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A characteristic feature of the Liepaja diet of Dr. Hazan is nutrition, which is a tasty and satisfying menu, which includes even meat, sausage, cheese, mayonnaise and other products unusual for weight loss. The system is named after the city of Liepaja, where its author lives. The record holder managed to throw 120 kilograms. All thanks to the table developed by Hazan with a combination of products that allows you to lose weight without a painful hunger. Read more about the rules of the diet, its menu, the pros and cons of further.

What is the Liepaja diet of Dr. Hazan

The author’s method of losing weight to the Baltic nutritionist Lev Hazan is the Liepaja diet. Its remarkable property is that you can use the usual foods in sufficient quantities, but at the same time gradually lose weight. Efficiency is explained scientifically. It is based on the principle of limiting caloric intake – you need less calories than you spend.


According to the generally accepted classification of diets, Liepaja belongs to the low-calorie category. Its main requirement is to limit the daily energy value of the diet to the level of 1200 kcal. For this amount of calories, you can consume almost all any foods you are used to. Refuse from fatty foods will not have to, because they more efficiently saturate the body. It is only necessary to reduce portions. So, 100 g of the beloved Olivier satisfies hunger better than 300 g, but vegetable salad with chicken.


In general, Dr. Hazan offered his patients a way to lose weight without giving up their favorite foods and dishes. Each person is only required to comply with several rules, the main of which is to eat at least 3 times a day, taking breaks between meals at 5 o’clock. Other rules of the Liepaja diet of Dr. Hazan are presented in the following list:

  • eat strictly according to the schedule, do not allow any snacks outside the regime;
  • prepare food yourself or follow the process so as not to violate the terms of the weight loss program;
  • do not exceed a daily calorie intake of 1200 kcal;
  • in the summer-spring period a day you need to drink 8 glasses (1.5-2 liters) of liquid, and in the winter-spring period – 6-7;
  • after losing weight, do not switch sharply to the usual diet, do not overeat;
  • in the event of a breakdown, do not force yourself to starve, but continue to lose weight according to the system;
  • sleep at least 8 hours daily;
  • do not replace the products presented in the menu with other.

In addition to the menu, it is important to observe one more condition – measurements. The technique requires regular time to be devoted to them. You will have to acquire your own scales in order to be weighed daily, and at the same time. This helps to track the results, which positively affects the mood and increases the desire to continue the process. Every day you need to measure blood pressure and heart rate, and twice a month – the volume of the waist, neck, hips and chest. It is better to have a separate diary for this purpose..

Separately, it should be said about physical exertion. The doctor is of the opinion that sports make you eat much more calories. For this reason, he advises to limit physical activity to a minimum or to exclude completely so that the body is not completely exhausted. But in this case, there is another problem with weight loss – loose and saggy skin. To maintain its elasticity, it is necessary:

  • daily massage of problem areas, preferably with essential oils;
  • take baths with sea salt or pine needles extract (it is better to start from 38 degrees and reach 45);
  • periodically do wraps with special cosmetics or clay, coffee, honey, etc..

Girl looks at a cake

Liepaja diet – nutrition chart

If you follow the rules at each stage, it is possible to lose about a third of all excess weight. It is not recommended to prolong this nutrition system on your own, because it causes the body to become addicted to low-calorie foods, which slows down weight loss. It is better to repeat the course after a short break. For convenience, the menu can be represented in the form of a table.

Meal / Day

Mon, Wed, Fri

Tue, Thu, Sat




a cup of tea; sandwich with cheese and butter (bread 6×9 cm, 1 cm thick

cheese 6×9, 0.9 cm thick).

tea or coffee without additives;

sandwich with meat and butter (bread 6×9 cm, 1 cm thick

sausage / meat 6×9, 0.9 cm thick).

Curd day:

  • 200 g of cottage cheese;
  • 2 tbsp. tablespoons of honey;
  • 4 walnuts;
  • 2 apples
  • 0.25 liters of milk.

Divide everything into 5-6 meals.


3 p.m.

hot meat with any additives and sauce – 120 g;

vegetable side dish (3 types of fresh vegetables) – 90 g;

a glass of fresh

hot seafood or fish with additives and sauce – 120 g;

vegetable side dish (3 types of fresh vegetables) – 90 g;

a glass of fresh



vinaigrette (beets, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, onions, cucumbers with 1 tablespoon vegetable oil) – 90 g;

sprats or caviar – 1 tablespoon;

bread 6×9 cm, 1 cm thick;

cup of coffee or tea

meat salad (meat / sausage, potatoes, egg, peas, cucumber, season 1 tablespoon sour cream or mayonnaise) – 90 g;

bread 6×9 cm, 1 cm thick;

coffee or tea.

