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The effectiveness of the author’s diet Pugacheva based on a cocktail of kefir and greens was appreciated by nutritionists. The content of tartronic acid in cucumbers prevents the conversion of carbohydrates to fats. Saturation of the body with organic acids and trace elements will strengthen the immune system, urgently lose weight and become slimmer.

What is the Pugacheva diet

A lot of photoshoots of the prima donna make experts from the field of dietetics wonder how Pugacheva actually lost weight. In recent years, the singer of domestic pop looks slimmer and younger. According to the star, a huge role in her weight loss was played by her daughter – Kristina Orbakaite. The diet of Alla Pugacheva provides for a healthy lifestyle and a strict rest regimen. Sleep no later than 23.00 will provide an improvement in metabolism.

What diet did Pugacheva lose weight on

Losing weight Pugacheva meant a lot to the singer herself, allowing me to radically change the established lifestyle. In the film about herself, Alla Borisovna admitted to preferring a salt-free diet. Its main purpose is to cleanse the joints, kidneys and intestines. The author’s menu under the historical name “USSR” deserves special attention. The abbreviation of the first letters reveals the essence, which implies the exclusion of salty, sweet, and rich from the diet. Fasting day relies once a week.

Alla Pugacheva

Kefir diet

Having tried many different weight loss regimes from her own experience, the singer created a unique herbal recipe. The kefir diet of Alla Pugacheva once again proves the statement “everything ingenious is simple.” At its core, the main component is kefir cocktail, for the preparation of which you will need:

  • blender
  • a liter of low-fat kefir;
  • finely chopped parsley, cilantro, dill;
  • cucumber, which should first be grated.

Drinking a light drink is worth every time, feeling hungry. The diet will allow you to lose up to 2 kg of excess weight per day. An important point is its duration: the period is limited to four days. Kefir will have a noticeable effect if you add ginger. The burning component acts as a fat burner. Its antibacterial qualities significantly increase immunity..

Cucumber Slimming Diet

Relying on an interview with the girlfriend of the singer – designer Mila Stavitskaya – Alla Pugacheva lost weight due to the adherence to fractional nutrition. Before an important event, the star resorts to a special diet. Cucumber diet will burn up to 6 kg of excess weight in 5 days. To make cucumber salad you will need:

  • 1 kg of coarsely chopped cucumbers;
  • 30 g low fat sour cream;
  • dill, basil, celery.

Mix all the ingredients. It is better not to add salt. Ready to eat salad 3 times a day with a periodic gap between doses of 3-4 hours. It is important to gradually replenish the menu with a slice of brown bread. In the evening, allow yourself to eat an apple or an orange. Breakfast includes coffee or sweet tea. Cucumber diet is not recommended for more than 10 days.

Cucumber and centimeter

Salt-free diet

The lack of salt in the human body provokes osteoporosis, smooth muscle spasms, impaired activity of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, health aggravation. However, salt abuse can lead to obesity. Pugacheva’s salt-free diet is based on the main principles:

  • cooking excludes the use of salt;
  • fractional nutrition 4-6 times a day;
  • serving size of one dish on the menu – 200 g;
  • the use of soups, stews, fruits, berries;
  • natural yogurt for dinner.

It is necessary to exclude fried, greasy, choose the method of cooking: stewing, steamed. Natural yogurt can be prepared using milk and sourdough. Nuances:

  1. Limiting salt intake for 14 days will restore the body’s water-salt balance and lose 4.5 kg.
  2. Diet contraindications include heart disease, ulcers, vascular problems, pregnancy.
  3. A salt-free diet will be beneficial in the presence of kidney disease.
  4. Exclusion of salt will relieve stress on the kidneys, restoring their proper functioning.

Diet of the USSR

The singer outlined the secret of another victory over extra pounds in the menu of her own composition under the loud name “USSR”. Diet Pugacheva USSR provides for the exclusion from the diet of sweet, salty, rich. An unloading day once a week is designed to help the intestines cleanse of toxins, normalize metabolism, and improve physical well-being. During unloading it is allowed to use vegetable smoothies, soups, fruit and berry salads.

The USSR’s proper nutrition system does not apply to the express weight loss method. It is a mistake to expect super fast results from her. The planned approach to this diet is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle. The singer realizes: sometimes it’s hard to resist a dessert or a serving of salted fish. Allowing yourself a moment of luxury, it is important not to forget about unloading the intestines the next day. This will allow you to constantly stay in excellent condition, without burdening the body with excess calories.

Carrot Smoothie in a Glass

Buckwheat diet of Alla Pugacheva

The method of losing weight on cereals involves the consumption of low-calorie foods. A diet based on a menu of buckwheat porridge is the advice of nutritionist Margarita Koroleva. Buckwheat micronutrients have a beneficial effect on the body, suppressing hunger. The buckwheat diet recipe from Alla Pugacheva provides:

  1. A glass of buckwheat pour 500 ml of boiled water, add a tablespoon of olive oil.
  2. Put the pan in the heat overnight. Alternatively, you can use the mode of heating or cooking yogurt in a slow cooker.
  3. Divide the finished porridge into 5 servings.

Buckwheat should be taken using the fractional method. The last meal should be done 4 hours before bedtime. It is allowed to drink porridge with fat-free kefir or green tea. Buckwheat diet is designed for 10 days. After its completion, it is necessary to replenish the body with proteins, gradually diluting a strict diet with fresh soups, seafood, meat and fresh vegetable salads.

Nutritionist reviews

Reviews of losing weight

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