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Everyone wants to look slim and tries to overcome excess weight by various methods that have received reviews: gym, strict diet, dietary supplements. If you are still looking for a new way to get rid of extra pounds, then pea porridge for weight loss will be an excellent dish of the day, which, thanks to its properties, brings only benefits to the body. Find out how you can lose weight with the usual food..

What is useful pea porridge

Before you consider this dish as the main food assistant in the issue of weight loss, it is worthwhile to find out what is good for peas? Peas are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals for our vessels and muscles, therefore it is very useful to eat porridge for those who monitor their health and always want to feel great. It is able to lower blood pressure, which will benefit those suffering from hypertension. BJU of peas is suitable for people with anemia, anemia, and a high protein content will help maintain its level in the body when refusing meat, or during a strict diet.

Calorie content

Pea itself is high-calorie – its energy value is 300 kcal per 100 g, while taking into account the not yet finished product. After boiling, its size increases at least threefold, so the portion will not seem small. Given this, it will be very convenient to eat pea porridge for weight loss during the diet: only 100 g of peas can be divided into the entire daily diet, combining with vegetables, while there will be no hunger.

Pea porridge

Is it possible to lose weight on pea porridge

The cheapness and calorie content of peas often becomes the main advantage in building a diet on peas. Is it possible to eat pea porridge with weight loss? The answer is yes – yes! Only you need to properly compose a diet and follow all instructions. So, for example, if you eat only peas, then you can get the opposite effect, so you need to combine this product with others – fresh vegetables, boiled meat or fish are suitable. Arranging an unloading day once a week is quite a useful event for your body and figure: in this case, the risk of getting fat is reduced.

Pea porridge for weight loss

Is it possible to eat pea porridge on a diet? This dish will definitely be a great option for a diet menu. Given the rich vitamin composition, as well as the high protein content, pea slimming porridge will help to cope with hunger. If you add to it a light vegetable salad in vegetable oil, then such a dinner will turn out to be very hearty and healthy. You can eat rape for lunch or dinner.

There are also disadvantages of this method to improve your figure. Frequent use of pea maize while losing weight in some people causes heartburn, increased gas formation. With these side effects, it is undesirable to use a pea diet, because it can even cause a backlash: the food will digest longer and worse, so there is a risk of getting better even more.

Green peas

Pea porridge diet

There are several options for what a pea porridge diet can be:

  • One of them includes a menu for those who like or eat comfortably three times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is no specific menu, but you can’t eat fried, flour, sweet, drink alcohol and carbonated drinks. Such restrictions will have to be tolerated from 7 to 10 days, but often this is a habit. When you lose weight, peas must be a must-have dish for every day – at lunch or dinner – you decide.
  • The second way to eat pea porridge in order to lose weight is a diet that includes only fruits and vegetables, low-fat soups, natural juices and cottage cheese (milk and yoghurts are undesirable). In this case, peas should be eaten only at lunch, and the portion should be no more than 200 g of the finished product. Food must be crushed in equal proportions, that is, 5 times a day in small portions. This method helps to get rid of 3 to 7 kilograms per week..

Pea porridge in a plate

Pea Porridge Recipe

Cooking peas is not so difficult, since there is only one recipe: soak peas in water for 2-3 hours, then rinse them well and put them to boil. Pour enough water to cover the product with 2 fingers. After the peas start to boil, reduce the heat and stir, cook to the state you need. Salt, add bay leaf or garlic – all to taste. The longer the porridge is cooked, the more the peas are digested and you will not have to knead it separately. Additionally, you can fry the onion in butter, it goes well with sour cream.

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