the question of what gives deadlift to girls becomes ambiguous. With the right technique, the benefits of the exercise are obvious:

  • you can swing your back, legs;
  • strengthening the press;
  • tightening the buttocks, the formation of proper posture;
  • high energy consumption leading to weight loss;
  • advantage in eliminating cellulite;
  • the production of growth hormone, which is responsible for the process of burning fat and building a beautiful muscle relief;
  • metabolic acceleration.

With improperly installed equipment or violation of the rules the damage from deadlift is too great:

  • load on the spine, hernia, pinching;
  • microtrauma of muscles, their enslavement;
  • sprain, prolapse, protrusion.

Girl performs a barbell lift


There are the following contraindications for deadlift for girls, in the presence of which the exercise is prohibited:

  • musculoskeletal dysfunction;
  • curvature of the spine, hernia between the vertebrae, protrusion, compression;
  • disease of the joints of the hands, elbows, shoulders;
  • disorders of the heart and blood vessels.

You can get acquainted with the correctness of the deadlift technique from the video below. You will learn and clearly see how the deadlift of the sumo is performed, Romanian and standing on one leg with dumbbells. In the video and the accompanying photo, emphasis is placed on the performance technology, which leads to noticeable weight loss, and the main mistakes of beginners are considered. Careful familiarization with the materials will help to avoid injury and reduce the load on the spine, to achieve a beautiful figure without harming the health of an athlete of any level of training.

Sumo Deadlift for Girls

Romanian traction on one leg with dumbbells

Deadlift Deadlift

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