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A few decades ago, light jogging was considered a panacea for all diseases. Today, the popularity of this sport has faded somewhat, but in vain – say coaches and doctors. Regular jogging exercises will help not only strengthen immunity, increase muscle tone, but also get rid of annoying pounds. Interested in? Then find out whether running helps to lose weight, how long training should be, where it is better to conduct classes and how many calories will be spent on a run..

Is it possible to lose weight with running

This is not to say that running and losing weight are two integral parts. You can lose extra pounds by engaging in any active sport, but this does not mean that jogging will not bring any effect. A light jog in the morning, running on the spot or on rough terrain increases the consumption of energy, accelerates the metabolism, due to which calories are burned. In addition, with the help of running you can tighten your hips, strengthen your calves, remove your stomach, make buttocks elastic.

What muscles work

When jogging, several muscle groups will be involved at once, including the lower, upper press and biceps. The last two muscle pairs may not work as actively as the hip, but the fat deposits there will noticeably decrease over time. As for actively working muscles while running, they include:

  • Thigh muscles. Located on the back of the thigh in the form of four interwoven bundles. They are responsible for the smooth bending-extension of the knees.
  • Buttocks. Helps the body maintain balance, is responsible for the width and shape of the hips.
  • Quadriceps. They are located in front of the hip joint and are responsible for the movement of the knee, correctly distribute the load on the joints while walking or running.
  • Caviar Located at the very bottom of the legs, serve as a shock absorber while jogging and stabilize pressure when walking.

How many calories burns

Will running help lose weight? The answer is yes. Another thing is that, depending on the metabolic rate, the process of losing a kilogram in each proceeds differently. For example, people with a slow metabolism will spend less calories than those whose metabolism is accelerated. In addition, the intensity of training should not be overlooked:

  • if you plan to jog for weight loss, be prepared for the fact that you spend 500-600 kcal per hour of training;
  • fast running over short distances requires even more energy reserves – 700-900 kcal;
  • to lose weight while jogging over rough terrain, you need to spend from 650 to 750 kcal per hour;
  • the effectiveness of interval running will be if the average waste per hour is 750-800 kcal.

With dumbbells in hand

How to run

Many people think that you can just get out of the couch and run, but everything is somewhat more complicated. Even such a simple exercise can lead to a lot of problems if you make mistakes during its execution. So that the pursuit of a slim figure and a healthy body does not entail sad consequences before starting weight loss training, you need to pay attention to the following things:

  • Sports shoes and clothing. To run it was comfortable, it is very important to choose the right shoes. It should be special sneakers with shock absorbing heel. Clothing is better to buy a free cut from natural fabrics..
  • Equipment. At the initial stage of training, a smartphone with a program for counting kilometers traveled and a route is suitable. In the future, it is better to acquire professional gadgets that will control your heart rate, running speed and other indicators.
  • Warm up. This part of training is especially important for beginners. You can run only on well-heated muscles and well-developed joints, otherwise you can earn an injury.
  • Proper nutrition. Jogging will not help you lose weight if immediately after a workout you will jam everything with buns, sausages, chocolate, junk food or other harmful products..
  • Equipment. It is important to realize that your goal is not to run a marathon, but to lose those extra pounds and burn fat. Choose a moderate running mode and keep pace throughout the race..


You can go for a run at any time of the day and this is true. Morning workout, if this is not a long run, helps to cheer up, wake up and start all the necessary processes in the body. Running through the park before sunset will help relieve stress and strain. It will improve metabolism and also help burn excess calories gained per day. After such a workout for weight loss, you will become easier to fall asleep, and wake up in the morning in a good mood.

Whatever time you choose for a run, the main thing is to always keep the set pace. You should not postpone what was planned if the weather suddenly deteriorates on the street or the mood is gone. It’s better to overpower yourself and work out at home. This will allow you to develop discipline, and the body to get used to constant stress and tune in to weight loss. Excessive stress from unplanned jogging can lead to completely opposite results..

