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Women always want to look perfect, and therefore they hate excess hair on their bodies. In recent years, laser hair removal has become very popular – a method that will help get rid of unwanted hair forever. To achieve the effect, a special device is used – a diode laser, thanks to which you will not have to return to hair removal for many years. The procedure must be carried out in the salon, where experienced specialists work, as it is considered not only cosmetic, but also medical.

What is a diode laser

This type of laser has become one of the most advanced devices in the field of hardware cosmetology aimed at hair removal. The device is capable of acting both on the hair itself and on its bulb – as a result, the “vegetation” in a particular area permanently loses its ability to regenerate. This device does not have a strong negative effect on the epidermis. To achieve the desired effect, specialists should be able to adjust the optimal wavelength for the patient.

How does it work

The principle of operation of the above laser equipment is simple. When the energy flux density and wavelength are selected correctly, a powerful beam affects the hair and follicles. True, the former should be in the stage of active growth. Under the influence of a beam with a wavelength of 808 nm, the hair with bulbs located in the treatment area is heated. Melanin absorbs energy, and hair is burned. Under the influence of heating, the hair follicle is also destroyed. Epilation is better for women with dark hair (i.e. where there are a lot of melanin pigments) and fair skin.

Types of devices

Epilation with a diode laser is simple and effective, but it is important for a specialist to choose the optimal model of the device. For hair removal, several types of devices are used, differing from each other by wavelength, speed, efficiency. Laser devices are divided into the following types:

  • Ruby. This device is a veteran in the field of diode laser hair removal, it was started to be used before everyone else. A ruby ​​device is rarely used and is considered partly obsolete. The wavelength of the waves is 694 nm. One flash passes in a second. The device removes only dark hair from light skin tone. Gray or red to him “too tough”. The speed of operation is relatively low, there is a risk that the patient will get a burn of the epidermis. The main advantage – low cost.
  • Alexandrite. The wavelength of this device is 725 nm. The work is based on the mineral alexandrite. It has been widely used in many salons, as Differs in simplicity of work, good speed. Its use is almost painless – the patient can feel a pinch easily. Compared with the ruby ​​analogue, the alexandrite device has a higher speed and efficiency, and a lower probability of getting a burn.
  • Directly the diode type laser itself. It is widely used due to its good performance and safety. It represents the golden mean, the standard for laser hair removal. The main difference between a diode laser and an alexandrite laser is in the parameters: radiation density, pulse duration, wavelength. Among the well-known models can be distinguished laser Mediostar, Lumenis Light Sheer, Doctor Smile.

Diode laser

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of a diode-type laser are a certain wavelength of laser radiation, optimal for hair removal and a number of new technical solutions. The latter made the hair removal procedure comfortable and convenient for both specialists and patients. The wavelength is such that the flash of light acts exclusively on the cells of the hair follicle, without affecting the skin cells, even if the patient has dark skin. Other advantages are the large diameter of the light beam, the pulse frequency of up to 10 per second.

Diode hair removal has a drawback, which is the pain of the procedure. There is no damage to the skin, but the hair inside the follicle heats up under the influence of laser radiation. In this regard, with long, thick and very dark hair, treatment of individual or all parts of the skin can be sensitive, and sometimes even painful. The hair does not disappear immediately after the procedure, but falls out within 3-4 weeks after depilation.


Diode laser hair removal is gaining great popularity, resorting to it to remove unwanted “vegetation” on different parts of the body. Before undergoing a laser hair removal course in Moscow, St. Petersburg or another city in the country, read the indications. The indications of diode procedures include:

  • light brown to dark hair;
  • razor or shaving irritation;
  • hair ingrowth with the formation of dark pigmented spots in their place.
  • stiffness of the hair, which does not give a feeling of smoothness of the skin for a long time even after removing it with cream or shaving with a razor.
  • intolerance to depilation with wax, epilators.

Diode Laser Hair Removal

This technology is used to remove dark and light hairs. The main thing is to find the optimal salon where new equipment is used, qualified and knowledgeable cosmetologists work. A good specialist will definitely conduct a conversation with the client before the session to find out if he has any contraindications and determine his color type, i.e. shade of hair, skin. Of no small importance is the preparatory process, which should begin in advance.


About 3 months before laser hair removal using a diode device, it is necessary to stop removing excess hair with tweezers, wax, shugaring and other pulling methods. You can use a regular razor or hair removal. Be sure to 3 weeks before the start of the course, stop sunbathing, visit tanning salons. Start using quality sunscreen.

About a week before the procedure, exclude the use of alcohol-containing lotions and deodorants – they can cause irritation. The day before the hair removal in a particular area with a Mediostad or Lumenis Light Sheer laser, do not use grooming and decorative cosmetics, deodorants of any kind in the hair removal area. Two days before the start of the session, do not forget to shave your hair, because hair length should be about 1.5 mm.

How is the procedure

First, the beautician adjusts the laser for hair removal, taking into account the color type of the client. This must be done in order to take care of the security of the session. Before the procedure, a skin test is performed. If the patient is too painful, then they often resort to anesthesia with a cream or a special spray. The retina of the patient’s and specialist’s eyes is protected by special glasses from exposure to the laser beam. Tips for added safety with integrated skin cooling.

During the procedure, the patient lies on a cosmetology couch. Beautician sequentially processes the entire necessary hair growth zone with laser flashes. The scalp burns out – a characteristic unpleasant odor may appear. The procedure takes from 15 to 60 minutes. For each client, the course is selected individually – 5-10 repetitions. In order to maintain the effect, some people later need to repeat the treatment once a year..

Diode Laser Hair Removal

Skin Care After Session

After laser hair removal for 15-30 minutes. slight redness of the skin may be observed. In the care during the first days, focus on your feelings. If there is no itching, burning, redness, pain, then take a warm shower without a rough washcloth and treat the skin with panthenol – about 2-3 times a day. While maintaining discomfort and irritation of the skin, it is better not to wash it, do not rub it, refuse to wear nylon tights and tight-fitting clothing. Use healing agents.

Side effects of diode laser hair removal

After the use of a laser, including a diode, complications and side effects may occur. The risk is especially great to get them if you choose a poor specialist or neglect the rules of skin care. The following issues may appear:

  • allergies
  • follicle inflammation;
  • epidermal burns;
  • exacerbation of herpes;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • hyperpigmentation.


Laser diode epilators have several contraindications for use. Familiarize yourself with them before you visit the beauty salon, otherwise you will encounter a number of problems. So, you can not resort to the use of a diode device when:

  • pregnancy, breastfeeding;
  • fresh tanning (not a 100% contraindication, but skin that has not recovered after exposure to sunlight may respond to laser exposure by peeling, the appearance of dryness, pigmentation);
  • varicose veins (if epilation of the legs is performed);
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus;
  • a cold
  • hermetic rash;
  • the manifestation of allergies;
  • fungal and bacterial skin diseases;
  • skin injuries at the site of exposure;
  • acute diseases of the cardiovascular system, internal organs;
  • exacerbation of disease;
  • tendency to form keloid scars;
  • any diseases of the pelvic organs and mammary gland (if armpit hair removal, bikini area).

Pregnant girl

Diode laser price

To purchase a device for conducting diode laser hair removal at the lowest possible price, check out the price range. To do this, check out the offers of as many online stores as possible. The cost of various diode models:

Laser name

Price in rubles

ViaStar 810


MeDioStar NeXT PRO

3 150 000

In-motion d1


In-motion d2


ICONS Laser 808


Lumenis light sheer duet


AnchorFree 808L








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