Effective diet to clean the stomach and sides of a man and woman

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Absolutely not every person is happy with his figure. Many are interested in the diet to remove the stomach and sides, because they consider these areas to be the most problematic and tend to consume foods that contribute to their weight loss. Many recommendations have been developed for correcting these parts of the body. If you are also not comfortable with your sides and tummy, read how to eat so that they decrease. With the help of diets you will solve your problems.

How to remove belly and sides

Physiologically, neither women nor men are immune from such difficulties as being overweight. There are many reasons for it: poor diet, stress, non-observance of the daily routine, and a sedentary lifestyle. This list can be significantly extended, but it is better to concentrate specifically on how to get rid of belly fat. Key recommendations for both sexes:

  1. Try to avoid stress. Any experience is accompanied by an increase in the level of the hormone cortisol, which contributes to the accumulation of fat.
  2. Go in for sports, choose an active holiday.
  3. Exclude alcohol. Alcoholic beverages also provoke increased cortisol production. In addition, having drunk even a little, it is already difficult for a person to restrain himself in food. Beer, in which there are many phytoestrogens, is especially dangerous. These hormones are the cause of the “beer” belly in men.
  4. Pick up a special set of exercises developed to remove the stomach, sides. Hula-hoop workouts are great help. Effective will be exercises on the press, classes on rowing, elliptical trainers.
  5. Do not get involved in fatty high-calorie foods.
  6. Eat plenty of red and green starch-free vegetables.
  7. Drink plenty of water.

Girl doing exercises

How to remove the belly and sides of a man

For many reasons, not only girls suffer from overweight. Folds of fat on the abdomen and sides quickly appear in those guys who devote little time to physical activity, do not eat well, have bad habits. Some get better due to a genetic predisposition, diseases of the endocrine system, intestinal ailments. To remove the belly of a man, you need:

  • normalize bowel function;
  • choose the right diet (protein diets are good for men);
  • devote more time to sports.

How to reduce belly and sides in women

Effective Tips:

  1. Diet should be directed to burning fat.
  2. Eat 4-5 hours before going to bed, no later.
  3. Be sure to have breakfast, try to absorb two-thirds of the daily diet for the sides of the stomach before the afternoon.
  4. Train in the gym, do not be lazy at home. Give preference to exercises designed to work out the oblique muscles of the abdomen, sides, and press. Work with weights to increase efficiency.

Proper nutrition to clean your stomach


  1. Proper nutrition – certainly six times a day, in small portions, at regular intervals.
  2. Do not skip breakfast.
  3. Dine before bed in a few hours. If you get hungry again, drink some kefir.
  4. Eat slowly, in small slices, chew thoroughly.
  5. Drink plenty of clean water and be sure to have one glass before breakfast in half an hour.
  6. Take photos regularly to keep track of your achievements..

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Products that burn fat on the stomach and sides

Some foods have been proven to cause rapid weight loss. This refers to low-calorie foods to digest which the body will have to expend a lot of energy. They accelerate the metabolism and promote the production of hormones that consume fat stores to grow. What you can eat:

  • bell pepper;
  • any kind of cabbage;
  • beets (cleanses of toxins, has a mild laxative effect);
  • cucumbers
  • pumpkin (satisfies hunger well);
  • zucchini and zucchini;
  • bow;
  • watermelon;
  • radish;
  • spinach;
  • raspberries;
  • celery;
  • grapefruit (low-calorie product, saturating for a long time);
  • apples
  • squid;
  • carrot;
  • buckwheat;
  • blueberries;
  • lean beef;
  • turkey fillet;
  • egg whites;
  • pineapple (helps drive away fat deposits);
  • cranberries;
  • cod;
  • beans;
  • chicken breast;
  • avocado (suppresses appetite);
  • kiwi;
  • Strawberries
  • plums
  • melon;
  • oatmeal;
  • Tomatoes
  • cottage cheese (contains lipotropic substances);
  • low-fat cheese;
  • cottage cheese;
  • lemon;
  • greenery;
  • fat-burning spices (ginger, cinnamon, chicory, mustard, black and red pepper, horseradish).

Bell pepper

What foods to refuse to remove the stomach

There is also in the diet of people that promotes the deposition of fat. What not to eat:

  • flour, especially muffin;
  • sweets;
  • potatoes
  • meat broths;
  • canned food;
  • fat meat;
  • smoked meats;
  • mayonnaise;
  • fast food and all other fast food.

Effective diet for weight loss of the abdomen and sides

When choosing a food system, it is imperative to consider the goal you are pursuing. A diet for the abdomen and sides must certainly include products that are classified as fat-burning. The diet should be selected so that it is balanced, provides you with full access to substances and trace elements, and promotes the breakdown of fat deposits in problem areas. Carbohydrate-free, juice, watermelon diets are not suitable for this. Read how to give preference.