How much

If you are just starting to learn how to run with the goal of losing weight, you should not immediately try to run a great distance in a short time. The body will need a little time to adapt to what is happening. Experienced trainers advise starting to run for weight loss no longer than 10-20 minutes at an average pace. Then gradually increase the pace: after three days, add another 10 minutes, then 15 and so on. If you feel fatigue, muscle pain, or difficulty breathing during training, go to step.

Girl is running

Which run is more effective

It is known that to get energy from food you need to get about 2000-2100 kilocalories per day. Moreover, if your goal is losing weight, then for one run you will need to burn at least 500 kcal and at the same time reduce daily consumption to 1500-1700 kcal. It should be borne in mind that a different type of run will affect adipose tissue in its own way..


This type is the most effective for weight loss. Its essence lies in the fact that at different stages of the distance to change the pace from intense to medium or weak. Interval running with weight loss helps burn more calories than any other kind of jogging. If you want to sculpt a figure like in the photo of world pop stars, then in addition to everything, you will have to reduce the total calorie content of dishes by 300-400 kcal and increase protein intake by 1.8-2 grams.

It is better to engage in interval running for weight loss not every day, but 1-2 times a week, the rest of the time is given to fitness or any other workouts. Due to the fact that you will have to run some distances along the route, the duration of the training will be reduced. For beginners, trainers are advised to devote 30-40 minutes a day to interval running, while taking 20 minutes to fast speed.

At home

Imitating running for weight loss in one place is not as good as interval training, but it will still be useful. If the weather is bad or you don’t have time to go to the gym, this option will be the best solution. All that is needed: a square meter of free space and comfortable clothes. For a minute of training, you should do 40 to 60 leg lifts, while keeping your heart rate within 50-80% of maximum heart rate.

On the stairs

If you have already mastered the interval running for weight loss, try to complicate the task and go for a run with obstacles. If in the near access there is no rocky terrain for training, an ordinary staircase will be a good alternative. It is important to maintain a high speed, but keep up with the pulse – it should not exceed 140 beats per minute.

On the stairs


If you can devote only a little time to training in the evening, you should pay attention to jogging. It perfectly burns subcutaneous fat, promotes better blood circulation and accelerates metabolism. Intense speed can be alternated with periods of short lull: go for a fast pace for 10-15 minutes, then walk the same amount. So you can avoid excessive stress on the heart, but at the same time burn enough calories.

How to lose weight

How to build a class schedule? What is better to take with you for training? Where and when to do? These questions in no way give rest to all those who crave to lose weight. First, you need to determine the time of training: it is believed that the most effective way to run for weight loss in the morning, but with the right exercise, you can burn subcutaneous fat in the evening. For training you need to bring a player with music, a bottle of water and a smartphone with a route.

In the morning

If you decide to go for a run for weight loss in the morning, in order to speed up the metabolism and wake up faster, immediately after waking up, it is recommended to drink a glass of water with lemon. Training should always begin at the same time. Optimal if you can wake up and go for a run at 6-7 in the morning. Before class, it’s better not to eat anything, you can have a hearty breakfast after a run. You need to take a shower twice: the first is cold to wake up, the second immediately after a run is warm, to calm the heated muscles.

In the evenings

For jogging in the evenings, you need to work out the route in advance. It is better to choose well-lit places where there is no large crowd. An evening run will help relieve fatigue after a hard day’s work, complete the main metabolism, relieve stress and prepare for sleep. Dinner after such a workout should be as light as possible: vegetable salad, lean meat, a glass of kefir with cookies.

On a treadmill

In winter or in bad weather, it’s best to move your workouts indoors. You can always do jogging on the spot, however, similar actions on the treadmill will do more good. You can adjust the track for yourself, choose the appropriate pace, speed, incline. In addition, a smart machine will help to correctly calculate the mileage traveled, the number of calories burned and the percentage of burned fat.



It should be understood that running with the goal of losing weight will benefit not everyone. For some, such activities can cause irreparable harm to health. It should be especially careful to approach running for weight loss to all those who:

  • carries a chronic disease in severe form;
  • has problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • recently suffered a bronchial disease or the disease is currently in remission;
  • suffering from peptic ulcer or gastritis;
  • has injuries to the legs of varying severity or pathology of the spine;
  • suffers from varicose veins;
  • has flat feet.
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