Easy and effective sets of exercises for weight loss at home for women and men

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Not everyone who wants to get rid of excess fat and make their body irresistible can resort to heavy physical exertion and exhausting hunger strikes for this. The latter, with an illiterate approach, can cause serious harm to the human body. An effective option to solve the described problem are simple exercises for weight loss, which are an easy complex that allows you to activate a simple but fast weight loss process.

Basic exercises for losing weight at home

Before using simple exercises for weight loss at home, keep in mind that the weight after some diets begins to gradually return. Sitting on the next diet, without taking care of drawing up a training scheme for the home, it will be impossible to achieve the perfect figure! Without exercise, you will be accompanied by fatigue, drowsiness and lethargy..

Cardio exercises

A quick and effective way to lose weight and create a beautiful figure – cardio training, thanks to them, the athlete has a lot of sweat. They represent a whole range of techniques that have a health-improving character. An excellent option in this case may be light gymnastics for weight loss. There are such simple exercises for losing weight:

  • Intensive complex for burning body fat, implying lengthy exercises with the same load without rest. A great option would be running on a home treadmill, cycling.
  • Dance aerobics, in addition to cardio loading, helps to improve coordination of movements, posture. With it, you can learn to better control your body..
  • If there are no simulators at home, then the easiest option is to run on the spot, jumping up.

Group lesson in dance aerobics

Strength Exercise Complex

Strength exercises are characterized by strong muscle tension with a short duration of movements and low speed. With their help, you can not only reduce weight, but also get rid of depression. Comprehensive strength exercises can trigger a kind of energy transformation mechanism in the muscles. Both men and women need to be engaged regularly to achieve a result! To get started, you can use this complex:

  • 2-3 sets of squats for 8-16 reps. Use dumbbells to increase the load..
  • Lying on your back, bend your legs and begin to raise the upper back, trying to reach your knees with your head. Holding your breath for a few seconds, gradually return to the starting position. Perform 3 sets of 8-20 reps.
  • “The boat.” Lie on your back, lower your hands along the body, while the elbows do not lie on the floor. Take a deep breath, hold your breath and raise your legs above the surface, leaving them level. Repeat several times.
  • Burpy Exercise Take the squat, jump back and do push-ups from the floor. Return instantly to the reverse position and jump as high as possible. Perform 4 sets of 2 minutes. Break between sets – 1 minute.

Simple and effective weight loss exercises

Using simple exercises for training, keep in mind that their frequency, time, intensity depends on the training and age of the person. You can achieve the desired effect and make a beautiful body by practicing 3 times a week. If you plan to perform them more often, then there is a chance that your body will not have time to recover from one activity to another.

Slimming belly

The most problematic place for overweight people is the stomach. To get rid of fat in it and solve many health problems, you need to use a set of special trainings. You need to perform the exercises correctly, not being lazy, otherwise it will not work to make an ideal waist. Of no less importance is the diet, in which there should be less fatty foods. The most effective exercises for weight loss belly:

Leg lift

Lie on the floor, raise your legs; straining the press, tear off the hips from the surface (they should rise slowly), hold on two counts and return to the starting position.

The muscles of the lower press are being worked out. The number of repetitions – 10 times in 2 sets.

Girl Performs Leg Raise Exercise

Vacuum Belly

In the supine position, bend your legs and exhale vigorously, drawing in your stomach with effort; keep your stomach in this condition for about 15 seconds. When executed, the transverse muscles of the press are worked out. The number of repetitions – 3-4 approaches several times a day.

Bend with bended knees

Get on your knees with your elbows on the floor; start lifting your knees from the surface, lingering for three counts, and then return to the starting position. In addition to the abdominal muscles, the back muscles are also involved. You need to do two approaches 10 times.

For buttocks and thighs

The buttocks should have a convex seductive shape and be tightened. At the same time, there can be no question of cellulite. Properly selected scheme and regularity of classes will help to tidy up any figure. The main thing is sincerely want to change yourself! Pay attention to the following easy exercises that will help you quickly reach your previously set goal..

Exercise number 1:

  • Title – Classic Squats.
  • How to perform – squat on a breath, pulling the pelvis back until the knees form an angle of 90 degrees; as you exhale, return to starting position.
  • What muscles are worked out – gluteal muscles and hips.
  • The number of repetitions – 2-3 sets of 8-16 repetitions.

Girls perform classic squats in the gym

Exercise number 2:

  • Title – Chair.
  • How to perform – the essence of the implementation is that a person as if sits on a chair, while stretching his arms.
  • What muscles are worked out – gluteal muscles and hips.
  • Number of repetitions – try to achieve an ideal position of 90 degrees under the knees, because from the first time it is unlikely to succeed.

Exercise number 3:

  • Title – Bridge.
  • How to perform – lie on your back, bend your legs; palms should look down; place your feet so that the tips of the fingers on your hands can touch their heels; on inhalation, tighten your buttocks and raise your pelvis; as you exhale, slide down gently.
  • What muscles are worked out – gluteal muscles, hips.
  • The number of repetitions – 10 times.

Slimming hands

The skin on the hands may sag over time, which will look very unaesthetic. Getting rid of cellulite on the buttocks, pulling up your stomach, you will not look perfect if you do not pay the necessary attention to the shoulders and forearms. Strengthening them at home is not so difficult. See for yourself on the basis of the following set of training.

Exercise number 1:

  • Title – Arm Curl.
  • How to perform – put your feet shoulder width apart, slightly bending them at the knees; slowly raise your arms with dumbbells, gradually squeezing them at your elbows.
  • What muscles are worked out – biceps.
  • The number of repetitions – 15 times.

A man performs an exercise. Flexion of arms on the simulator.

Exercise number 2:

  • Title – Arm Curl 2.
  • How to perform – raise your hand above your head, after taking a dumbbell, then turn your palm forward; then slowly bend and unbend your arm toward the head.
  • What muscles are worked out – triceps.
  • The number of repetitions – 15 times.

Exercise number 3:

  • Title – Ordinary Pushups.
  • How to perform – accept the position of “lying down”; start at a slow pace, dropping as low as possible.
  • What muscles are worked out – muscles of the arms and chest.
  • The number of repetitions – 20 times with a gradual increase in the bar.

Simple Yoga Slimming Exercises

Performing simple exercises for weight loss, taken from yoga, be sure to get a rug or blanket. You need to perform them on an empty stomach! Among the poses that are used to reduce weight are standing, relaxation, inverted, tilting, twisting. One of the simplest exercises is Uttanasana. To do this, you just need to stand upright, raise your hands up and begin to gently lower your hands down, while trying to touch the head of your knees. In general, yoga is recommended under the guidance of an experienced mentor.!

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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