Eco Slim for weight loss – the composition and effect of the drug

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The drug Eco Slim for weight loss is an effervescent tablet, which contains beneficial substances and vitamins of group B. It is recommended to use a dietary supplement with a normal diet to achieve weight loss. Compliance with the rules of taking the drug prescribed in the instructions helps to achieve the desired effect in a short time.

What is Eco Slim

The official name is Eco slim. According to official distributors of the drug, it is a supplement for weight loss, 100% consisting of herbal natural ingredients. After the start of taking, a person’s appetite decreases, the desire to make frequent snacks. The amount of food consumed and calories after using Eco Slim is reduced and there is a gradual weight loss, safe for the body.

Eco slim for weight loss when used with the usual diet for 1 month reduces weight by 15-18 kg, and with a change in diet – by 20-25 kg. The main weight loss occurs due to the use of fat reserves by the body. Before taking Eco Slim, you must undergo a checkup with a therapist, nutritionist and gastroenterologist to identify diseases that are a contraindication. The doctor will also help calculate the number of kilograms per week for safe weight loss..

Eco Slim Weight Loss Composition

Unlike many products intended for weight loss, the supplement consists of vitamins, extracts from plants and substances of natural origin. The ingredients are specially selected to provide a person with the necessary energy for a day with a small amount of calories consumed with food. Composition of Eco Slim tablets:

  1. The group of vitamins B – 2, 5, 6, 12. With ordinary nutrition, they enter the body along with bran, bread, cereals. Help to establish the work of the digestive tract, give a feeling of fullness.
  2. Guarana extract, caffeine, vitamin PP, succinic acid, taurine – provide a good mood and energize.
  3. Chitosan, extracted from chitin, fills the stomach with fiber, not allowing to eat excess.
  4. El-carnitine is involved in the metabolism, accelerating it.

As auxiliary components in Eco Slim were used – sweeteners, stabilizers, acidity regulators. They do not affect the basic qualities of the drug and are needed in order to improve its taste. Eco Slim with a berry flavor is popular among women, in which manufacturers added dye and flavor identical to the natural.

Eco slim and girl

How Eco Slim Works

The unique combination of components ensures the effective action of Eco Slim. Like other weight loss products, it aims to reduce appetite and replace substances derived from food with more healthy, but less high-calorie ones. After the first dose, losing weight feels the effect, which is expressed in the form of a surge of strength. As many women who have experienced the action of Eco Slim, note, the desire to snack between meals and eat harmful foods disappears.

Another positive effect is the full cleaning of the digestive tract from toxins and toxins. They are excreted through the digestive system. Chitosan is responsible for this property, which is capable of attracting poisonous substances like a sponge. The stool is normalized, the intestines are cleared, the extra pounds go away with the carcinogens accumulated over the years.

Eco slim – instructions for use

It is recommended to start using Eco Slim after a medical consultation has been carried out and it has been established that a person has no diseases that are a contraindication for taking. Nutritionists advise strictly following the instructions attached to Eco Slim and not exceed the prescribed dosage. It is calculated based on average body weight, and may vary slightly depending on the desired result..

How to take Eco Slim for weight loss

The safe dosage of Eco Slim, indicated in the annotation, is up to 3 effervescent tablets per day. The drug is packaged in 10-20 tablets, so 3-6 packs will be needed for a 1-month course. It is recommended that you take the supplement in the following order:

  1. Dilute the tablet in 200 g of liquid – water, fruit drink, compote, mineral water without gas. The temperature should not exceed 40 degrees, can not be bred in milk and kefir.
  2. Have a drink during a meal or immediately after.
  3. Drink at least 2 liters of water during the day so that harmful substances are washed out of the body.

Exceeding the recommended dose does not lead to a good result. But the risk of getting an overdose is many times higher. When you need faster weight loss than the drug promises, it is better to limit the use of fatty, flour and sweet foods. Exercise under the guidance of a fitness instructor helps to bring the desired result.

Eco Slim tablet dissolved in water in a glass

What is the benefit of Eco Slim

All components contained in the supplement are included in the list of substances and vitamins needed daily for the human body. This combination was not randomly chosen – these ingredients are combined by the ability to influence fat cells, breaking them down. The benefits of Eco Slim tablets:

  1. Metabolism in the body improves.
  2. Fat deposits disappear.
  3. Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar.
  4. Increases virus resistance.
  5. Hunger passes after a small amount of food.
  6. Atherosclerosis slows down.
  7. Excess fluid is excreted from the body.
  8. The level of hormones is normalized.
  9. A person feels an improvement in mood and a surge of strength.
  10. The nervous system is strengthened.

Price Slim Slim for weight loss

Now there is an opportunity to find out how much Eco Slim tablets cost and buy them on the Internet. To do this, you need to contact the official website of the dealers and order delivery by mail. The high cost is explained by the fact that the composition of Eco slim uses natural ingredients. Prices in Moscow and St. Petersburg depend on the number of tablets and the form of release, many distributors offer the sale of funds at a discount on shares.

Name, quantity

Price (rubles)

Eco slim 20 tablets


Eco slim berry flavor 20 tablets (share)


Eco slim 10 tablets


Side effects

Based on the composition, all components are safe to use. Eco slim will be harmful if you exceed the dose specified in the instructions. After returning to the previous number of tablets consumed per day, the body returns to normal. With an overdose, side effects are observed:

  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • deterioration of the digestive tract – constipation or diarrhea;
  • impaired absorption of other drugs and oral contraceptives.

The girl is dizzy


If you approach the reception without fanaticism, then the contraindications of the Eco Slim drug are minimal. Doctors advise not to consider a dietary supplement as a medicine that allows you to treat diseases, this can lead to complications. You can not use the tool:

  • pregnant
  • lactating;
  • people allergic to active substances;
  • children under 14 years old.

With caution, you need to start taking women and men:

  • with hypertension, which has no established cause;
  • during acute gastrointestinal upsets;
  • with violations of the kidneys and excretory system.
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