Diet Malysheva

Designed for three days and provides a weight reduction of up to 5 kg. Menu on the first day:

  1. Breakfast. One boiled chicken egg, a glass of unsweetened tea with a slice of lemon.
  2. Dinner. 100 gram slice of low-fat cheese, sour apple, tea.
  3. Dinner. 250 ml of chicken soup with a slice of Borodino bread, 100 grams of berries of your choice.

2nd day menu:

  1. Morning. Boiled egg, weak coffee.
  2. Day. 200 g fat-free cottage cheese, poured 1 tsp. liquid honey. 100 g grated carrots with cucumbers.
  3. Evening. 150 g steamed fish, a glass of herbal broth, 175 g cabbage salad.

Menu on the third day:

  1. Breakfast. Oven omelet from three egg whites, baked in the oven, weak coffee, apple.
  2. Dinner. 50 grams of Adyghe cheese, beetroot salad (0.2 kg), a slice of gray bread.
  3. Dinner. 200 g of fruit, 75 ml of yogurt.

Boiled egg


Check out one of the many options that deliver 10 kg and last 10 days. Menu by day:

  1. 1 liter of fat-free kefir. Any unsweetened green tea.
  2. Kefir – 500 ml. boiled potatoes sprinkled with dill – 4 pcs..
  3. 500 ml of kefir. Fat-free cottage cheese – 0.5 kg.
  4. 500 ml of kefir. Fruit – Anytime.
  5. Kefir – 500 ml. Steamed chicken fillet – 0.5 kg.
  6. Repeat the fourth day menu (fermented milk product, fruit).
  7. Drink only non-carbonated mineral water all day.
  8. Eat on the diet of the fourth day of the diet.
  9. 0.5 liters of high-quality kefir. Slice of brown bread.
  10. 500 ml of kefir. Any amount of sour apples.

Buckwheat Diet

Croup for this food system is prepared every evening, steaming all night with its hot water in a proportion of one to one and a half. Buckwheat diet is tough, it is designed for a week, while the menu of every day is the same. Observing it, it is recommended to eat by the hour and drink plenty of purified water. Menu:

  1. Breakfast. 200 grams of steamed buckwheat.
  2. Dinner. A glass of broth of wild rose or green tea, 0.2 kg of buckwheat.
  3. Dinner. The rest of buckwheat, a cup of kefir.


Three day meal plan. For every day, boil 300 g of rice for 10 minutes in three glasses of water. Then, for a quarter of an hour, insist under the lid and divide into three equal portions. Add salt, oil, seasonings to the cereal. Menu on the first day:

  1. Breakfast. A serving of rice cereal sprinkled with a zest of one orange.
  2. Dinner. 100 ml of vegetable broth, rice sprinkled with herbs, 100 g salad of sweet pepper and cucumbers with vinegar.
  3. Dinner. 0.2 l vegetable stock, one grated carrot with rice.

The ration of the second day:

  1. Morning. Rice sprinkled with herbs with 25 g sour cream.
  2. Day. Vegetable broth, a glass of herbal tea, rice with herbs.
  3. Evening. Rice, 200 g steamed vegetables.

Menu for the third day:

  1. After waking up. Cinnamon-Rice, One Grapefruit.
  2. Dinner. Vegetable broth, rice porridge, 150 g stewed mushrooms, light salad of ordinary cabbage and cucumbers.
  3. Dinner. Vegetable broth, 150 g steamed broccoli, boiled rice.

Cinnamon Rice

What diet to choose to clean the stomach

When deciding on which nutrition system to adhere to, you need to carefully evaluate your state of health, capabilities. There are no universal diets for the sides with a stomach, suitable for everyone without exception. The one that is good for one person can not only not help another, but also cause harm. Only a properly selected nutrition system for cleaning the abdomen and sides will provide you with the opportunity to achieve your goal. Read about the main features of the most popular systems..

Fasting day

The essence of this technique lies in the fact that exactly one day the use of strictly defined products is allowed, the total energy value of which will not exceed 1000 calories. Such a diet stimulates the acceleration of metabolism, for which reason what can go up to a kilogram. Unloading day is:

  1. Fat: milk, sour cream, cream.
  2. Carbohydrate: buckwheat, rice, apple, cucumber, watermelon, fruit and vegetable.
  3. Protein: kefir, fish, cottage cheese, meat.

The maximum number of fasting days per week is two. The daily diet should be divided into the same 6 servings. On the day of the diet, you should not play sports, strain yourself mentally and physically. The next day you need to eat low-calorie foods, moderate portions. Benefits:

  • improved metabolism;
  • big weight loss;
  • normalization of mineral and acid-base balance.


