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The 9-day diet invented by Margarita Koroleva is a quick way to lose weight without harming the body. The author created a power system, which was divided into three stages. The principle of monodiet is taken as a basis. During one cycle, you will be allowed to eat one type of food and drink any amount of liquid. Such work on your body leads to loss of excess weight..

What is a 9 day diet

Many mono-diets promise quick weight loss, but only a few really help. The diet should be thought out and exclude repeated weight gain. One of such diets is the Queen’s diet for 9 days. She helped many famous people to become slim. In a short period, and you do not recognize yourself, extra pounds will leave your body. The dietitian has intelligently developed a diet, dividing a small period of time into stages, each of which lasts 3 days. Margarita Koroleva’s 9-day diet is a popular way to lose weight.


The diet is great for people who have very little time to transform their forms. Thanks to such express weight loss, a person will be able to quickly lose excess body fat. The essence of the diet of Margarita Koroleva is simple – you need to eat only one permitted product. By completely eliminating simple carbohydrates from the diet, you cleanse the body. For example, in the first third of the diet, you can only eat rice in any form. The next stage is chicken, the last stage of the diet is vegetables.

Vegetables and root vegetables


Before embarking on a diet, you need to carefully study all the principles. The author recommends taking weight loss seriously. Features diet 9 days:

  • Reception of food. You need to eat often, but in small portions, the food should be separate. In the evening, 2-3 hours before bedtime, do not snack, if you feel hungry, drink water or tea. The largest portion of food should be consumed for breakfast..
  • Drinking mode. In addition to pure water, other drinks are allowed to drink: green and black teas, freshly squeezed juices, coffee. It is advisable to drink fluids in an amount of 3 liters per day. Before eating, take half a glass of water. Margarita Koroleva does not recommend drinking water with water.
  • Compliance with the diet monodiet. Use only the product that is allowed in each stage of the diet.
  • Taboo for fried foods containing fats. Priority methods of cooking are: boiling, stewing, baking, steaming. Refrain for a while from frying meat and vegetables in large quantities of oil.
  • Replace animal fats with vegetable fats. Introduce flaxseed oil, olive, sesame into the diet – you can season salads and soups with them. Margarita Koroleva recommends a course of vitamins and one teaspoon of fasting linseed oil – this helps restore normal hormonal levels and improves skin condition.

Interval or three-day

An alternative for those whose vacation is close, but still far from the desired forms, is a 9-day diet. As a result of such a limited diet, you can get rid of 7 kg of excess weight. How many kilograms you lose depends on the initial build, lifestyle, metabolism. Interval mode is divided into stages: as a rule, there are three of them. In each period it is allowed to consume one product, drink 1 glass of dairy products, tea and 300 grams of vegetables. After the Queen’s three-day diet, limit yourself to eating salty foods and alcohol..


The choice of rice for the stressed phase of Margarita Koroleva’s diet is not an accident, because it is very useful. Croup contains substances that do not irritate the walls of the stomach, but envelop them. White rice cleanses the body, as if preparing it for subsequent cycles. The mono diet on rice opens the first third of the diet. Before preparing cereals, it must be left in the water overnight. In the morning, cook a daily dose of rice. Distribute the prepared porridge into equal parts and eat during the day. Already in the first “rice days” you will see the result.

Boiled rice in a plate

On chicken

Chicken is the main product of the second cycle of the interval diet. White meat is tender, low-calorie (105 kcal per 100 g), contains little fat and cholesterol, a lot of natural protein, vitamins of group B, PP, A. To build an ideal body, the breast is indispensable. To lose weight in 3 days on chicken, you need to divide the daily rate into equal small portions and eat them throughout the day. To normalize weight, it is best to use fillets. Chicken pulp can be baked in the oven or fry in a non-stick pan. Boiled or stewed brisket will appeal to gourmets.


The final stage of the diet is vegetable days for weight loss. Garden beds can be used fresh or frozen. A day you need to consume 800 grams of vegetables in order to achieve positive dynamics in finding a slim body. Vegetables will provide your body with the necessary vitamins, give strength, energy, remove toxins and strengthen the immune system. You can use them raw, boiled, stewed, make delicious salads. Exclude pickled, salted and spicy vegetables. The largest serving should be for breakfast.

Advantages and disadvantages

Selection of the type of diet is a purely individual process. Mono-diet brings someone weight loss, and someone – discomfort and a lot of unpleasant experiences. Before losing weight, consult with a nutritionist. An experienced specialist will tell you the schemes, give recommendations. Monodiet Margarita Koroleva 9 days has its advantages and disadvantages. The pros include:

  • Short weight loss.
  • You will save money and time. You will not need to stand for hours at the stove, buy many products for a varied diet.
  • Performance. Following the diet, you quickly feel its effectiveness on yourself, in a week lose extra pounds.
  • Frequent meals of this diet will provide you with satiety for the whole day.
  • Count calories, record which foods you eat, no need.
  • Total abandonment of alcohol.

Girl and apples

The 9 day diet has its drawbacks – they must be taken into account before deciding on the use of the diet:

  • Scanty menu. It will be difficult for a person accustomed to a saturated diet to get used to a mono-diet, because it excludes the use of sugar, salt, fruit, honey and flour products.
  • The diet can be accompanied by various health impairments: dizziness, nausea, weakness, gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Do not try the Nine Days diet for people under the age of 18, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and people with anemia.

Kefir for 9 days

The usefulness of kefir has long been known. It is introduced into your diet, not only for weight loss, but also to normalize the flora and bowel function. The 9-day kefir diet is very popular today. This is not an easy step towards your dream, but you won’t have to wait long for the result. During this period, you will lose 2 to 6 kg, if you adhere to the correct diet. When buying a non-fat sour-milk product, you need to choose products with yesterday’s production date, so you will protect yourself from excessive gas formation. The scheme is simple:

  • In the first cycle, you need to use low-fat kefir in the quantity you need, 100 g of boiled unsalted rice. The mass of cereals is given in dry form.
  • The second cycle – kefir, 100 grams of white chicken meat.
  • The third, final cycle – kefir, green apples 700-1200 g.

Drinking kefir is good

Exit from the diet of Margarita Koroleva

To consolidate the result of losing weight, you need to smoothly go out of the diet. Margarita Koroleva advises to introduce foods that were consumed on a diet into your diet a couple of days after graduation, while you can add sugar, salt, oil. In order not to break down and not disrupt the intestines, eat fruits, low-fat fish, meat in a small amount. Remember that fats and carbohydrates should not exceed the “200 calories” mark. Refrain from sweet and flour products. Exercise helps stay fit.

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