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This exercise belongs to the basic category and makes many different muscles work, with a large load on the buttocks, thighs and lower back. Squats with weight are perfect for those who want to improve their shape, make their hips and buttocks more prominent and fit. To achieve the result, it is important to follow the squat technique..

Dumbbell Squats for Girls

Workouts, including squats with dumbbells for girls, are needed to strengthen, increase the muscle mass of the buttocks and hips, and draw their relief. It is important to use dumbbells to prepare the body of athletes who plan to use more serious weights in the future. The mechanics of doing squats with dumbbells for women is practically no different from men’s, with the only difference being the mass of weighting agents. To work out the correct technique, it is better for girls to first use a chair, placing it behind and touching the buttocks of the surface with a squat.

Dumbbell Squats for Men

Exercise with dumbbells is suitable for those men who do not know how to squat with a barbell or have problems with their backs. At the same time, the effectiveness of squats does not suffer from this: since they are a basic and multi-joint exercise, they load a large number of muscles even without using weights or with minimal weight. Squatting with dumbbells for men emphasizes the load on such muscles:

  • large buttock;
  • leading femoral (on its inner surface);
  • quadriceps (anterior thigh);
  • two-headed (back of the thigh).

If you squat with heavy shells, the result will be a set of muscle mass. At the same time, in order to achieve proportional muscle pumping, it is important to combine different techniques for performing squats – sumo, with narrow / wide legs, with weighting on the shoulders. Thanks to the correct implementation of the exercises, you can quickly achieve the desired athletic shape by strengthening your legs, buttocks and back.

Man squats with dumbbells.

How to squat with dumbbells

The correct technique for performing movements will help to achieve the perfect shape of the buttocks, make the hips elastic and slim. It is aimed at working out muscle groups, including the femoral, gluteal and dorsal. The competent technique of squats with dumbbells implies compliance with the following rules:

  • Before performing the exercise, it is important to warm up the body, stretching the necessary muscles;
  • when taking the starting position, it is important to keep the socks parallel to the knees;
  • beginners should first learn how to squat without dumbbells, and then gradually increase the mass of weights;
  • rounding of the back is not allowed with squats – the spine should always be straight;
  • with normal squats (not sumo or plie), the legs should not go beyond the width of the shoulders;
  • the back should be tilted about 45 degrees forward, but not lower, otherwise the back will work, not the legs;
  • you need to go down until the hips are parallel to the floor;
  • you need to do a deep squat so that your heels do not come off the floor (if this does not work out, substitute a low, strong support such as a pancake from the bar);
  • between the knees at a lower point an angle of 90 degrees should be formed, while they should not go beyond the socks of the foot.

Dumbbell Squat

To avoid injuries and sprains, to achieve tasks, it is important to perform the exercise correctly. How to do squats with dumbbells in hands correctly at home:

  1. Standing straight and keeping your legs parallel to the shoulders, as you inhale, begin to sink down. Keep your back straight while slightly leaning forward..
  2. Hands with dumbbells hang statically along the body. In the process of exercise, you need to bring the blades back, then the body will be straight.
  3. The knees should be bent until an angle of 90 degrees is formed under them, while it is important not to bring them out in front of the toes of the feet. Squat without lifting your heels off the floor and pushing your pelvis as far back as possible.
  4. As you exhale, begin to return to the starting position, pushing with your feet off the floor and leading the body up.
  5. Squat in three counts, and lift in two. In this case, do not completely extend your knees at the top.
  6. Do multiple sets of 15 reps.

Girl crouches with dumbbells.

Plie squats with dumbbell

This exercise has a higher level of complexity and allows you to pump not only the front of the thigh and buttocks, but also the inner area of ​​the legs, which, as a rule, is the place where the body fat is concentrated. Squeezing plie with dumbbells helps to achieve a beautiful shape of the legs, in addition, the movement not only tightens the muscles, but also tone the skin on the problem area, eliminating cellulite. A feature of plie squats is the need to maintain a low execution speed. How to properly perform a wide squat with dumbbells for the buttocks:

  1. With your feet wider than shoulder height, turn your socks outward so your heels “look” at each other.
  2. Keeping your back straight, pull the pelvis into you, hold the dumbbell with both hands between your legs.
  3. Slowly lower yourself down while inhaling, bending your knees. When your hips are parallel to the floor, start to climb up.
  4. It is important to keep your heels on the floor or on the stands. Repeat plie at least 45 times in three sets.

Dumbbell Sumo Squat

The exercise was named due to the similarity of the starting position with the fighting stance of sumo wrestlers. It heavily loads the inner surface of the thighs and buttocks, in addition, during movement, muscles that extend the spine, quadriceps and trapezium are involved. How to do dumbbell sumo squats:

  1. With your legs wide apart, your socks turned in different directions, bend your knees slightly and take your pelvis back (a common mistake of beginners is to ignore the latter, while the load on the buttocks is greatly reduced).
  2. The dumbbell must be held parallel to the feet, align your back, making a slight deflection in the lower back, strain the press.
  3. After inhaling, slowly crouch down, almost touching the weight of the floor. The back should be a little forward, and the ass to take back.
  4. Then, with effort and exhale, return to the initial position, while the upper back and lower back should not lag behind the pelvis.
  5. Keep the dumbbell as close to your body as possible, repeat the movement at least 15 times in each of 3-4 approaches.

Girl doing sumo squat with dumbbell between legs

Dumbbell Squats

To diversify the classic version of the exercise, you can periodically perform it with weighting agents on the shoulders. In this case, only the position of the hands changes, which should be bent at a 90-degree angle (between the body and elbows). At the same time, the palms holding the weights are near the head. How to do squats with dumbbells on your shoulders? The technique is the same as with classic squats. However, common errors should be avoided:

  • Do not lower your head, but keep it straight;
  • Do not stoop your back;
  • start exercise, taking minimal weights;
  • breathe evenly: on inspiration move down, on exhale rise;
  • do not take a break between sets of long duration.

Dumbbell Squats

This is a complicated version of the movement, because in addition to the usual load, you will have to control your own balance. First, squats with dumbbells on one leg are best done near a wall or some stable support. The technique looks like this:

  • standing on one leg, bending the other back, and holding on the wall with your hand, begin to squat down as you exhale;
  • stay down for 2-3 seconds, go up;
  • when you get used to such a load, begin to bring your free leg forward, holding in your hands a small weighting agent.
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