  • fasting days are difficult to tolerate;
  • possible stomach pain, digestive upset.

Girl with apple


Instant programs are designed for those who need to lose weight in record time. A diet for 3 days will help to lose 2-5 kg ​​as a result. She is tough, but effective. If after it again to eat whatever the hell, then the weight will quickly accumulate again. There are different options for the menu, but the most popular is the one in which the first day is protein, the next is carbohydrate, and the last is fruit and vegetable. Kefir, cucumber diets are also in demand..

The benefits of losing weight in three days:

  • weight quickly goes away;
  • with a diet, toxins, toxins are removed from the body;
  • tolerated relatively easily.


  • weight quickly returns;
  • not enough trace elements and vitamins get into the body;
  • nausea, headache may occur.

You cannot sit on a three-day diet with:

  • chronic ailments of the heart or kidneys;
  • recent flu, colds;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • diseases of the digestive tract;
  • excessive exercise.


Key directions:

  1. It is necessary to eat fractionally, according to the schedule. Each serving no more than 200 g.
  2. Introduce a lot of protein foods into your diet. Suitable lean meat without skin, seafood, cottage cheese, eggs.
  3. Be sure to include marine fish, olive or flaxseed oil in your diet..
  4. Breakfast cereals with cereals.
  5. Be sure to eat vegetables and fruits on a daily diet..
  6. Drink plenty of water.
  7. Refuse sweets, muffins, sugar, mayonnaise and other fatty sauces, smoked meats, butter, alcohol, sweet juices and soda, canned food.

Diets for losing weight in the past week will not work for people with:

  • gastritis, ulcer;
  • pregnant and lactating;
  • during colds and other diseases that weaken the body.


  1. A weekly diet, without exaggeration, helps to tighten problem areas and helps to reduce their volume.
  2. Easy to carry.
  3. Considered sparing.



The power system is designed for a month. An easy diet is suitable for beginners, leading a sedentary lifestyle. You will find an example menu below, the main requirement is to make portions, the weight of which will not exceed 150 g. The diet is made up of cheap products, which makes the diet accessible to everyone. Breakfast options:

  • seasoned with olive oil vinaigrette;
  • cottage cheese with fat-free sour cream;
  • 3 boiled eggs with lettuce.

Lunch Options:

  • cabbage soup with sauerkraut on the water, a piece of stewed fish with vegetables;
  • beetroot soup, boiled beef;
  • chicken broth with slices of breast, cheese;
  • vegetable soup, boiled turkey or fish.

Dinner Options:

  • buckwheat without oil on water, boiled vegetables;
  • baked sea fish with stewed zucchini and tomatoes;
  • boiled squid;
  • vinaigrette with butter, a slice of boiled chicken.


It is provided for a couple of weeks, but it is tolerated very easily and practically does not cause discomfort. A sparing diet offers the following menu:

  1. 1 and 8 days. Breakfast with a slice of bread with a ring of tomato, an apple and 100 ml of fermented baked milk. In the afternoon, try boiled chicken leg without skin, carrot salad, a whole-wheat flour bun. Stew broccoli with tomatoes in the evening.
  2. 2 and 9 days of a diet. Steamed chicken breast with mushrooms for breakfast, diet borsch, a slice of cheese and a simple vegetable salad during the day, baked potatoes and white fish with beans steamed before bedtime.
  3. 3 and 10 days. Breakfast with three boiled eggs and tea with toast, lunch with vegetable salad, boiled beans and a slice of melon, dinner with boiled beef with tomatoes.
  4. 4 and 11 days. In the morning, toast, tomato and salted cheese. Lunch – chicken noodles, a slice of ham and a light salad with canned tuna. Dinner – beef chop, some mashed potatoes.
  5. 5 and 12 days. In the morning, a serving of cereal and banana, in the afternoon a vegetable salad, shrimp, lean soup, dinner – boiled beans, a few fish sticks, green peas.
  6. 6 and 13 days. Breakfast with sandwiches with herbs and yogurt, dine with beef chop, dine with boiled chicken and pasta with tomato sauce.
  7. 7 and 14 days. In the morning, fruits and yogurt, in the afternoon sandwiches with salad leaves, boiled meat, chopped cabbage, evening stew from bell peppers, tomatoes, celery and onions and a little baked chicken.

Carrot salad

Video on how to eat to clean your stomach and sides

Take a look at a few videos that will inspire you to lose weight. After studying the video materials, you will understand that a diet to remove the stomach and sides is fantastically effective and will really help you lose weight and correct problem parts of the body. Thanks to these videos, you will understand that your figure is in your own hands, and anyone who wants to lose weight will be able to lose weight.

How to eat to clean your stomach

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Diet for Aspen Waist and Flat Belly

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