Prohibited Products

Although the Khazan food system allows any products, some of them may still be prohibited. The first thing to exclude is salt. It can be added quite a bit. Vegetables must be eaten completely unsalted. The list of prohibited products includes the following:

  • fresh bread, it is better to eat a little blackened;
  • too fatty meats, sausages or cheese;
  • sugar and any sweet foods or juices;
  • soda;
  • alcohol;
  • strong coffee and tea;
  • sweeteners.

A cup of coffee

Liepaja diet – 3 months menu

The whole technique is designed for a period of three months. The menu is scheduled for each of them. It does not make much difference, but there are still some differences. A ration is also provided for such exceptional cases as a festive event or a possible breakdown. In the first two months there is a rapid weight loss, and at the last stage it stabilizes.

Nutrition in 1 month diet

At the first stage, the system can cause hunger attacks. You can drown them out only with clean water or herbal tea without sugar. The menu for the first month of the Liepaja diet is presented in the table:

Day / Meal




Mon, Fri

coffee Tea

slice of bread with butter and a slice of cheese

180 ml of any first course, bread with sausage and butter

a plate of vinaigrette, 50 g canned fish, a glass of kefir, juice, tea or mineral water

Tue, Thu, Sat

coffee Tea

slice of bread with butter and a slice of sausage

180 ml of the first fish dish, a plate of fresh or boiled vegetables, juice

120 g salad of boiled vegetables, sausages or meat with sour cream, a glass of water, coffee, tea or juice


1 apple, 3-4 walnuts, 100 g fat-free cottage cheese

1 orange, pear, mandarin or grapefruit, 3-4 walnuts, 100 g fat-free cottage cheese

2 cups kefir or milk, 1 tbsp. honey


tea / coffee, 100 g of fresh cottage cheese with raisins or prunes, 1 tbsp. natural honey, several walnuts, apple

120 g of fresh cottage cheese, a couple of walnuts, 1 tbsp. honey, juice or tea, apple

2 cups kefir or milk, 1 tbsp. honey

Menu 2 months diet

The diet for the second stage of the diet suggests the same menu as for the first. The changes concern only Friday’s dinner, which is replaced by chocolate cream cheese and 5 oatmeal or other dry cookies. Meals in the second month also involve one fasting day per week – Wednesday. Her diet is also suitable for breakdowns or holidays. The rest of the menu remains unchanged..

Oatmeal cookies

Daily menu at stage 3

The last stage also assumes a similar menu, but in addition, another unloading day is introduced. It falls on Monday. But additional unloading is necessary in order to avoid the “plateau” effect, when weight loss slows down or stops altogether. Instead of the usual diet for this day, you need to drink 7 glasses of kefir and eat up to 1 kilogram of any unsweetened fruit. Do not eat bananas or grapes. These fruits are too high in calories for any diet..

Diet of Liepāja doctor Lev Yakovlevich Khazan – pros and cons

Any weight loss technique has advantages and disadvantages. The Hazan diet is no exception. Among its advantages, it is possible to note the ability to eat outside the house both during weight loss and at the stage of weight retention. A mild exit helps to stabilize body weight, because nutrition was already familiar and has undergone few changes. Among other advantages, the following can be distinguished:

  • high duration, which helps to gradually switch to a healthier diet;
  • does not pose a danger to the body;
  • the diet is completely balanced;
  • many losing weight note the effectiveness of the diet;
  • the habit of eating at a certain time is developed;
  • the ability to eat familiar and favorite foods;
  • lack of constantly tormenting hunger.

Even with all the advantages, the system has several significant disadvantages. The main one is that you cannot make any changes to the allowed diet. Dramatic dietary restrictions are also difficult to withstand and adhere to for a long time. Reducing physical activity, too, may not appeal to everyone. Another drawback is the lack of fruit in the early stages, but the vitamin deficiency is covered by the use of juices.



Diet that would suit everyone does not exist. So the methods of Dr. Hazan can not be followed by those who have high blood pressure or have heart disease. In general, the program is intended for people who do not have special health problems. For this reason, with high cholesterol, it is also prohibited. The reason is that the program includes a large number of animal fats. The technique will not work in the following cases:

  • type 2 diabetes mellitus;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • kidney disease
  • liver pathology.

According to doctors, the Liepaja system should not be followed by those who are fond of power sports. The reason is that regular physical activity forever changes the metabolism, which is why it always requires a large amount of protein, very few fats and other high-quality carbohydrates to maintain it. The Liepaja diet does not imply such a diet. In addition, three meals a day makes the muscles “starve”.

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Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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